BMW 5 Series G31 Touring M550d xDrive | REVIEW on ROAD & AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

BMW 5 Series G31 Touring M550d xDrive REVIEW on ROAD & AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

It’s a burgundy rep this is a very very powerful car filthy people that have left their marks which is absolutely ridiculous most people active let it build what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review biota tapa now my name is max and today we are checking out one of my favorite cars you guys know i like meat some fast diesel as state guard station

Wagons so today we’ve got the 2019 bmw m550d x drive touring it is a gem this car it is absolutely lovely so today i’m going to show you around it show you the incredible spec we’ve got it in then we’ll take it for a drive towards the autobahn for an altima blast because that’s what this car is made for but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the

Notification bell so your updated when we make a new upload and follow us on instagram at the top now for some cool behind-the-scenes stories and stuff like that if you’re into it okay so why is this spec so incredible for that we’re going to start at the rear because this is where the sun hits it and you guys can see i hope you guys can see how awesome this color

Is it is well basically it’s a burgundy red that has little bits of purple in it it is absolutely gorgeous and i love the fact that bmw have specht it in this cool color because you know we see far too many of these bmws and and well practically all cars that are black or gray so it’s always nice to have one that is such a cool color especially combined with all

These and performance accents it’s a really good fit although i would have chosen the m-performance grille the black kit needs of course because it looks even meaner but this is a good look for this car so what else do we have this car has the well known and performance wheels 20 inch codenamed 6 6 8m with and performance brakes behind that we’ve got more accents

And performance accents mirror caps we’ve got the shadow line package so that means that all this black we just we’re just missing some privacy glass i think that would make this car look even better but its policy at bmw of the netherlands to not spec that on the cars anymore on the press cars unfortunately yeah i think it would just look better so we’ve got an m

550 badge right there and some proper exhaust pipes that will spew out some diesel fumes and i’ll show you guys the engine as well and we’ve got another m 550 logo right there pretty cool so what do we have here well firstly this is a cool trick for bmws we didn’t know what the color was and the spec she didn’t say it it just said individual special individual color

On request so we opened the hood and we see that this is the most old metallic dumbass tread i guess but anyway here we have the b 57 as 400 horsepower 760 newton meter inline six turbo diesel engine with four turbos the previous m550d of course had that crazy troy turbo engine with 381 horsepower but the difference isn’t that big you know it’s just 19 horsepower

But they have changed a lot because it used to have two smaller turbos and one big turbo now it has two smaller low-pressure turbos and two smaller high-pressure turbos so and they are sequential and they it depends on how much you need how much power you need which turbos are working at that moment it is all crazy clever and it works really well so at a thousand

Rpm you already have 450 newton meters which is a lot and then between 2000 all the way to 3000 you have maximum torque 760 newton meter so this is a very very powerful car and i just love it you guys know i love these cars there’s just something so cool about a station wagon with a powerful diesel engine just covering miles you know a thousand kilometers on one

Tank of gas or diesel i just love that so you guys can rate the exterior of this car in the top right corner from one to five let me know what you think and of course you can elaborate in the comments if you like let us know what you think of this color if you agree with me or if you think i’m stupid so well it’s not just the outside where they have gone a little

Bit crazy the inside is expect beautifully as well so i’ve got bmw individual leather weiss in german what’s that smoked white i guess so it’s a bit off white with a lot of black accents black stitching black stitching on the dash as well with leather on the top with contrasting stitching again piano black inlay yeah it is a lovely lovely place to be we’ve got the

Bowers & wilkins audio diamond audio with the little lights in there as well as you probably know i’m steering wheel it is a really really good place to be this car i really like the interior but you can see that this car has done four thousand seven hundred and eighty nine kilometres and you can already see all these filthy people that have left their marks

On this white leather so that is a downside but it it does look freaking awesome you’ve also got a panoramic roof i mean this car does basically every option you can get on an m550d it’s ridiculous so we’ll start it up and we’ll take it for a drive but first you guys can rate the interior in the top right corner from one to five let me know i think it’s awesome

Let’s go we have already driven this car as some of you may know and you’re thinking why didn’t we ever see a pov review of that car well we didn’t have that much time with it we had it when it just came out and we just didn’t have the time to make a pov review and to do everything so we just did a couple of old about runs and then brought it back but now we are

Here and we’re back and we’re doing the full monty okay so 0 to 100 4.6 seconds for the touring 4.4 if you have the sedan put it in sport+ and we’ll turn tracks control off now we’re putting in traction mode full throttle mode control active let it build and there we go that’s hundred that’s pretty quick but that’s not really the point of this car i mean yes bmw

Have made this into an m performance car and it actually was the first ever m performance car with the a performance label like the m550d m135i cars like those this was the first one the previous one and although i like the idea behind it i like the fact that this looks so aggressive and sporty and it’s so powerful and you know you get all the the aero kit and

Stuff like that i do feel like with more of these and performance models that i would have liked them better if they would have been known and performance but also like the ex 750d would have been better than the x7 m50d now with this one it’s difficult because i do like the way it looks and i do like the way they positioned it because it is still the most powerful

6-cylinder diesel ever with that 400 horsepower it’s much more powerful than the new audi a6 tdi with 350 horsepower so i do like that but i don’t know i would have liked it better maybe if it would have been a 550d and it would have been even more inconspicuous but that’s just i don’t know that’s maybe my weird opinion so we are in sport mode now that means

That we also get a little bit of a fake sound through the speakers but it’s not as bad as in some other bmws it’s not as loud yes i know there’s a stop sign so this is in sport mode and we’ll put it in comfort and do that again you see the difference is not that big and i really like that you just have like a nice inline six diesel sound and there’s nothing wrong

With that there’s nothing dirty about that it’s just a nice sound but of course now we are approaching you all too bad so we’ll put it in sport+ no need to put the suspension in comfort or anything this is super comfortable already and we’ll see what this car is all about because this is where this car excels the autobahn it’s basically built for this so we’ll put

The gearboxes sport as well which means that the zf 8-speed tightens up a little bit you get some nice jolts on the shifts or nice well is it nice i don’t know full throttle you can see on the performance meter there the amount of power and torque we are putting out but this is just a nice relaxing ride and the fun thing or the cool thing about this car and this

Engine in particular is that it’s it’s not super explosive or anything like an m5 but it’s relentless it doesn’t let off once you’re once you go it just keeps accelerating at the same rate which is a really good feeling because it feels like it will go forever i mean it’s not explosive but it is freakin fast and of course with me driving a 2012 bmw 535 d which is

Well this is basically the big daddy of my car you can also compare this generation 5 series to mine and let me tell you the amount of sophistication that’s in this car compared to mine is absolutely ridiculous this car so much more quiet this engine run so much more smoothly it’s it’s its next level it’s really impressive what’s even more impressive about this

Power plant is that there there’s still more in there there’s still some more power hidden because you might remember we drove an m550d jude by meg chip and that one delivered 515 horsepower and talking about relentless power delivery they actually uploaded a video a little bit later a couple of months after we drove it with them doing like 320 kilometers an hour

In that m550d which is absolutely ridiculous in a diesel saloon and a diesel sedan that’s so crazy so that’s basically my dream right now to own one of these a g 31 bmw m550d touring g 31 is a touring and then bring it to make chip and have them install their ecu remap their transmission software remap because that transmission of that mac chip m550d shifted so

Quickly and it made the entire car feel so so much more aggressive yeah that would be a a good neck scar because bmw is really catering to my needs here i want a station wagon i just love a fast estate car and well they’re just not making any this is the only one they’re not making an m5 50i touring they’re not making an m5 touring so i’m stuck with this i guess

Not that that is a bad thing because this is an awesome car but it would have been cool if they would make some more faster states like they are doing with the 3-series the new 3-series which is available as an m3 for ti and adam 340b enduring form so i guess they do understand it in the 3-series lineup but i would like more 5 series touring’s that are freaking

Fast i just love them ok so we are approaching the dutch border which means fun is over i’m going to end it here i hope you guys enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist thanks for watching see it the next one bye

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BMW 5 Series G31 Touring M550d xDrive | REVIEW on ROAD & AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL