BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

Roof up 15 seconds that’s not bad i guess that answers that oh that’s lovely what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review biota top and owl my name is max and today we’ve got the drop top version of the fastest eight series by bmw the m8 58 abel and we are going to see today whether this versus the coupe a makes a big difference because this car

Is 125 kilos heavier than the coupe age so are we going to notice that is that going to impact performance that’s what we’re going to find out today so i’m going to walk around and show you all the features the spec we’ve got it in i’ll take it for a drive along this road we’ll do a couple of 0 to 100 tests and then take it to the altar barn for a took down and top

Up autobahn run so we can check out what it’s like to drive this car at high speeds with the top down but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit a notification bell to receive updates where we upload a new video and follow us on instagram at over now so we’ve got a sunset orange m8 50 i today with the carbon fibre extras in the front bumper as you can

See these air ducts are all carbon fiber these little fins in the bumper we’ve got the black grille it also has bmw laser light as you can see which is awesome we’ve got some black wheels 20-inch and some michelin tyres which are super sports a pilot force okay but we’ve got these gorgeous 20-inch wheels i really love those carbon fiber mirror caps and we’ll take

A look at this tire what pilot sport threes that’s an older tire not okay we’ve got the carbon fiber diffuser as well again big exhaust i mean this is all the same as all the regular em 850 i of course the thing that’s different is this 15 seconds this car transforms from a roadster or convertible and open top to roof up 15 seconds that’s not bad it actually has a

Hydraulic system as opposed to an electric system which shaves off three seconds of that time which is not bad and i’ll show you guys the boot as well so you’ve got this protector you can you can fool this away if you have the roof up that means that you have a little bit more space and a little bit of an easier entry and you pull this down because that’s where the

Roof is so you can’t have it both but it is quite a large boot i would say four you know convertible so let’s check out the engine we have the carbon core so bmw have done a look to make this car as stiff as the coupe a of course it’s never going to be as stiff but it’s only 2% apparently we have the same engine as in the coupe i of course vm performance 4.4 liter

Twin turbo v8 with 530 horsepower and 750 newton meters which is exactly as much as a bmw m5 so that’s not bad at all zero to 100 for the convertible 3.9 seconds or 3.7 seconds i have read both in different media so we are going to test it ourselves the coupe i does three point seven so i would be surprised if this does three point seven as well because as i said

They have done a lot to make it very stiff but they have also tried to save some weight of course with this car in general when it still weighs almost twenty one hundred kilos but this is very very light because it’s aluminium and as i said it has that carbon core so that means that the structure of the car carbon core the structure of the car consists mostly of

Aluminium carbon fibre and a little bit of a lightweight steel this is our draggy gps performance meter so because i don’t really know if it does 3.7 or 3.9 we’re going to test it with this and i can show you as well because there are magnets in here which parts are steel plastic and aluminium so if it doesn’t stick its aluminium this doesn’t stick this does this

Is all aluminium pretty cool right and this is steel this is as well this is aluminium aluminium so there’s hardly any steel here this is steel it’s pretty crazy right and this of course is steel because the engineers have both welded or something like that a couple of pipes in here that the coupe a doesn’t have to make it stiffer because you lose this rigidity

Of the roof so they had to find some other way so there’s a pipe in here that makes it stiffer and there’s a sort of a ring in the rear bulkhead as well to make it stiffer so i’m going to leave the drag here i think that’s okay we’ll go to the draggy app and connect it so we’re connected and we’re going to take it for a drive put my phone in here so the drinking

Is ready it’s on there so when we do high speed stuff i usually recommend people to put it inside the car but since we’re just going to do a couple of 0 to 100 measurements should be ok because it’s it has some pretty strong magnets so we’re going for sport plus mode of course and sport for the traction control sport for the gearbox okay here we go let’s see what

We can do blowers control 3.9 okay i guess that answers that we’re going to do one more in the opposite direction to see if we can get it any quicker okay let’s see reset this buddy break full protocol lord control gobo 3.92 okay so to zero to 100 is 3.9 we actually managed to do three points eight earlier so it is it is very very very quick okay so now for the

Good part of this review you can open this roof up to around 50 kilometers an hour there it goes i’ve got my mic down here so i assume you guys can hear me okay with the roof down windows up and we’ve got a wind deflector right behind me and now you can enjoy that beautiful v8 which is is really good the only problem is that when you start challenging oh that’s

Lovely when you start challenging the car a little bit and the chassis you feel that it is a heavier than the coupe a the coupe a managed to hide it also because it has four-wheel steering this does as well but it seems like that extra one hundred and twenty-five kilos is is the drop it’s like you feel the fact that it is heavy and especially if you do like a u-turn

Or like a little slide you feel that that weight moving around and that’s also because it is of course less rigid than the coupe a even though it is only 2% you don’t feel it though when you just oh floor it it the way this this car picks up speed is freakin ridiculous it doesn’t feel heavy at all when you do stuff like this it’s just sometimes you feel that you

Just feel that there’s a lot of way to be transferred but it’s not you know it’s not a bad experience or anything like that it’s just noticeable compared to the gup-a you can still slide it around a little bit you do notice that it is stiffer then the koopa if that makes sense because the koopa has more rigidity in the body they can have suspension that’s a little

Bit softer and because this is a little bit less rigid they have to adjust the suspension as well to make it a little bit stiffer and you do feel that but all in all it’s it’s not a bad thing you know if we know it you know ahead of driving this car you already know that it’s going to be heavier than the coupe a so oh and that v8 is just so good and it sounds i

Think i said this in the review of the coupe a as well what it sounds better then an m5 i think it’s just that bellowing see eight oh it’s absolutely delicious this car is one of my favorites of 2019 the m 850 my more of a coupe a man myself if i had to choose between cooper or convertible i would choose the coupe a but i have to say that because you have that

That roof down that v8 is very very noticeable obviously okay so first we are going to do roof down i’m just going to floor it and we’ll see what happens and i’m also going to assume you guys can hear me and i’m going to turn on the gopro as well there we go so it is getting a little bit loud in here all but this car is so fast i remember driving the gup-a and

Thinking well how is there going to be anything above this let alone two levels full throttle starting at 125 that’ll give you an idea 200 so this and i have to say that apart from the boy just pretty that’s all bad at all that is actually not bad at all you know it is super loud in here because of that wind so i mean you’re not going to have any conversations

With anyone that sits right here but the wind is pretty much absent it’s just that noise it’s not like you’re sitting here in a little tornado it’s oh man the way this car that gets up to that limit speed is just insane and it’s pretty ridiculous that it has that 250 kilometer an hour limiter because it’s it just you just feel that this car is so fast and then

It’s just stopped its halted by that limiter and you really feel that it’s it’s a shame ok let’s close the roof no we’re going to close the roof after the tunnel okay here we go oh yes that’s lovely that’s lovely okay roof up so i think it’s around 50 kilometers an hour you can do the roof there it goes yes windows up and suddenly it’s very quiet and there we

Go onwards to the limiter i’ve got a head-up display showing me how fast i’m going obviously but also some shift lights lalalala there’s the limiter and it just i i’m getting some flashbacks from the gup-a review and i read some comments of you guys saying you’re well it doesn’t matter that it’s a limiter because no one’s going to be able to do it well if there’s

Only one person that does it and can’t do it i think that’s too much already and there are a lot of people here in germany that have these cars and they can’t do it it’s it’s stupid it’s stupid i’m sure it’s just my opinion let’s get the support display here as well so on the older man do you feel the fact that it is 125 kilos heavier not really i mean you’re not

Going to feel that here it is however close to a second slower than the coupe a from 100 to 200 kilometers an hour so it’s our around a nine and a half seconds i think which is still freakin false but that’s where you see that weight game but this car to me feels more like a gt than a sports coupe a it i don’t think it should be judged as a sports car because it’s

Just too heavy for that you know it’s not going to compete with a 911 992 convertible or something it’s just too heavy for that but it is amazing as a hybrid between a sports coupe a and a gt because it is ridiculously fast it has all-wheel drive you can slide it around a little bit so it does have some nice cherries from all over from both the sports car stuff

And the gt stuff i just think that this interior isn’t special enough to be able to compete with let’s say an s-class convertible the materials are the materials are all very nice i especially enjoy this bowers & wilkins stuff and this door part but i think that this is a little bit too basic and especially after driving the new 3-series which has basically

The same stuff you feel like well why is that in an 8 series as well it should have been a little bit more push and a little bit more luxurious if you ask me yeah other than that i think this spec is really nice this two-tone stuff is cool and i also hate the digital instrument cluster i think it’s multi pretty not very bmw other than that i really like this car i

Think it is so nice or to have that v-8 it’s it’s almost enough just to have that v8 because who knows how long we’re going to have cars like this so we are back we are going to lower the roof oh i also don’t like the fact that it has four-wheel steering and that at low speeds listen to that at low speeds it is really freaking weird it’s like a shopping cart it’s

Show it moves around so quickly that you’re sometimes you’re caught off-guard by that once you get up to speed it’s fine because then it becomes nice that it’s agile oh lovely okay that was it for this review guys i’m going to end it here i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button right in the middle you can also check out this pov review

Or go check out this playlist of pov reviews thanks for watching and i’ll see you at the next one bye

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BMW 8 Series Convertible M850i REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL