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BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe (M850i) 2020 – first look in 4K | Interior – Exterior (M Sport)

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BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is 4 door luxury coupe, offering more space for two rear passengers.

Ladies and gentlemen let’s take a look of the m85 m50 i so this is the 8 series coupe a so a beautiful exclusive interior with bowers & wilkins a large speakers let’s jump in and use this audio so i don’t get a copyright strike so so we’re gonna mute that and all the way so actually we can do this so let’s check out the interior and lower this fan speed

Actually could it kill it all the way so we can see beautiful interior if i back up a little bit over here i already saw this you can see beautiful digital cockpit and then you can see the top screen and then classic ac with this beautiful screen so you can control the ac here air flows maximum we have here ventilated seats that are currently working you can

See over here you can have heated and ventilated seats so this spec is absolutely stunning with this black and brown combination especially with this perfectly cut chrome details you can even see the speaker’s outline there and then exclusively white alcantara on the top you have a cover this one it’s open for the glass roof and now we can see on the back we

Have sort of sports seats that are with peripheral leather really nice they go deep down and on the back we’re gonna test the space on the back the seats are really comfortable even the support for your nieces has like be ventilation for cooling you in the hot summer days now we have wood finished with glossy finish so really nicely press here we can see

That the cup holders 12 volt charger and wireless charging we have a usb a down there close this and then we have this automatic like diamond shaped like a crystal with an 8 inside of it then we have here control sb off-camera sister parking sensors are off start/stop sport comfort echo pro adaptive and i would hold electronic parking brake and the idrive

Still so we can control it like that you have this gestures for the audio so you need to pick the sensor to lower this down or just pause it like that or mute its like that excuse me so bowren working speakers on the top absolutely stunning looking and definitely the top of the class speakers we have a heads up display that’s currently not on but this is

Rest standard so we’re gonna jump into the back and just to show you this enormous space in the armrest with a fall charger and a seat usb seat on the back load a light for elimination and let’s jump on the back just to show you tons of space actually have a lot of me room i can back a little bit front to see if i’m gonna fit on the back seat so let’s test

This theory so if i come on the back i’m saying on the front adjusted the seat so i have enough room to meter dolf 6.6 i could fit at least what my knees so have a great again great big bow and locust speakers on the back we even have here controls for the shade so i guess when the car is on you can pop out the shades and then we have here little compartments

And beautiful wood on the back a c2 usbc chargers little place maybe for another phone and then for zone climate control as you can see here and heated seats we have a armrest with a cup holders and a storage area there it closed that we can see this go down there are heated in this case i don’t think they were ventilated being an awesome feature of they were

And we can see on the toddlers a room there’s also a electronically operated shade and if i move like this you can see i am touching on the top maybe if there wasn’t a glass roof there would be more space but if a most average person will definitely have enough space so this is quick look and let’s see their trunk space on the coop a version and then we’ve

Got a ticket from the exterior so we press on the back we can see i cannot back up because of this glass behind me so we can see generous amount of space i have led lights a first aid a compartment a little net here leds as well you can pull this to knock down the seats which knocked down three-way so you can argue on the middle seats you have longer objects

Like skis or golf clubs and then you have your light over there on the bottom you can have a triangle there isn’t any space on the bottom we have 230 other coins for putting the cargo lock unlock and have a camera for the 360 parking system led lights and i’m gonna close it here just to put it into perspective here is how it looks when the trunk is open let’s

Close that and now when the car is closed we can see this beautiful toupee look become like this you can see we have this massive alloy wheels 20 inch massive em sport wheels with the calipers on the front we can see even larger em brakes of course and have it here another camera once on the front as well and then if we look at the back just beautiful bmw

Design of the a series coupe a so this is the m50 i of course the top ranging performance model i can see that real exhaust on the back course in combination of an xdrive all four wheel drive we have the diffuser on the bottom and then this beautiful led lights and then this ends up like a spoiler now the lights are on brake light someone was pressing them

You see the glass roof on the top more exterior looks and then on the front if i back up you can see the whole car beautiful design if i come closer you can see the b&w laser lights there with this blue elements and you can see here b mvw laser of course there’s massive air intakes and the radar on the bottom that’s too black maybe you cannot see it i

Cannot see on my phone at the moment not too massive grill but wide and connected in the middle and then we have a parking camera over here and then the bottom the future is just a simple plastic not glossy finish i guess it wouldn’t go with all this chrome details but i don’t know and then of course i believe we do have real yep air tunnelling on the sides for

Better ira dynamics of course now i’d like to hear your opinions what do you think about this would you rather take this or would you rather take over there and the coop a version like a three door instead of four door so on the top as you know as well you can see the cameras as well for probably autonomous driving on the highway and in the traffic of course

We have the 360 parking system nl let’s check the price tag i must say that blue model looks really nice in this matte finish blue color but anyways so the bmw m 8850 so some americans read at 8.50 whatever x drives so base price is one hundred and twenty two thousand seven hundred euros in this total price for this model is one hundred fifty seven thousand

Five hundred and fifty euros i hope you can see that actually because of this high glare from the top illumination pure metal silver color interior is you can just read there and then i’m going to go through this you can pause and read this is the individual extra package and then equipment so this is like the standard 20-inch wheels all the functionalities i

Hope you can read this and then we have a 8 cylinder engine for valves we have 530 horsepower 750 newton meters of torque top speed is limited electronically to 250 and acceleration is in 3.9 seconds that is fast and then we have the tank capacity 68 liters little larger and you can see the like the consumption which is usually a larger in reality but really

Heavy car but that’s all those are the aspects of course leave your comments below what do you think i’d like to hear your opinions if you want to see i’m not gonna film this model but if you want to see the new x6 make sure to subscribe to this channel just a quick look this is but a lot of carbon fiber tell me in the comments below this or this but this is

Absolutely stunning and as i sign out of this video i’m just gonna go walk around it wow this is the back looks even better with this carbon fiber look at those wheels and that kind of small so this is the competition so i didn’t notice that to be honest so i’m finishing the video with a completely different model okay and the video tell me this or this in

The comments and of course our greens for franklin auto show if you want to see more subscribe to this channel click the bell to get notifications when i upload a new video i’m gonna see it in the next one always always stay safe on the road bye

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BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe (M850i) 2020 – first look in 4K | Interior – Exterior (M Sport) By Josip Ricov