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BMW i4 M50 launch review | Electric M4? | South Africa

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Yes i4m50 yes 400 kilowatts 800 newton meters 0 to 100 m 3.9 seconds same as the m4 and it’s handy i think it looks better than go m4 the i4m50 has the same lightweight lagma 4 series now m3 and m4 you’re not in arma villa unique iphone 50 or tolu any other 4 series or 3 series model i said to the side as you can see same body shape as the four series grand

Coupe i’m a flat dough angel sauce efficiently ningusy motors even more aerodynamic savvy fuel or electricity and this is an aerodynamic silly rear diffuser and as we are not my exhaust so since identical body name bmw 4 series lag teleporter corner i4 is where you plug the charger these are in four doors pela and it’s the first electric m car but since it’s just

The m50 me sure would call noku lozai maybe iphone m60 or i4m series 24 series most likely an iphone 15 name returned now he has bonela if it’s your standard harman kardon sound system finally nepm shang ambient lighting a parameter sneak tool also comes on the new idrive 10 system from bmw with suspiciously knife and an airplanes although i do prefer interface

La bmw i think it’s easier to use a steering wheel knob isharm opelunyana to hint with remote electric so does start and stop button is a standard number m leather seats very comfortable footie they creep you really nicely mochigamacorn and swati driving nicely seat belt and now we’re posting i exist including a climate control number usb port for maria passengers

The seeds fold also underneath storage for my cables work for number number it’s only 10 liters smaller than a3 series and then can only interior i think a premium and it has nice small touches that make it feel a bit more special than any other four series for the launch review i didn’t get with me drive straight in my right got to compare iphone near 440i long

And even launching it guskit pell taken bonita with how that wins we’ll telego 440i then jump into the i4m50 oh in terms of e-acceleration ai for m50 league above em440i feels different the power cord is instant more sugar it’s no competition the iphone m50 is faster difference comes marble sofia like masala because of the weights e m440i feels way more nimble

And feels way more like what a bmw should feel like so muff number first in a straight line iphone 50 fastened corners m440i and you also want to save 200 000 m440i sure teen jailing and pricing and range pricing is 1.6 million rand 500 000 rand less than the m4 but 200 000 rand more than a 440i a range on case is around 500 kilometers which was without a full

10k petrol m3 or m4 since the photo i feel like a closer to m3 cheapest m train bonilla used is 1.8 million so 10 is 200 000 run extra for the handling and sound of solar m3 or m4 let us know my comments don’t forget to like and subscribe my

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