BMW iX: A Womans Perspective | Feature Filled?

Ladies – are you looking for a BMW iX, and want a different perspective?

Hi i’m annabelle from planet auto and welcome to our new segment the woman’s perspective and we’re going to start with this it’s our new neighbors our family so there’s mama with her two brothers the bmw ix fully electric sav their sports activity vehicle and it’s got a range of 259 miles this is the rx drive 40 and prices are from 77 000 upwards so you do have

All the bells and whistles with this one first things first i know ladies it’s big isn’t it but the thing is you don’t have to worry about maneuvering you’ve even got park assist and for a start you’ve got keyless entry but you do actually have to touch the handle to activate it so the key can be on your person so you don’t have to press it it can still stay in

Your bag or in your pocket and you’ve got frameless doors but that’s not all so you know what it’s like ladies when you’re busy you’re trying to get everything sorted put everything in the car you’ve got your handbag you’re trying to figure out where you’ve put the keys maybe even put your coffee in the coffee holder and you pull the door and it doesn’t quite

Shut well this one does because all those have soft closing so you have no need to worry about having to open it and slam it again and talking of the doors you don’t have a conventional door handle on a bmw ix you’ve got a button but don’t worry you’ve got an override here long journeys are going to be really comfortable in here because you’ve got electrically

Adjustable seats you can move it forward or back you can also tilt the back you can also set it in a memory as well and personalize it also you’ve got heated and ventilated seats and once you’re in especially when you’re in the driving seat you’ve got a fantastic comfortable driving position you’ve got a raised ride height which means you’ve got great visibility

And it is rather luxurious in here no rotary dials it’s very fast also got rotary dial here so you’ve got the best of both worlds and one of my favorite features on the tombstone seats for the front is although the headrest is actually attached into the body of the seat it curves in and you’ve even got this port here now why is that important to me for the fact

That if i’ve got my hair in a ponytail or a bun it’s not going to keep continuously bashing against the headrest but it’s going to give me a bit more flexibility in how i wear my hair so that’s a really big plus for me one thing i would have liked to have seen though is adjustable seat belts okay it’s a bit daunting because honestly this car is huge but bmw do

Actually have you covered you’ve got a 360 camera and it’s really really quick it’s so responsive you’ve got the assisted view you’ve got a panoramic view and more and you’ve also got parking sensors and you’ve also got park assist so i think what i’m really trying to say is don’t worry about driving a vehicle that’s this big and one of my favorite features is

The sat nav it’s augmented you’ve plugged in your destination and you’re on your way to the party and driving down the street and it says it’s on the left but is it the second left is it the third left this beauty is going to give you chevrons it’s going to record the road in real time and show you exactly which exit you need to take and it’ll also give you that

Information on the cluster as well this is like a little slot where you can put things but it’s got a little hole there and two hooks you know when you’ve been shopping or you’re bringing the takeaway home you can hang it from here prop it on the cup holders so it’s not going to swing all over the place and it also means you don’t actually have to put it on the

Seat no worries about the leather you’ve also got my bmw you press the button here and can you see that in the heads-up display hello bmw how much battery percentage do i have please the battery is 18 charged in these conditions range is 46 miles you’ve also got this beautiful sky roof it doesn’t open but you can mr over as you can see here just by pressing the

Button here see just cleared it off now this is one of my favorite features and what is it it’s camera cleaning yes you’ve got a 360 camera meaning you’ve got cameras at the front and the rear but you can also clean them you can only use the function whilst you’re actually driving or the car is on and look at this hey look see and like that it’s clean the cameras

How fab is that and this is the park assist i was telling you about and when you’ve finished work and you’ve got all your bags that you need to take home or you’ve been shopping you don’t even have to use the key fob or even reach underneath you can just use just to control with a foot and if you’ve got the key on your person that will open the tailgate for

You but it’s a power tailgate as you see and you can just press the button even at small dirt like me can reach that awesome so there you have it that’s just a few features that really stand out to me that just make it so much easier to drive and own a car like this

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