BMW iX – BMW i4 – BMW M // The All New Fully Electric Trio

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Foreign because today i’m going to be test driving two cars that are the real focus for bmw this year the bmw i up and the bmw i4 now these are two cars that are real milestones for bmw in 2021 and it’s fully electric cars signifies bmw’s group move into stage two of its transformation towards e-mobility and well things are moving really quickly because

They go into production this year i know i’m super excited to share the test drive with you in um it’s the i4 the eye which can’t win big decisions which one do i test do i first actually i’ve got an idea problem solves double the trouble and twice the fun now the bmw i4 is exactly what you would expect from a bmw it is the ultimate driving machine and i’ve

Got to say that while driving through these beautiful roads despite the uh slightly mixed weather i can really feel that perfect balance between the driving dynamics the comfort the safety and the long distance capability and of course the electric range is also a really important factor isn’t that right absolutely you’re always great the electric range like really

Is one of the amazing things about the ix 630 kilometers no less which is really impressive also i’m loving the driving comfort and dynamics i think they’re working really well together in perfect harmony the best analogy that i can come up with is that it feels like i am sitting on a flying carpet yes a flying carpet yeah it really does it is just such a smooth

Drive now of course the bmw ix comes with lots of driver assistance features which support you while you’re driving and also while you’re parking and yet i think the ix still drives like a real bmw through and through it is honestly so much fun to drive on these roads i’m really enjoying it actually beat this driving experience and performance thank you the

Ix and i4 embody a new era of electromobility for bmw i’m really excited to see these vehicles on the road soon customers can already place orders for the ix in many markets and starting now in several european markets for the i-4 today we have some fantastic news something very special never seen before and here is our very first fully electric bmw m model the

Bmw i4 m50 the combination of bmw e drive technology with bmw m means an unbeatable performance with zero locally missions this vehicle signals a new electrified era from bmw m you can be sure that we will release further exciting electrified bmw m models in the future including high performance models so stay tuned wow so there is more performance yeah i bet you

Can’t wait to try that you can’t wait either actually i am perfectly happy enjoying this ix it really is amazing into the cart you really notice how spacious it feels there’s lots of room it’s light it’s airy and i’m also drawn to this amazing large gloss roof now it can either be set to transparents to allow locs to be like through or if you’ve got a bit more

Privacy you can push it on the opaque mode really clever on the curved display don’t forget that why i just want to get on to that it’s impatient sometimes but it is true this screen is so impressive it’s a huge interface it wraps around where the driver sits now i’m actually inside the car you’ll notice that there are far fewer controls and buttons but there is

Still more customization possibilities and that’s thanks to bmw i drive and bmw operating system 8. there’s quite a lot more to talk through but i think it’s about time that we hit the road in the control display i can actually see bmw maps and how far i can get with my electric charge and with over 600 kilometers that’s pretty far i mean i could drive to florence

Or geneva the choice is endless where should we go hello nikki wow hello the ix we have more great features our technology is intuitive and perceptible but not visible that’s what we call shy tech every control element is right there where and when you need it so am i well thank you very much thank you so much for joining me you’re clearly the right person to are

And because of course the ix has been announced as the technology flagship for example it can do things like 5g but there’s more to come isn’t there with a bmw ix we are taking a major step forward in the field of automated driving based on a whole new technology kit and in the future the iox will offer even more features to optimally assist the driver well okay

So the ix really is a true futurist and i think this is a bmw that shows a whole new generation of technology from start to finish this is a completely new perception of mobility i love it hmm now i haven’t heard from that driver of the i4 for a while where are you or where am i me i’m off to see the new bmw i4 m50 and meet the head of bmw design domagoy do catch

Can’t wait it’s great to meet you thank you i’m very excited to be talking about the bmw i4 it looks beautiful it’s full of character but why is it so special to you obviously i thought we bring actually electrification related to the core of bmw it’s the best opera four-door saloon and the expressive coupe in one obviously we’ve got the two cars standing here

Today we got the i4 40 and then the i4 on 50. i’m exciting two different colors very different technology going on underneath but talk me through about the different styling between the cars yes the i414 is actually inspired by our vision x100 so we try to have all the design seams and font and rear like on our vision car which was actually pre-communicating

Everything what bmw will stand in the future i mean on this one the i4 m50 it’s the very first time we combine i and m so perfect and innovate with technology of eye with the uncompromising performance of m and now we bring almost 544 horsepower to the top of our portfolio and yet it’s electric it’s incredible it’s good yeah yeah it definitely is the best of

Both worlds for me and of course we wanted to express results on the design yeah so you have this frozen potty mouth blue which is a nam color which gives a completely different aesthetic to the car you know they’re clean very elegant and here much more bolder and stunning with this design of the m sport package also here now the blue elements in frozen gray so

It’s a little bit more mystique which also works very nicely with this carbon fiber why don’t we take a look inside the car because of course this is where we’ll spend most of the time we implemented the thrift screen from the ix which gives you completely different feeling in the car because you can reduce switches because it’s almost everything direct touch

Over the screen and also this curved screen gives you this driver orientation which is so typical for bmw but in a completely different experience yeah i mean it’s amazing i love how it slightly sits above um the dashboard as well but i know you’ve reduced the number of buttons but i can see we’ve got the driving mode still here with such a big screen we wanted

To have some nice artwork very calming and blue isn’t it on eco pro mode okay intersport into sport and then you will see the sport boost mode also here the seeds with integrated peppers which you know from the m3m4 they really show that you’re on a relamp product yeah i absolutely love to see it’s one of my favorite things and the detailing of the stitches are

Just beautiful one last question for you though as head of designer bmw can you give us a bit of an invite into how sustainability and technology and electrification is going to change the design at bmw we are already in the middle of this transformation process and how our ceo already mentioned that electrification sustainability and digitalization are really the

Focus points of the future of bmw i think right now we want to recreate what we achieved with the noise labs in the 60s where we really actually made bmw why everybody loves this brand it’s somehow a perfect combination of of topics which are relevant for our customers and now in the future there are different topics which are relevant and of course electrification

Is sustainable way of driving but sustainability is much more about materials it’s about also guilt-free pleasures so and i think what we want to achieve is really this experience of joy for the future generation and i think this is everything what we try to express in our future design yeah well it’s very exciting you know putting sustainability and electricity

At the forefront if this is the product we’re excited for the future thank you it’s the beginning it’s the beginning i like it don’t look what i just mentioned a really key word there sustainability and that is precisely what the ix stands for and why i’ve come to the home of where the ix is built the bmw group plants dingle thing where sustainability is top

Priority not just in the production of the cars but also within the local environment so i’m here to meet yuri richnig the head of environmental protection at bmw to find out more yuri absolute pleasure to meet you nice to meet you bmw are real leaders when it comes to sustainability and production particularly here because we’re doing your thing what does that

Actually mean when it comes to though being their leader in sustainable production bmw is a very efficient in resource usage we are very efficient in water usage we are efficient in energy usage we produce very low waste to disposal we use in water our own wells for 50 of the work we need no water from drinking water but our own wells we recycled the water within

The paint job 50 of the water we reused and that means we have very high efficiency not only here in plant dingle seeing it’s worldwide now i’d actually love to know more about energy efficiency and how you manage demand on sites that’s great i can show you more about that let’s go brilliant thank you this is absolutely beautiful where have you bought me this is

The river ezar next to the plant and dingle thing and it’s not only beautiful places also powerful place because here we produce the energy we get the electricity for the production of the ix and similar to that in munich we produce the energy for the production of the i4 from hydroelectric power plant next to the plants that means regional energy for regional

Production and renewable energy for richer products the beautiful and powerful i love it but yuri tell me a bit more about the sustainability when it comes to the product we for example produce local we produce inside the production of the plant dingle string or the engine and the battery we don’t use rare earth in the engine we use recycled nickel in the battery

To recycle material here we reuse it in the battery well i mean that’s just incredible to hear so much work must have gone into that and a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability at bmw the bmw i4 and ix embody a huge step in large-scale sustainable production of e-mobility our ambition at bmw is very clear to have the greenest value chain in our industry

And create completely sustainable premium ability here’s a glimpse into the future it will be our first pure electric bmw m model in the sav segment the bmw ix m60 and it’s coming next year we’ll be happy to tell you more about that in the near future and we’ll keep you posted cannot wait for that drive and you know it’s another example of how electric mobility

Is in full swing so there’s the i4 the i4m and then three variants of the eye at including the ixm in 2022 all of these cars are outstanding and unique in their own plans foreign do you think we can start with a special effect because this is getting a bit weird now isn’t it anyway thank you so much for joining hopefully you’ve enjoyed my journey and i’ll see you very soon

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BMW iX – BMW i4 – BMW M // The All New Fully Electric Trio By SMG