BMW M x Red Bull Driftbrothers – M4 Competition first rollout

Let’s drift! The two new BMW M4 Competition models being driven by the Red Bull Driftbrothers are now ready for the first spin on the racetrack. To get more insights, join the Red Bull Drift Brothers on their journey:

Welcome to a new episode of bmw m we’re here at the red bull ring in austria one of my favorite places this is going to be a fun day i’m going to meet joe and ellie of the red bull drift brothers and we will see the all-new m4 drift car look at you marcus how are you true heroes nice to meet you again good to see you and yeah mint heard a little something

Also finally finally welcome at the spielberg ring thank you very much so this is the first rollout this is the first first first rollout and we were so excited to finally see him first and then drive him move on a and also now we’re quite proud to present them to you yeah uh did you sleep the last night let’s move next question wow how do you like the

Overall look body kit isn’t it yeah it’s spectacular i didn’t think i didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that you would in this time frame pull it off put it off in such a professional manner it’s really thank you at least from the looks it’s more than stunning and it’s by far more than what i expected here it is g82 m4 this is an actual development car it’s

A pre-serious one car with all the gadgets that you need and i’m really really looking forward to what you are going to make out of this we actually did not leave them untouched it was a bit of mission impossible to be honest i mean you know development time for such a project is usually a lot longer but managed to squeeze in a lot of the deuce and not a lot

Of time and the results are technical director chief mechanic yeah yeah goals to be honest i was doubting it quite some times that we can pull it up but the guys in the whole team they did amazing incredible jobs no there it is just goes out check this out almost like stock right yeah it’s almost just a bit blue yeah yep we call it the blue top the s58 blue

Top so yeah you already saw last time the bigger turbos yeah we tilted the radiator to the front to just have a bit more accessibility yeah um and yeah as we said most parts besides the turbos the port injection and the modified head are stock and the car makes 1040 horsepower and 1280 newton meters this is incredible scary this is scary so far we haven’t

Put the boost up to the max so we are probably halfway there now we just wanted to make sure that all the systems work in the car that’s why we don’t go to max yeah as soon as we get more experience with the car we will go step by step higher and higher huge milestone for us for the sport for drifting overall and i think this is a nice showcase of what is

Possible if some decisions are made that are that are quite rare to be made i mean we’re talking about the same power plant pretty much actually gt3 yeah i haven’t seen that should we have a look yeah yeah no i haven’t seen it lift that up lift it up oh that’s light so you clearly see that you can’t see anything yeah like i see a position change yeah slight

Position change the exhaust to the side just one huge pipe what about your exhaust since we were talking about exhaust can you see a little bit of color i was chasing ellie earlier and in cold heat no issue flames i think up to here yeah at least we’re also working on that that’s that’s one of the i would say second priority topics to get the flames right

It looks it looks like in action i still cannot believe that you pulled off this entire body kit that’s a new car in a couple of weeks or months yeah yeah this is i mean as we said it’s only possible with teamwork with all the help we got from you guys with all the help we got from many many other guys and with our awesome team behind us otherwise no chance

At all because as i said we did mission impossible i think 20 times in the past four weeks like there were stuff that you said no it’s not possible to do that and somehow someone came up with a solution and all of a sudden okay let’s go again and we just went on i still to be honest cannot really believe it yet like to see those four icons to be honest um

Standing here it’s just it’s unreal still but it’s gonna take me a couple of days can you reserve the track we did and maybe that’ll help like having to realize so how about you yes hop into something a little bit more uncomfortable i would say let’s go and change huh yeah okay let’s get it yeah i think so small i got big dreams ready ready let’s go started

Reading and dodging all of the quick schemes money like your spotify boy i got 10 streams and i’m still looking for more my people they got a song guarantee you boy if i ask for this gotta be real big the only way that i can live this is by far wilder than i imagined it to be i think i take that as a compliment yeah scary in a way to see how close you are

And for me it felt like two or three times like this that we are gonna touch but it was it was still safe you get the idea where the adrenaline is coming from for us right i mean it felt safe but there is position and that you know what you’re doing but i didn’t imagine it to be that spectacular to be honest so now you’re here yourself just drive give it a

Couple of laps and see how it feels thank you very much i didn’t think you were going to get on there it’s very hard to fight your instinct yeah yeah yeah yeah like the race driver instinct yeah i said no it’s okay it’s okay in english did you enjoy it yeah absolutely i have a lot of respect thank you thanks a lot i mean this is professional race sport

Thank you very much thank you marcus thank you soon yeah let’s do more soon for sure yeah thank you so much and i’ll work against my instinct you

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