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BMW M2 Competition- Long Beach Blue

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Brand New BMW M2 Competition – Long Beach Blue. Cotswold Hereford BMW – 01432375555

Hi there it’s charlie one the product geniuses from console bmw in hereford just like to take five minutes out today to show you around this absolutely stunning b&w m2 competition i’m gonna give you a quick draw the car show you some uh standard features some of the optional equipment and hopefully give you an over idea to what the m2 competition has to offer

This particular car is finished in a stunning long beach blue lots of coarse black accents on that which i’ll get on to other go around the car but i think the color scheme is one of the best i’ve seen start like at the front down here because you’ve got a very very aggressive sporty looking front bumper this is the m2 specific front bumper for the vehicle very very

Different from your standard two series go to the front end a very sporty road presence combined with the gloss black kidney grille here as well from bmw but it’ll end to low board over here really does set off that sporty look to the front end of the car because see we do have the front parking sensors some maneuverability is aided greatly with that working our way

Around with the student b&w adaptive led headlamps currently the daytime running mode at the moment these are absolutely fantastic visibility for nighttime driving britty is an ultra white light and the adaptive functional mode as well will allow it to adapt oncoming traffic and split the led been working our way around here at pc we’ve got the m2 competition

Alloy wheels is the 19-inch alloy of things what really sets off the exterior of the car for personal taste is a greatly improved over the respond identity coupe a the competition our oysters really do sets off the exterior of the car you see behind there as well we’ve got the m2 upgrade braking system through increased stopping performance as i mentioned we do have

A lot of gloss black accents on the car here to the side vent got a gloss black window line we do have these sun protection glass in the rear there to show you quickly on here as well we do have the m mirror caps very sculpt is very stylish as well ticular cars but comfort access feature so i can lock the vehicle i put my fingers on the three lines there and to

Unlock the vehicle it’s as simple as popping my hand behind as long as the keys on my person working our way around i think the back end of the car is just as sporting aggressive looking at the front end very very nice sporty design led rear tail lamps being the competition we’ve got the black and who the m2 by thursday sorry rear parking sensors the contrasting

Rear diffuser in the ground the bottom there we’ve got that all-important quad exhaust pipe it’s a valve system on there as well so it can close and open the valve depending on your driving conditions and driving style and that’s all accessible from the drive modes inside the car reversing camera as well just aiding your suitability as i said might be a performance

Vehicle but it’s very practical don’t really lose any boot space it’s you know an ideal all-round car get your weekly shop in there come with small suitcases you didn’t need to carry the larger the rear seats can be folded down by pulling on the leave of that but you do also get the the m reboot loops going on there as fun in this particular car you can see how’s

The sunroof spect on there i get alot of that how’s it going sighs quick look into the rear of the car now so you’ve got the two seats back there with the centre sort of tray do also have isofix child pointer to d which to fit chelsea conceived got the m stitching and the seatbelts here so we’ve got the m colors there is a 12 volt socket with some air vents back

There sport seats again got a contrast blue stitching working our way down here full electric seat adjustment with lumbar support you can also pinch in the side bolsters here and this does have the memory function as well working our way around to see here we’ve got the electric folding exterior mirrors simple click of a button can be done the key as well harman

Kardon high fight really is a great – audio quality greatly improved over the standard system see here we’ve got the m sport steering wheel with the speed limiter and cruise control m one m two drivers mostly just set up a specific drive emojis self such as sport or efficient media controls here as well so they’ve got voice recognition and we do have the e key a

Change paddles behind to turn the ignition on to the red stop start button here it brings the led backlit display into life there exceed a car covered eight miles absolutely brand-new vehicle black panel display down there as well just telling you different things route bit relating to the vehicle you start the car up there is the option type driver profile so if

You had two people sharing the car you can remember seat positions of mirror and also favorite buttons to an individual key so through a husband of wives you could set one get out yourself up the key number one they remember your seat position and the second driver would also remember key number two very intelligent in that sense media and radio in here so full

Digital fm bluetooth connectivity we do also have a cd player communication so we’ve got telephone communication navigation full postcode now have available real-time traffic updates collected drive my vehicles have been changed settings of a car and all the way down to changing the em1 and em2 drivers modes dual zone climate control with heated seats with front

To passengers a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission here we can change the gear change ferocity on there as well changing the drive modes at the mention we’ve got efficient sport and support plus and you can also see down there at the moment we do have the speed limit recognition it’s got a car started up for you so on the dual clutch transmission here just a case

Of pumping it into reverse and that brings up the reversing camera obviously the front to rear parking sensors just open the sunroof here as well does slide shut as well if you require it to and on the and here we also have the very rare to see a sunroof on em – there’s a very very nice touch adds an extra dynamics of the vehicle i hope you enjoyed the video if i

Could help with anything else the future please feel free feel free to get in contact with us or if you’d like to know any more about this car please do feel free to get in contact with us on oh one four three two three seven five five five five many thanks for watching hope to see you soon

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BMW M2 Competition- Long Beach Blue By COTSWOLD HEREFORD BMW