BMW M2 Custom Wheels Fitting

Custom Wheel for BMW M2

Hello guys welcome back to the channel so today is very exciting because we are changing a set of 19 inches ring for this very very beautiful bmw m2 competition f87 so since this car has a very special color shaky orange it only makes sense for us to find a set of rim that able to pair with this car since we’re changing rim today let me show you some tips about

Training rim and tires for this car and i always i’m going to show you what we have to offer for this bmw m2 competition m2 original comes with a stocking of 19 inches so if you’re on a chain spot rim you can choose 19 inches or 20 inches rims i would recommend you go for 19 inches however if you like 20 inches just understand that the front and the rear tires

You’ll be using 30 series tires which is quite thin on malaysian road so as for the tyres if you go for 19 inches i recommend you stick back to the original size front 245 35 19 and the rear 265 35 19 tires so before we proceed i think it’s very important for us to talk about the original stock rims first question this bmw m2 comes the stock room off 19 inches 19

Times 9 inches offset 29 for the front 19 times 10 inches or set 40 for the rear the pcd will be 5 times 1 2 0. the front tires will be 245 35 19 tires the rear will be 265 35 19 tires so i have another ring for bmw m2 let’s welcome race boat racing go 25 for shrimps this shrimp is fully made in japan and if you are into jtm style rims you simply cannot miss this

G025 rims this boy won the latest model from race and if you look at the sport cutting and the colors they are very aggressive can really bring out the fears in bmw m2 this ring spec is also suitable for bmw entry and m4 as well so if you are driving any m car you simply cannot miss this wood racing rim this rim is for steiner vff 107. wasana is a very famous ring

Brand from usa and this model vff 107 model is definitely one of my best selling rims right now this rim has the best pack for bmw m2 and what i like about this rim is the mesh type multi-spoke design this rim look very modern and futuristic so if you want your m2 to stand up from the rest definitely go for this volcano bff 107. so this rim is blackout bf90 custom

4 streams this room is definitely inspired by the bmw 763m frozen gold rims the best thing about custom rim is that we can manufacture it according to the car and the customer’s requirement this particular rims definitely made it according to the maximum width and offset that this bmw m2 can take as a result when you look at it the rim align with the car body

Perfectly and this rim has the maximum concaveness making this rim perfect fit for this bmw m2 competition purchase your tracks today thank you guys for watching i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you like what we do here please show us some love like the video and subscribe to us and if you’re looking for sport rims please remember to check our kingroom

Facebook and kingry website thanks again for watching i’ll see you guys in the next video

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BMW M2 Custom Wheels Fitting! By King of Rims Malaysia