BMW M240i v Audi RS3 v AMG CLA 45 S: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sar in the new bmw m240i coupe and next to me is an audi rs3 saloon and next to that is a mercedes cl8 and we are going to have a drag race because i want to know if this bmw m light can be the full fat rs and amg versions of the equivalent size vehicles now if you like these kind of drag races make sure you

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Engine with 374 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels for an eight-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter but it does have launch control now this car weighs in at 1 690 kilos it’s pretty heavy in terms of the price 46 000 pounds starting that audi it starts from 56 000 pounds however you’ve got a 2.5 liter inline five cylinder

With a turbo charger that puts out 400 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque it has a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control driving all four wheels it weighs in at 1 575 kilos so over 100 kilos lighter than this bmw finally we come to the mercedes it has a two liter turbocharged engine which is the smallest engine here but it’s most

Powerful because amg so it puts out 421 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque it drives all four wheels for an eight-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control terms of the weight that car is the heaviest it weighs 1 1695 kilos so also the most expensive starts from 61 000 pounds anyway shall we get on with the race oh before we do if you’re

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Later date simply google whammy car wow and we will wow you will this bmw value as well we’re going to find out i reckon it could surprise and cause a bit of an upset anyway let’s do it buy sell car wow now before we start the race got to do the obligatory car wow sound check so i’ve got the most cylinders i must be able to make the most noise so i’m going to

Find out sports mode yes let’s rev it up rev rev gotta love a bmw no soft limiter i think the noise in here is slightly artificial to the speakers anyway you’ll be the judge of the outside noise let’s have a listen to this ass three let’s hear your ass rev i’m trying my very best four thousand subs limit you’ve always got a soft eu okay let’s hear the amg surely

That’s loud i could hear that more than i could hear the od and the out is closer to me i think that’s a win for the mercedes don’t you before we go we’re going to warm up our tires because we can so this may have a four wheel drive system but it’s a rear drive bars apparently it doesn’t have the trick systems of those cars but let’s see if i can do some form

Of slide dige let’s go the other way find the grass right you don’t want to go in the grass style it out style it out style it out right that’s enough sort of style that out let’s see what they can do with their superior drip modes well that’s enough that’s enough that’s um not our car that has been lent to us by a car wow viewer so if you want us to review your

Car and not drive it like that just email us a review my car by the way quick shout out to the guy who lent us that if you want to check out his instagram it’s a ping on the screen now moving on let’s see what the mercedes mg can do go on drift that oh yeah see that’s good i think that system worked better than the one in the audi don’t you concur

Audi yeah i’m not a fan of this talk vectoring fake drift stuff not my favorite a bad workman blames his tools let’s race them off the line can that audi pull me back what i’m saying he’s doing this he’s got a problem with this engine come on bmw come on first question audi do you think i jumped the start i always think you jump to start but no i actually don’t

Think you did i had a terrible start the delay when you go off the break in this i didn’t time it very well i think this would have been a lot closer and i think this will beat you if you allow me another goal i don’t think i wanna i suppose a better three two one he cheated for sure i’m gonna do that mercedes okay audi um you tried to time your launch i’ve

Got a feeling you were a bit premature or maybe that time i was a bit delayed yeah it could have been slightly early but i don’t think it was regardless amg i beat you then i’m pretty sure i got off the line at the exact same time as the audi but there you go okay let’s go to the student inquiry was there a jump that to me sounded like a definite yes let’s go

Again best two out of three i think regardless of what the stuart might have said it’s close off the line that the come on bmw it’s not far behind i’ve never been too happy with second place okay audi you won but we left the line pretty much close together so i’ve got to go to you mercedes what happened were you neck and neck off the line and just couldn’t keep

Up click off the line in that one but i feel like i’m having to come off the break before nick even signals to start the race so the delay in this is pretty awful but once you are off the line the acceleration seems pretty off as well i mean odd so then what exactly happened well the audi won completing the standing quarter mile in 11.9 seconds the bmw was second

Finishing in 12.2 seconds and the mercedes was last crossing the line in 12.7 seconds now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour the cars are in comfort mode automatically mode for the gearbox i’m gonna count it in let’s see what happens who’s first to the half mile three two one go kick down pretty quick that mercedes is off this time can it win this race

To the half mile that odd is starting to creep past me now where’s the half mile there we go mercedes amg that kick down was epic mine wasn’t too bad the audi i think probably the slowest but then you came past me right audi is still currently kicking down but yeah i did come past you let’s take the gearbox kick down after the equation okay same again this time

Though we’re in the sporty setting locked in third gear so here we go three two one go this picked up so well god now my girl changes because it won’t auto shift up in manual i’m in it for this come on hold on to the reds come on absolutely no idea who won that maybe me is that right andy you can car i think you may have just had it or the merc i definitely came

Last it’s between you and the merc i think let’s photo finish and that will reveal it was me okay now we’re gonna have a break test from 100 miles an hour to which car stops in the shortest distance if you’d rather watch some more drag races though put a link to a really cool drag race at the edge follow that link or follow the link in the description okay if not

Stay here let’s see which car stops in the shortest distance from 100 miles an hour when we reach live full emergency stop come on bmw you got this this one has the upgraded brakes well they work they worked they’re part of the performance pro pack fyi i won that did i break too early well i thought i broke a little bit early now all i need is for the mercedes to

Go i broke early as well and we could just call it a day because it all cheated and it is what it is maybe back a little bit early i think they want to go home and wrap this up anyway that was a lot of fun now i found a cool discount on one of these cars through carway it’s really quite an impressive discount to find out what the car is and the discount click on

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BMW M240i v Audi RS3 v AMG CLA 45 S: DRAG RACE By carwow