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BMW M3 COMPETITION | Wir machen den HRTETEST | Daniel Abt

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Der BMW M3 Competition unterzieht sich heute mit seinen 510PS den absoluten Härtetest in den Allgäuer Alpen. Kann der M3 auch Passstraßen? Zusammen mit Bewerber Leo finde ich das heute heraus.

Well that’s what makes it so bock he sticks so cool on the road can also do something wrong so you can need it you can even get sick 260 what thought dear people welcome to a new video with the bmw m3 competition i have to say actually something else was planned today we actually wanted to do a race with him but unfortunately the airbase is currently closed and he flies

Around a bit and me and then we thought okay what haven’t we done with the bmw m3 yet so we were there at the time the presentation and we’re already healed but we did n’t really have a nice stretch and here in the allgäu right behind it there’s a path in front of it and we can go a bit ahead of the pass road and check how the handling is i have to now also say at

The point behind the camera is someone else today may show themselves briefly if you like that’s leo one one of the applicants is doing the whole thing today so it’s also a bit in the test they are also welcome to write in the comments if you like the video or if something has failed that’s something different both of them are definitely on the road so folks we got the

M3 competition here again this time a sao paulo yellow here at the start first question for you there you can make yourself popular or unpopular front of the less good or not from my point of view if we see each other more often not so bad well i didn’t like it until i didn’t like it but now i don’t think so and i think that’s what everyone says so i say i’ll be honest i

Think it’s good i think it’s good and i have the feeling opinions have already changed so much the classic at the beginning always first of all it’s and everything stays exactly the way it is i think it’s really cool it’s something completely different it has a dynamic the hood is harm oniert super cool with this grill i think it’s mega and i think it’s complete if you go

Back once apart from carbon mirrors carbon roof so we also got the full package from bmw of course again so thank you very much i still find this rear incredibly incredibly good so the rear you know it the corridors then take a good look here first look in the back i think it’s totally awesome i like this rear super good super good the carbon diffuser the exhaust system so

Who it’s already standing there very, very nice very chic car and yes i think we’ll go on a little journey of discovery together to see how the handling is and how well the camera can keep up with the author if you give it gas and and you’ve got it body already turned do we want to show people like this or do we have fun again people do you have the key from the car yes

I thought to myself my god i like to ask myself why didn’t you ask so important to understand before the world in kempten just don’t believe it hmm why don’t you cut it why should there be a bang the bang was then try it once hello there the people are already looking at the color so now you ca n’t even see properly first of all you can come here to the camera innsbruck

So we’re on the road that was fine that’s definitely can’t always say it the best seats there are we don’t drive that nissan anymore exciting here with a carbon shell on the back and that’s just not like that i think that we get in here it’s an inhuman good sport sitting there you sit totally applied shortly before we now glad to see how you deal people here in this

Vehicle of course you can adjust everything again engine efficient sport sport plus fa hrwerk steering that has of course already been set to maximum which i also think is really cool which actually only does in real life before it was like that but now in three and four times it’s like that you can use the brakes so you can respond to the brakes changing it a bit is

Really pretty cool and now that you have the m1 m2 button here you could of course say okay felt the m1 you make yourself a country road setting where you maybe six okay i’m murder or sporty but maybe still drive june on comfort the brakes maybe more on comfort or just too well a bit of power wipe away the guests quickly and easily get out you traffic service put on the

Ice or after two you put on full attack so that’s not that much you have now would i am in branch shift paddles made of carbon they are also so different at the back they have five different ones edene fillings but well already forward and has a bit

Myself you can say my first camera and i had defied look a little bit

Responsiveness 1 that doesn’t matter sport and so at least in the clip small the thing is it comes very close on the camera doesn’t look over how it feels like i mean i drive my car a lot myself and the road is dry so i know i think my car can’t come out of which canal you might think yes well yes the car also drives the customers that was not enough for me as mr. klaus car

So i wouldn’t worry about anything so that’s already there i was even to protect that’s really that really makes me want something like that because something just comes to fruition again i’m always super positive in the next calls for the front axle is the take that most cars always do on the day before is difficult and everything else floats so here you go just a bomb

Well the front axle that circles around really well until the radio operator got a bit so easy so very easy don’t be so challenged don’t want to exaggerate here on a track like this but you notice you can do something wrong so you can do it you can also sell it but it’s a lot of fun and especially people who now also know the previous generations outdoors i don’t always

Say it’s really super comfortable to drive the car so it’s much easier to drive it i can’t judge how it used to be but that ‘s definitely let’s see how it fell on him like a dream or in dortmund on what’s going on but himself and is there the sick definitely way back up continue to renovate loud and it will definitely become normal that makes it so bock sounds so cool

On the street also has n also michelin tires on it so really good to the front after 510 hp 650 newton meters so the composer has the competition variant otherwise he has 480 as a manual switch there is also there i think there are also with 480 hp but these 510 hp that are now has me actually i would have to say i think it’s from 1 i can say that we have to jump right

Onto the autobahn and then onto the autobahn there was a topic we have to be able to see through

Not yet a top speed record so that was my first 100 208.3 2

But you have to say it’s a bit 220 from 260 dares 90 let it order a bit because maybe you don’t want to say whether you see 130 in total but maybe if you come back here there’s a bit of a chance to play and go up or well i call it but you win doesn’t notice it that badly it’s just really 15 18 that’s available to me yes that’s always the case these new modern cars

They just give you extremely good security care in monschau once claimed once here we’re now in the launch control does he has a special feature and it will now was just in the first gear don’t start the lounge corner the second one starts namely in the 2nd so the lodge control makes the second gear so then it says is also being prepared active and then it works los 5.1

Christian ude sees himself as certain but the opponent fell in any case i would say he’s really it really put the pressure on what’s his conclusion will it now get a bmw you can get it the content has to be a box if you want to see a bit more of meets murder and the whole thing works you can also have the other m4 so if you are missing the v made an ideo where he sees

The drift mode or this traction control and everything that works like it all works three euros made a video you can also pull everything in, otherwise i would be happy to receive feedback on the video about the car about everything the wonderful day meditating outside in the beer garden or his car

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BMW M3 COMPETITION | Wir machen den HÄRTETEST! | Daniel Abt By Daniel Abt