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The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio can crack 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, which on paper, is faster than key German rivals. On top of this fact, the Alfa Romeo isn’t limited and so, can crank up to speeds of 191 or 190.8mph (to be precise). With this in mind, I put the Alfa to the test against its key rivals; the BMW M3 and the Mercedes – AMG C63 in a drag race. This means the Italian saloon can no longer hide behind its stats and has to put it’s money where it’s mouth is! Who will win this race in probably are tightest Head2head yet. Bring it on.

I just okay i’m a little bit excited today because i’m sat in an alfred judith quadrifoglio i’ve got a bmw m3 competition pack next to me and besides that is a mercedes c63 amg and our debt like me you want to know which one is fastest in a straight line so we’re going to race them over a standing quarter-mile okay now before i did that once you click up there

To see if you can guess which of these cars is going to win the alfa the beemer or the merc right if you cast your vote yeah right let’s go come on over clearly haters think somebody the dope is pulling away from the path oh yeah an easy victory italy these germany so the alpha was the clear winner to the standing quarter in eleven point nine seconds second was

The bmw it recorded 12 point three seconds last was the merc which incidentally belongs to car wash ceo hence the livery it did the standing quarter in twelve point six seconds as well as standing quarter times i bet you guys want to know about the nought to sixty times down here well this giulia quadrifoglio it’s got a 2.9 liter twin-turbo v6 with 510 horsepower

600 newton meters of torque and it weighs fifteen hundred and twenty-four kilos alfa says it will get to 60 in 3.9 seconds but will it well to find out if they’re telling the truth or not i’ve got this gps based data logging equipment and i can measure an accurate nought-60 time so i’m going to pop this car into drive it has no launch control function i’m going

To put it into its sporty setting just hold it on the brake and then go off we go oh that’s fast oh wow i was 60 way back there right i’m just going to pull over oh stop and see what number of whoa yes okay so it’s a naught to 60 in 3.9 seconds dead alphadon line okay then i’m going to exactly the same thing with this mercedes amg c63s but my data logger up there

So i’ve got a four liter twin-turbo v8 with 510 horsepower just like the alpha 700 newton meters of torque and it weighs 1,800 kilos the sadie says naught 60 takes 3.9 seconds once again the same as the alpha but will it be let’s find out so i’m going to put the kind of launch mode i’ve got into race setting i’ve got esp sports handling pull it both paddles except

Yes i want to race start with the 1 left foot on brake throttle up let’s go all yes struggling for track sure off we go go go yes guys quick it’s just quick as the old box i’m going to keep going for a bit pit master hundred because why not and now i’m going to stop and see what i did and see what i did right in right so nought to sixty four point three seconds

Hmm it was struggling for grip turn it off so finally we come to the bm to the empty competition pack i just attached my date equipment for one last time so this cars got a three liter twin-turbo straight-6 with 450 horsepower 550 newton meters to talk anyways fifteen hundred and thirty five kilos this is the automatic with launch control and it supposedly does

Not sixteen four seconds dead so let’s see right should have launched engaged now go off we go that’s fast nice clean launch who can go in they just stopped so i got the bmw logged a time of 4.1 seconds to 60 so it came second to the alpha but beat the mercedes could seem to struggle the most with traction funny that the cars with fancy launch control systems

Didn’t quite manage their claim times whereas the alpha which doesn’t have launch control did but what will happen the rolling race 30 miles an hour with each car in sports auto mode so each of those cars has got a cameraman in it and that’s one carrying a passenger to act as ballast so it’s fair weight wise here we are then and on the horn three times on the

Fourth on we’re going to go on cruising at 31 2 3 go watching sound good and the way that the interview is starting to disappear don’t know what happened to work oh that’s enough that’s enough speed i tell you what this car you break even slightly heavily and the that has a like to come on to more people it’s a little bit neurotic i’d only heard that when you go

Really quick in this car it is weird win nerves about 130 miles an hour which in theory you should never hear on the road to do so when it comes to acceleration the alpha is kicked what about braking so travel at 70 miles an hour and when we hit that cone we’re all going to do an abs emergency stuff – what happens oh my god that is so close but i think well let’s

Just have a look i have to get out to judge this well i wasn’t expecting that it looks like the mercedes stopped in the shortest distance then the bmw and asked with the longest distance was the alpha i would never guess that the result was especially surprising because both the alpha and a bmw on carbon ceramic brakes and their a 6 grand option on each of the

Cars and a brassiere on to the prices is in a bmw it’s start from 59 thousand pounds the alpha 60 1,000 pounds and the mercedes c63 s 60 million thousand pound but if you click up there to get a car like a dot uk’ you can save an average of 6 grand on the alpha and the merc and 5 grand on the bmw in fact if you know of anyone who’s looking to buy a new car get

Them to check out carlo co uk they can save on average three thousand six hundred pounds on new car right that is the shameless plug over and done with brits what pays for this channel anyway let’s get on with the video really and let you do lots of track work and need the added durability of ceramic brakes save the cash for tires you’ll be needed them please gas

Now as what a straight line performance fun is very key on these cars and i can use my data device to measure drift angle and i see how easy this car is to slide so let’s find out oh it’s certainly a lot of fun but what drift angle did i get don’t look just pull over 30 degrees all right don’t war for the numbers eject so types my daily eating is to slide and m3

Yeah i was quite nice yeah let me just stop here have a look at the drift angle 34 degrees ah not the biggest baddest rich none of them but bit more angle with it right they very easily smurfs aided in to slide bearing in mind it’s the boss’s car so sorry about the ties james oh say it’s too easy to slide i’ve got a gun off the road i decided to give the mercedes

Another go and hoped to stay on the track this time and avoid getting the sack nice let me just pull over see what i did yeah we got a drift angle of 35 degrees go mercedes little bit more snappy than the alfa but fairly easy to do so i’ve got the best angle with the mercedes then the bmw but actually to me the alfa seen the easiest and most controllable to slide

Even though it may not have looked the most heroic a reliefing alfa has knocked out the part of this car it’s probably thinking that was a bit of fun but what about a proper review these three cars i’ll give you one now the alfa is the best they’re done now if you enjoyed this video please like it and show you and subscribe to our channel and click on the video

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