BMW M4 Competition KITH Edition – The QUICKEST And RAREST M4 Ever Made

What do you think of the quickest and most exclusive M4 ever made?

Uh this is a 2022 bmw m4 competition it’s got the zf 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive and all that makes it the quickest m4 ever however there’s something even more special about this particular car this is the kiff edition for the bmw m4 competition they only made 150 of these so not only is it the quickest m4 to ever grace the pavement but it’s also the

Rarest and most exclusive so a huge thank you to international bmw in west allis wisconsin for letting me have a go in this thing if you’re not familiar kith is an american streetwear brand created back in 2011 by now iconic designer ronnie fee feig’s work vision and creativity not only propelled kith to the forefront of fashion but also the epicenter of modern

Culture and to give you some context as to how big a deal this thing is this is the first time that bmw has engaged in a collaboration with a fashion designer at least to this capacity and it’s also the first time that you’ve gotten the collaboration-specific roundel on the front something that’s not just the typical blue and white it’s also worth mentioning that

Bmw could have gone with anyone for this collab project supreme gucci or even lvmh but no it says kith on the roof and it still sold out 150 units in 11 minutes and it probably doesn’t hurt that this is the best looking m4 that you can currently buy and at first glance you would definitely notice the frozen black paint but you might miss the small kit details and

Nuances around the body we talked about the round owl on the hood being the first time bmw has ever deviated from their iconic design around the side you’ve got gloss black competition wheels with red calipers peeking out your roof is made of carbon fiber and you can spec a kit and m branded decal if you really want and around back you have the same m and kith

Logo combination taking place of the traditional m4 badge on the rear trunk lid but they say beauty is only skin deep so while the exterior looks great let’s talk about the interior where you spend most of your time in the cabin you also get hand-sewn custom seats with kit branded embossed leather work for your headrests just below that replace that m4 logo with

A light up kit and m-co logo and the seats themselves are carbon m buckets in an exclusive red and blue colorway if you like the headrest checkerboard pattern you’ll love the mirrored detail in the center armrest and rounding out the interior accoutrement is the kiff and m logo below your gear selector always reminding you you’re in something special but now

Let’s go even deeper and talk about the things that you can’t see but you can hear and you can feel so yep it’s still an m4 and it’s still as clinically fast and as violent as it was when we tested it back in october around road america and that’s because mechanically it’s a normal bmw m4 composition that’s not a bad thing because under the hood you still

Have bmw’s s58 three liter twin turbo straight six in competition trim it adds an extra six pounds of boost to get your horsepower and torque numbers up to 503 and 479 respectively and then all of that power is wrangled through the best tuned zf 8-speed transmission that i’ve ever experienced the big difference here is with this kif it’s got something that we were

Missing in october with the normal m4 competition this has all-wheel drive and this all-wheel drive system is good enough at putting down all that power from the s58 engine that it drops to zero to 60 time to 3.4 seconds and that’s according to bmw so you can assume it’s pretty conservative some people in independent testing have gotten 3.07 seconds and that’s

With somebody else in the passenger seat and that’s because unlike the old dct you got in the last m4 this zf transmission will get all of your power to all of your wheels each time you ask it to in addition to four wheel traction for acceleration you’ve also got a special limited slip differential from bmw’s m division outback helping the car feel fun but also

Controlled enough that you won’t wrap it around a tree you’ve got electronically controlled dampers that keep the balanced chassis composed through any corner at nearly any speed and when it comes to brakes you’ve got big ones and it reminds you of it every time you step on the stop pedal now of course what all this means is that while kith and bmw’s design teams

Were getting creative in the studio bmw’s engineering department they’re all business now in truth if it were me and my money i prefer something with a little shorter wheelbase with a little less heft this thing is pretty long and with that you get a lot of ride refinement but that shorter more darty 2 series that m2 competition that’s pretty good however there’s

Nothing to be said there’s no comparison to the rarity and the exclusivity that you get with this kit so there it is and when you really boil it down what you’re getting is the quickest and rarest m4 ever made thanks for watching i love my job you

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