BMW M4 DCT – Love/Hate Relationship?

Here is a straight to the point review of this FAST BMW M4. Some wicked clips as usual and some detailed comparisons to the C63 AMG I own. Take your pick… Let me know in the comments below!

You’re watching natish21 what up everyone hope you guys have an amazing day well you you thought i put red seats in the amg no no no we don’t do that oh you thought i bought an m4 no no not yet i mean not that i wouldn’t but that’s not my type of car you guys probably know that already i’m still an amg man by heart let me tell you we’re gonna show you guys what

This car is like today we are in an m4 today red seats absolutely beautiful car got the dual clutch in it uh gt house exhaust it’s still got an oem downpipe but it’s got a stage two flash on it currently which probably isn’t a good thing so what makes an m4 especially entertaining to drive so when you have a couple different types of cars you want to compare

Which one is more exciting there’s a couple of things that make specific cars more fun to drive one is torque a ton of torque will always be fun no matter what you put it in the other thing is a car with a high red line right and the car that revs especially high with a lot of sound a lot of like passion and soul behind that sound this car doesn’t rev super high

It’s not like it has a 8000 rpm rev limit but it does get up into the 7500 which is pretty good the sound up top is nothing special this car’s most special moments i would say is down in the three to four thousand rpm range when you have like that sound of boost coming in and if you let off it just has this like sudden purge of boost out of the blow off that’s what

Makes it really entertaining to just get into boost and then just let off and get that release it’s really nice so as you know the old e92 m3 has been one of my absolute favorite cars to drive like that thing i only drove it with the dct mind you it was exceptionally responsive all around sounded phenomenal the only thing it lacked was torque and you’d think that

Like okay now that this m3 has torque hey it’s the perfect m3 or m4 right but it’s really not it’s just the torque didn’t fix it kind of took away some of the essence that the old car had but it brought forward a completely different characteristic right and so it’s just the way it is you just got to deal with it i would say that this car is lacking a little bit

Of soul that the old car had but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an absolutely amazing and fun car to drive it’s incredibly dynamic it feels super light on its feet especially if the fact that it’s not a very heavy car to begin with it’s like i think only around 34 to 3 500 pounds but not mistaken the other thing about this car is a transmission so as you know

Like my amg has the mct but although the shifts are lightning quick and they they have this disgusting bark to the shifts when you hit that paddle although there’s a delay to the actual shift the actual shift is fantastic it barks it snaps it crackles on the downshifts and options it’s phenomenal oh yeah oh listen to that it’s a vicious n a motor just straight

Like oh my god and this car it shifts incredibly quick but there’s no like aggression to the ship it just does a quick shift and it’s almost so seamless you don’t even feel it it’s weird the other thing is with the amg when you’re on a deceleration and you’re pulling down on like let’s say a highway off ramp or something you’re blipping those down shifts and

That car is just like water quarter it’s whipping these downshifts nasty and it’s also decelerating aggressively on like an engine breaking kind of feel as it’s decelerating into that it’s just that big 6.2 just brings that car right down the speed brings it right down whereas this car when you’re downshifting there’s absolutely zero deceleration it’s almost like

It continues to coast at speed and it wants to keep going even while you’re decelerating i find in the amg i almost never even have to use the brakes because the deceleration is so aggressive that all you have to do is crack those down shifts and the car is slowing down on its own i never have to use the brakes but in this car when you crack those down shifts the

Car is still continuing at face so you really gotta get back get on the brakes quickly as possible with that with this car so very very different characteristics compared to the amg foreign uh i need an e92 oh enemies so we got a little bit of a cruise here guys and one amazing ass car right here i want you guys to check out terminator cobra supercharged

V8 factory forged internals we also have a single turbo stock block 370z with a boosted performance single turbo kit on it it’s making around 600 wheel and an ipl supercharged g37 with an air to air still in setup this car also made a little bit over 500 wheel horsepower really good oh so okay oh thank you guys so much for watching make sure to

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BMW M4 DCT – Love/Hate Relationship? By Nitish21