BMW M4 vs BMW M5. In the first of our Deadly Rivals series, evo’s road test editor Dan Prosser pits two of the best M Division cars head-to-head on track.

Never let it be said that bmw doesn’t know how to celebrate a birthday this is the m5 30 year edition in marks 30 years of the m5 and it’s a collection of staggering numbers it’s got 600 horsepower that makes it the most powerful car bmw has ever built for the road it’ll crack 62 miles an hour in less than four seconds and it costs 92 thousand pounds today it goes

Up against this little brother from the m range the m4 we’re going to find out which is faster on circuit and first which is more fun there is no greater rivalry than a sibling rivalry on paper the bigger m5 has the m4 covered it’s more powerful and it’s faster in a straight line but which is more fun on circuit we’re starting off in the m5 first impressions it’s

Massive if i feel like a small child sat in here alcantara steering wheel nothing makes you want to drive fast more than an alcantara steel so let’s do just that this is the bedford altered rome south circuit it’s only one point four miles long but it packs in everything we’ve got this really tight little complex here we have to be neat and it leads on to the first

Of two really long straights and this m5 600 horsepower it’s mighty down these straights it’s so fast it’s a good job we’ve got these carbon ceramic brakes with the it’s got so heavy it’s so fast we need brakes they can put up with a proper hammering if we were on cast-iron rotors here i think we just melt them in no time at all i’m so impressed at how well this

Car copes on track given that with me on board and a tank of fuel it’s over two tons hustling this car around the track is all about getting the front end adopting if you go in too hard if you go in too fast you’ll just push on in understeer just by having a load more power and a load more talk we’ve actually got better traction in the m5 than we do in the m4 it

Feels more controlled under power than the smaller car that car can get completely wayward when you stand on the throttle this isn’t so bad actually it’s staggering how capable this car is on track for something that weighs so much it shouldn’t be cut out for this stuff at all but really it seems to be enjoying it but let’s be honest m5s are famous for one thing

And that’s thinking about so i know what you’re thinking the m4 is lighter it’s smaller it’s more agile it’s going to destroy the m5 around this track right having driven this thing i’m really not sure this thing is so fast down the straights i think this is going to be a close one back in the m4 this is more familiar terra-tory not least because this is my car

I’ll sort of it’s my car for six months i’m running it on evo’s fast fleet and it’s mighty it doesn’t have the punch of that m5 down the straight weird best part of ten miles an hour down on the m5 at the end of the straights but it feels so much more nimble so much more agile in these corners as good and as surprising as that m5 was on the circuit this employ is

Just much much more adept through this scary fast late-breaking chicane this thing is just planted where the m5 wall knows a little bit this thing is just absolutely secure and into this quick left-hander as well its hint it’s absolutely pinned the front axle on this car is our rages there’s no understeer in the chassis at all it means you can turn in our rage of

Speed and it just holds that line it holds that line all the way through incredible incredible amounts of turning grip whereas on a road this m4 can feel wayward over undulations over compressions on this flat circuit the chassis is just brilliant i can brake later in this car i can carry more speed into the corners i don’t have the same speed down the straight

But everywhere else this car is much much quicker i can’t call this one genuinely i can’t call this one as impressive as the m5 is then the lighter smaller m4 is more fun on track not least because it’s even better at this sort of thing but can the m4 overcome its 170 bhp power deficit to set a quicker lap time this is power and brute force versus lightweight and

Agility the m5 on the left and the m4 on the right where across the line the more powerful m5 hits 130 miles per hour at the end of the straight compared to 126 miles an hour for the m4 the m5 reaches the brake board ahead of the m4 and it’s still ahead at the exit of the chicane look at the curbing in the bumper cam footage we through the quick left-hander and

At the entry to the third gear corner the m5 is still in front the m4 carries more speed into that corner and it holds a tighter line by the exit there’s barely a metre in it again the m4 is faster through the next left-hander by the exit is got its nose in front for the first time the m5 pushes power advantage to good use and here’s 138 miles power at the end of

The long back straight compared to 132 for the m4 now look back to the in-car view the m5 has caught up again and there’s nothing in it but the m4 carries more speed through the tight twisty complex and it’s back in front by a few metres the m5 accelerates harder towards the finish line and it begins to close the gap the four crosses the line first by a whisker in

The end the m4 is just over two tenths of a second quicker than the m5 we never could predicted that the outcome would be so tight the big m5 runs the m4 surprisingly close on circuit then but on this occasion it’s a win for the m4 and a win for little brothers everywhere you

Transcribed from video