BMW X2: Why did BMW make this car?

BMW X2: Why did BMW make this car?

Hi guys there are many speculations between sports cars and all suvs on the market and for the engineers the big doubt is how do you stand out from a fast-growing crowd one way is personalization both in its appearance and in its behavior the bmw x2 does just that refuse to get lost in the sea of compact suvs and channel the spirit of the sporty coupe of course

Bmw has done this before with considerable success a decade ago the larger x6 was born when the x5 received a coupe makeover and its smaller sibling the x3 receives similar treatment to the slender x4 is enjoying the review like the video and your opinion in the comments even the entry-level bmw x2 comes with a set of big air vents cut into the front bumper some

Sporty side skirts and square wheel arches and it looks like bmw designers dropped the compass and started drawing with an auger come in and things get a lot less the clear clean instrument panel and the logical layout of the soft touch materials help make the interior of the bmw x2 just as smooth and intuitive if you’re too short or too tall to play pro basketball

You won’t feel comfortable thanks to the generous seat and steering wheel adjustments the x2m35i deserves your attention its 302 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder turns this crossover into a performance machine the x2 shares its standard powertrain with the x1 it consists of a 228 horsepower turbo 4 an 8-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive bmw

Calls this model the s drive 28i if you want all-wheel drive you’ll need to spend an extra 2 000 on the xdrive28i the x2 is offered with a choice of four 2.0 liter engines that will be familiar to anyone reading an x1 brochure the petrol options are the s drive 18i or s drive 20 with 138 horsepower and 189 horsepower respectively both have front-wheel drive and the

Responsive 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission comes standard with a more powerful engine the s drive 18i is available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission for an additional fee on the other hand the more powerful 187 horsepower diesel engine is only available in the x-drive 20d with all-wheel drive but you can choose a 148 horsepower diesel-like

The xdrive 18d with all-wheel drive or the s drive 18d with front-wheel drive an 8-speed automatic transmission is standard on more powerful models buyers of s drive 18d have the option to add it at an additional cost the base engine is a sweetheart eager to accelerate smooth and silky and very tough on our test track the x2 x drive 28 i hit 60 miles per hour in

6.4 seconds 0.1 seconds slower than the x1 x drive 28 iron volvo xc40 t5 faster is the mercedes-benz gla 250 which hits the mark in 5.8 seconds if that’s still too slow for you the m35i might be the ticket bmws tune this high performance x2’s engine to produce 302 horsepower this is good for runs from 4.6 seconds to 60 seconds the x2 rides hard especially with

Its sporty suspension when driving on rough roads passengers will feel all the seat failures the trade-off is a high level of agility the x2 is fun in fast corners and rewards the driver with its predictable character the sc model gets the comfort system the m sport models with 19-inch wheels low profile run flats and m-sport suspension softness is not their

Forte uneven surfaces and bumps can cause passengers to bounce uncomfortably in their seat especially at low speeds comfort improves with speed but you can still feel road vibrations through the seats and steering wheel road imperfections and expansion joints are more visible when the adjustable suspension sport mode is activated while the interior design of the

X2 is not as expressive as the exterior the cabin is well equipped and well built the driving position is great and all the x2s controls are within reach of the driver rear seat headroom is tight but passenger space should be acceptable for most people bmw offers synthetic leather and genuine leather in a variety of colors thanks to its more shapely rear the x2

Is less practical than the x1 in line with its sloping roof rivals the interior of the bmw x2 has an elegant design and smart looking finishes one thing we should mention is the height of the driving position you’re not much taller than a regular hatchback and if you expect a taller view you might be disappointed other than that the driving position is excellent

The steering wheel has many reach and tilt adjustments and you can move the seat in multiple planes it doesn’t matter if you’re over six feet or just over five feet you will be able to feel comfortable adjustable lumber support is only available as an option but is only available as an option but is affordable and fits both driver and passenger seats long distance

Travel just got easier with optional driver assistance technology this includes active cruise control that matches the speed of the car ahead before returning to a preset cruise speed and a traffic jam assistant that accelerates brakes and steers for you as mentioned above while the x2 is an suv the occupant sits much lower than many competitors a low stance may

Add to the sporty appeal but it deprives the driver and passenger of a full view of the road ahead a big draw for many suvs an 8.8 inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation as standard running bmw’s intuitive idrive software if touch screens aren’t your thing bmw also includes a control button in the center console the premium package adds a headache

Display apple carplay is standard but android auto is not available the included 7 speaker sound system is sufficient for the average listener but audio feels can specify a premium harman kardon sound system a basic set of driver assistance features including automatic emergency braking is standard and bmw offers additional technology for a price key security

Features include standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard lane departure warning offers adaptive cruise control in terms of warranty coverage the x2s policy is average bmw offers a service that includes three years of scheduled maintenance a nice advantage that mercedes doesn’t have leave in the comments what your opinion about the

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