BMW X2 xDrive 20d M Sport X Auto

Here at Lloyd Motor Group BMW South Lakes we’re proud to offer this stunning example of the versatile BMW X2 finished in the fantastic Sunset Orange metallic with contrasting Black Dakota leather upholstery. This X2 is fitted with the desirable M Sport X Pro Pack containing Sun protection glass, Extended lighting, Loudspeaker system – harman/kardon and 20″ M light alloy wheels Double-spoke style 717 M with Run-flat tyres. It is also fitted with the Vision Pack giving you a Reversing Assist camera and Exterior mirrors – electrically folding with anti-dazzle. This high spec car is also fitted with the Tech Pack consisting of Head-up Display, BMW Navigation Plus, Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging and WiFi hotspot preparation. Finally is also has the Driver Package containing Park Distance Control (PDC), front and rear, Park Assist and Driving Assistant. All of our cars are professionally prepared by our BMW Technician at our state of the art prep centre to the highest of BMW standards, this brilliant X2 comes with a full service history, all of our cars also come with a minimum of 12 months warranty giving your that extra peace of mind. We are a family owned business that prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction time and time again. If you have any questions that we’ve not answered here or would like to book a test drive please get in touch on the contact details provided. We can also make a personal video of the car if you’d like. We are proud to say we have no hidden admin fees or costs. We’re open 7 days a week.

Hello and welcome to lloyd bmw south lakes today we have this really high spec bmw x2 m sport x model uh it’s on a 68 play it’s done 29 and a half thousand miles finishing this gorgeous sunset orange metallic paint being the m sport x you get the gray arches and the grey down the side really high spec car so this one’s got the 20 inch wheels on it which looks

Absolutely fabulous you’ve then got the aluminium trim around the windows and the roof bars you’ve got the darkened glass on the back inside the car we have black dakota leather which contrasts very nicely with the orange paint work uh you get the sport seats you get the bigger bolsters and the adjustable under thigh support as well jump inside it’s a bit of a

Wintry day today here in the lake district where we can drop sunshine and uh hail as well uh tequila starts as long as we’ve got the key on you press the start button the car will uh will come to life this car benefits from having the larger satellite navigation screen i’m not sure hopefully you can pick it up it’s also got the head-up display so if you can see

On the video uh to the to the left is the speed uh limit and to the right is the actual speed we should say zero because obviously we’re stationary um as i said the car has been 29 and a half thousand miles um all the nice features you’ve got cd player you’ve got your favorite buttons down here if i select reverse you’ve got a camera out the back but you’ve also

Got front and rear parking sensors as well so no excuses for uh for hitting anything you’ve got dual zone climate control so no arguments with the passenger you’ve also got heated seats as well which i think i will just leave on there on there for for today a little said it’s a little bit chilly uh underneath here you’ve got some storage uh you’ve also got a 12

Volt supply sort of hidden in there as well you’ve got your drinks holders you’ve got your automatic gearbox which is very good it’ll just sort itself out or if you’re in the mood you can use the paddles on the steering wheel to change gear manually if you’re if you’re in the mood also down here you get control buttons different driving mode buttons you’ve got

Your parking sensor buttons come on automatically but if you want to turn them on manually um hill descent control if you want to be surprised going downhill this is your eye controller which controls the screen up here or it is touch sensitive as well but most times you’ll probably use the eye controller down here and if i zoom out if you’ve never been to our

Dealership we’re located at the southern end of the lake district about 10 minutes from junction 36 of the m6 so beautiful part of the uh of the world if you’ve if you’ve never been uh it’s well worth a visit coffee machine is always on uh what else we’ve got in this car right it’s got a nice big arm rest we’ve got wireless charging pad underneath there as well

So if your phone’s wireless charging stick it on there nicely charged loads more storage another usb port as well we’ve got this very nice kind of aluminium trim running through the doors into the center console there you’ve got the ambient lighting you can change the color of that so the moment we’ve got blue you can have purple you can have green you can have

White you can have amber another option on this car is the harman kardon sound system so if you’re getting into your music then this those speakers are excellent and really really do uh enhance the sound um whatever you’re playing you’ve got a high beam assistant on here so you can stick that on and then if a car can do the direction it takes the car off main

Beam and then puts it back on again when that car’s gone by uh cruise control speed limit on this side of the steering wheel you can answer your phone on this side do your volume media controls on the other side nice little feature is the automatic wipers and it also has this side getting focus automatic uh headlights as well as the front and rear logger lights

On the door you’ve got your four electric windows you can lock the ones out in the back if you’ve got kiddies further forward it’s down here you’ve got your electric uh window buttons and they fold in as well so uh quick ones for me there you go so if you’re in tight spaces uh it’s quite handy just to fold those in at the flick of a button also on the door you’ve

Got the button down here for the electric tailgate which can be opened via the key or by the button on the outside right i think that’s what we have in here let’s have a look at the rest of the car so in the back loads loads of room in the x2 the back rest is adjustable for angle you’ve got your three seat belts across the back the two outer seats we’ve got iso

Fix you’ve got children’s seats another 12 volt supply down there storage on the back of the seat storage in the door pockets and again those excellent harman kardon sound system beautiful aluminium trim running through along with the ambient lighting so very very nice place to be come around the back you’ve got the x drive so it’s four wheel drive the 20d badging

Obviously means it’s the two liter a diesel engine 190 brake horsepower to exhaust either side to open the boot just remove the badge like so electric tailgate nice big boot on these uh x2s split seats as well if you need extra space you’ve got the 24 to 40 split rear seats a little bit storage on the other side as well this car benefits from having a mat in the

Boot and underneath here you’ve got more storage and you’ve also got rubber mats as well as the carpet mats which are fitted in the car if you wonder what the box is this car is fitted with a detachable tow bar so in that box is the tow bar bit if i come down here you can see it kind of bolts under there and there’s your electric so if you if you need to tow uh

It’s quite a nice optional extra that’s got on this car press the button like so and the tailgate will close and there you have it so uh this car is currently for sale here at floyd bmw south lakes it was of interest and give us a shout we can organize any finance figures test drives anything like that for you in the meantime hope you enjoyed the video thank you

Very much for watching bye for now

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BMW X2 xDrive 20d M Sport X Auto By BMW and Mini Lake District England UK