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Hello and welcome to otto portal comm the carbine website helps you buy better well the bmw x3 has always been the best choice for premium buyers who are looking at a sporty suv and now the company has updated this car to make it more competitive against its rivals it promises to be just as good to drive only more luxurious well the x 3 has been subtly updated

But you really have to be a bmw fanboy to tell the differences from the older car it gets new bumpers both in the front and the back slaking modified headlamps along with a slightly modified grille well the only effect of all these updates of course is the fact that this car looks much more posh than before and very similar to the bigger x5 bmws work of sending

This car to the gym has paid off well just like any other auto code review we’ll start by talking about practicalities and of course have a look at the boot first well as you can see it’s a very very nice and spacious boot it’s square shaped and there’s no loading lip which means you really can even that heavy luggage without having to pick it up there’s also

The box over here where you can keep a little bit of luggage or some important equipment well there’s also this partial shelf which you can pull out and put it here and that really does keep your very precious luggage safe and secure but if you really want to improve luggage capacity in this car what you really need to do is remove this partial shelf over here

When i have to say it’s a bit heavy so you can actually do a card with this and then drop the receipts down by putting these buttons which i’ll do you’ll have to bear with me for a second but once you have flipping those receipts you can of course haul in that heavy luggage this tripod as you can see is almost my height and it fits in well into the luggage area

Off 2×3 so really a very practical car in terms of luggage capacity well the x3 comes with typical german build quality everything here is absolutely first-rate and this black and beige combination works really well it’s a very well-appointed cabin and it’s a very classy cabin it really does feel very special to be in well this of course is the top-of-the-line

Version and you get all the bells and whistles from bmws arsenal you of course gets this idrive system which controls your multimedia your telephone your radio as well as your vehicle settings you of course get the parktronic system which shows you how far you vehicle is from another big object up ahead or at the back as well as auto hold which helps keep the

Car stationary when you stop at a red light in the drive mode the only bit of negatives and this is really nitpicking is this fiddly little volume control which is a little fiddly to operate but that really isn’t it picking and apart from that everything is absolutely brilliant inside the x3 well the seats on the x3 the front seats are extremely high on comfort

They’ve got good under thigh support as well and the bowstring is really very good so when you are pushing this car around corners on that hilly section you will be held very well in your seats and now that really is a job well done by bmw it’s also very practical table to be in you get this little glove box over here but you can put your wallet at there’s also a

Point where you can’t charge your iphone at and it does work well when you are on that long trip and you have worried about a battery on the phone you also get these two couples over here and the door bins again a very big to housing those 1 litre bottle that so practicality wise and sophistication wise this is easily one of the best cars in its segment well

I’m inside the backseat of the x3 now and we’ll start off with the classic auto portal headroom and legroom test first and as you can see legroom is really generous and headroom is massive as well and this also placed below the front seats to keep my feet at and i have said these seats the front seats for my height which for reference is 510 and that redoes goes

To show you what a great car this is in terms of grac’d comforting well there is a bit of a transmission tunnel but it’s not really too tall and because this is generally a wide car at the back you can’t sit three over here in comfort and whoever sitting here has got a good amount of place to keep his feet at another plus point of course is that you get this

Central armrest which you can open up to keep a couple of beverages in and enjoy that long ride the seats themselves are very very supportive and very comfortable and your amin’s inside the car is very classy it’s got fantastic materials and really a job well done by bmw in the racing department well the x3 is rare is also very practical place to be in you of

Course get rare ac wins for added comfort and the throw affair from these is genuinely very good you also get this little tray over here where you can put your sunglasses in or put your cellphone at whatever you choose to do and the dope pockets are deep enough to actually house those big 1 litre bottles that when if you want added convenience at the back then

Bmw have also given you curtains over here which you can pull up if you want more privacy or if you are feeling lazy like me and go off to sleep no i’m just kidding i’m going to finish this review and then do this well here i am driving the new x3 and this car now comes with a new 2-liter diesel engine which develops about 190 bhp of power and about 400 nm of

Torque which really is a lot of talk actually making it one of the more powerful suvs on sale in india well what makes this engine really flexible is this 8-speed automatic gearbox and this is probably one of the best gearboxes in terms of operation it’s very crisp and very effortless well being a bmw handling is going to be very crisp and this car it doesn’t

Disappoint the keen driver the steering is very agile it’s very communicative and the suspension setup is really good as well of course you get four modes to choose from there’s eco mode there’s comfort sport and sport plus but most drivers are going to put it in that comfort mode which really is a good blend between agile handling as well as a comfortable ride

But of course if you want a more engaging driving experience you’ll have to put it into sport mode and that really is the mode where everything really becomes more crisper the suspension becomes much tighter and the revs hold on longer to the gearbox and that really does help offer a much more keen driving experience when you are pushing this kind two corners

Unlike other suvs where you know your body also starts rolling in the direction you’re pushing the car in this car the body roll is very minimal it is an suv at the end of the day so there is a little bit of body roll but it’s really a hint of roll and it’s very minimal it’s always under control and this is one of those few suvs where you can generally throw it

Around corners and have some genuine fun in it well because you get an 8-speed gearbox fuel efficiency is pretty good the bmw km eighteen point five six and really the low running costs are also an added advantage of buying this bmw well with its classy looks stylish and very practical cabin and a long list of features the bmw x3 really is one of the best in

Its class in fact it’s so good that’ll make you wonder if you really need the bigger and much more expensive x5 well and if you want to know more about this car and its rivals head to our website by clicking on this link above it’s bye for now and hope to see you soon you

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