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If you make one simple mistake you can scratch your hood and later it can really rust or you can even dent in stay with us and we’ll explain how to avoid that hey guys welcome back to auto repair guys thank you guys for watching and subscribing to the channel today will be super helpful video to any be having a bmw x3 x4 guys it could be any generation if you need

To remove replace the hood emblem step this will explain how to do that step by step without damaging your paint and without scratching anything because you can easily damage the hood the paint scratch it later you will develop rust and that’s a big mess guys now make sure to send durian will explain what else to do before we start let me just tell you a little

Bit about us guys every single car we get here at the garage we try to make at least two to three hundred free repair videos while we do that because our mission the shop is to save you as much money as we can all we need guys in return please subscribe to the channel like the video that way we can keep making this absolutely free videos guys we’re constantly

Getting new cars here at the garage working on that bmw now we got a dog challenger that will be working we have more than 15 vehicles waiting to be shot guys so videos are coming all the time if you need help with anything leave a comment below our videos and we’ll try to make a video for little problem that way we can help you we can help other people without

Problem and we can build a community where we help each other if you need to buy any parts tools for your car the really good price and quick shipping check out the link in the description of the video below that’s where we get all our two supplies from guys and you can save a ton of money so we’ll demonstrate guys on this bmw x3 x4 right here that’s the emblem

That we have where we put in the new emblem which is this one right here this is the updated one guys you can see this is the updated one this is the old one we still want to preserve it and save it you can easily do that thing sometimes even with just a credit card guys you can get a credit card get underneath and pop it out but sometimes it’s not strong enough

If you get plastic panel removal tools those things are really nice guys you get the final one the one that’s thin and uh they’re plastic so they don’t damage your paint unless you’re super aggressive careful not to bend the hood but you’re going to go underneath the emblem okay don’t put it just in one spot because it’s going to actually bend the emblem you have

Two different places where it attaches to the hood so we’re going to go ahead do that on each side now that side a little bit on this side our emblem came out check this thing out a piece of gay guys okay not very complicated at all now before putting the new one i’m going to clean here everything to make sure we don’t have any discontamination because later from

Vibrations okay it can actually end up okay end up scratching so we’re going to get the alcohol now or detailing spray works too and we’re going to go ahead do that if you don’t have the government or damage here for the emblem you have two little garments guys rubber ones you can replace them okay most emblems will come with a replacement garments you just pour

Those and you put the new one in well check this thing out here that i want to clean okay perfect now we’re getting the new emblem pretty simple design guys we open it we’re going to remove the protecting film on top of it gotta make sure you replace it the correct way facing the right way and push right here in these two places where regometer push all the

Way down it’s ready to go hopefully the video will be helpful guys hopefully it was something that you will consider if you want to see where to buy them from check out the link in the description of the video below if you guys have any more questions on bmw x3 x4 you want to see anything else specifically let us know we’re taking this thing completely apart we’ll

Show you how to fix pretty much anything engine transmissions suspension brakes bodywork almost anything guys so check out the channel we’ll have multiple videos that can save you thousands of dollars thank you for watching and see you guys next time

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