BMW X4 20i AT review (2.0 benzine) 2020 year

Briefly review of BMW x4 2020, perfect look and interior.

Hi guys i’m andrew and today you will might hear several times such words as fancy dynamic perfect because today we have a modern yes and premium suv like bmw x4 please welcome so this bmw was produced in october of 2020 and was bought in january of 2021 and about prices will talk a little bit later under the hood there is twin power turbo 2.0 liters

4-cylinder benzene engine this model has 184 horsepower this bmw has interesting option voila so this car has no spare wheel and please show it and it is it is even doesn’t have any tyre repair kit because this car runs on around flat tires these two shelves you can remove like here and here we can we can put it in special slots for them you see it’s okay

And second also put here and there are no loops or buttons to pull back the seats back seats you can do it only just from inside like front pull for this button you see and also it can close i’m sitting as a driver and what can i say it’s really comfortable we have sports seats here we have lateral support here and it is really comfortable but if um a man

With a size a little bit larger i think also inside there is a fancy black roof lining and do you notice that such interior is much hotter than white so what do we have here uh pretty comfortable i have enough space by the way my height is 1 meter 90 centimeters so i am a little bit tall and as you can see my headroom is is okay and uh what do we have it’s

Oh just second oops what do you have it’s cup holders yeah pretty uh what what i feel it’s you know pretty comfortable here and uh yeah i’m ready to trip and the drawer bins are pretty okay so as you can see uh also uh what we have here we have uh climate control uh please show it volume control yeah and also type c charts as you can see as you can

See there is a really cool lighting here all over the doors uh it can be different colors and in the night it looks really perfect and some reviews from the owner that he told me uh so as this bmw runs on run flat tires um you know it’s like um taos car uh and sometimes the owner makes pressure in paris a little bit lower uh to make it softer but translate

It’s not only a minus it’s also a plus because this car has perfect control on twister rod there’s the next sketch from the owner so as this car has a weight of uh 1850 kilograms and the engine is 2.0 liters for city for city driving it is okay but for average man you know it’s quite enough but the owner wants the car more faster more aggressive so uh in the

Future he want to make a cheap tuning of engine but for now as it is new car there is no updates of trailer of cheap tuning next sketch is about driving and so on so um on 100 talk ton benzene this car drives more uh you know dynamically more faster more pleasure when you pull down the pedal it responds more instantly so this features was noticed by the

Owner yeah it’s really interesting seriously still watching and no like please put like and subscribe just do it and about fuel consumption if we are talking about dynamic driving in the city um it is 12 13 liters per 100 kilometers and if we are talking in about the driving in the city as usual it is 10 liters per 100 kilometers and highway mode it is

Really 8 liters per 100 kilometers now short review for the prices uh as you can see this model the same that we had on the review it’s price sixty one thousand one hundred dollars and it is new car with engine 2.0 liter what next we have more horsepower uh more liters at engine 3.0 and of course bigger price yeah so it is a situation on our market okay guys

Thank you for watching video if it was useful for you interesting for you put like subscribe and you know see you oh yeah head room uh is you know pretty big instead of this sloopy floopy life ryan flab

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BMW X4 20i AT review (2.0 benzine) 2020 year By Andrew M.