BMW X4 G02 M40d | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is martin and today i’m taking a look at one of the fastest cars in the world i am not kidding you the bmw x4 m40 now let me explain why i think this is one of the fastest cars in the world for traveling for going from one side of germany to the other you need a car that’s

Fast a lot of power and that can do a lot of distance on a single tank because if you would like drive this against the average amg like an e63 this would win because the amg would like have to refuel several times and this probably wouldn’t have to refuel at all so that’s why it’s so nice this is so comfortable but it can do big big speeds uh we have a lot

A lot of power and i just love this car and this drivetrain even though it’s sort of anti-social nowadays to have a big fat powerful diesel but i still like them this is the m40d that means we have the b57 340 horsepower diesel and 700 newton meters and that’s nearly the same as a bmw m5 cs that one has uh 750 newton meters so really really impressive this

Bmw x4 really begins to grow on me because when i sit in it i really prefer it over over the x3 because of the coupe a line especially this a-pillar really fat a-pillar that curves over you i really really like that let’s have a look at the engine so as i said this is the b57 diesel engine with a bit of am performance carbon right there 342 horsepower 700

Newton meters and this is a mild hybrid now how do i know that because i can see the purple cable that bmw uses for their mult hybrid system so that means we at times have a bit of an e-boost to get up to that 340 horsepower so what do you guys think of the design of the x4 would you rather have this the x3 and 40d or something like an m34 gd please let me know

Down below and let me know if you like these wheels these are 20 inch and performance wheels and nowadays you get red braid calipers as standard with m sport brakes and that used to be blue but i prefer the blue i have to say we also have this cerium gray accents on the performance models also the mirror caps and all the badges on the inside we have a lovely red

Interior and these seats are really really nice really sporty and comfortable as for the interior it’s this is so techy i i wish they would have gotten rid of that i absolutely hate that it looks like it’s from aliexpress okay so i have the draggy installed right there and let’s start up that wonderful three liter straight six by turbo diesel engine now at idle

It does sound a bit easily you do notice it even though you don’t have any of the vibrations of a diesel but when you get up to speed and when the engine has a bit more rpm then it’s just as smooth as an m4gi okay we’re going to go for sport plus for the autobahn traction control in sport mode and that way we also have launch control and i’m going to show you how

Fast this car is 0-100 200 all the measurements you guys want to see okay let’s start screen recording right there we also have a kph speedometer and an mph speedometer for our us and uk viewers and wherever else they use that stupid system okay so as i said this is an 8-speed zf unit and it has a launch control feature so we are going to use it and see how

Fast this car is it’s completely empty behind me so i think we can get up to a nice speed from zero i have my pots and pans in the back i don’t know what that was that was a 5.1 to 100 a 13.25 quarter mile 21.52 to 200. well the speedo is very inaccurate what the hell is wrong with it this is the limiter 240 again this is this is unbelievable lately

These amp performance models are only doing 240 gps i don’t know why bmw have have done that but it’s with a lot of them with the m340d this x4 we’ve had an x3m performance that also only did 240. i don’t know why that’s the case because they claim it will do 250 but it’s doing 240. really really weird uh the speedo is very very inaccurate i’m going to turn off

The stupid safety systems really don’t like those i’m going to do a 100 to 200 test with these diesel engines you’re always a bit faster if you short shift because it can do 5000 rpm but you know you lose power when you do so as you can see i’m now doing a 15.7 and just now it did a 16 point something so that’s not too bad right for a little suv i think that’s

Pretty impressive now let’s see if we can improve on that zero to a hundred time because i think we can uh it was a bit cool back there a bit damp uh of course these winter tires don’t offer the traction you need to handle 700 newton meters even though we have x drive which comes as standard on one of these m4 tds but it’s a very sporty x-drive because you can

Throw it around and you can even oversteer it so it is a true bmw in that sense now as you can see we have a little e-boost right there that blue text you just saw and that’s when that mult hybrid system gives you a little extra but i have to say these amp performance diesels and diesel engines in general you don’t have to drive it at a hundred percent if you drive

Them like at 70 80 percent just stick them into drive and let the car do everything in comfort mode they are so nice because you just ride the wave of torque and it can do anything at any speed without any trouble it will never sound or behave like it’s really working and i really like that about this drivetrain okay this is a nice piece of tarmac let’s see if we

Can improve on that zero to 100 time we just did 5.1 let’s go for that 4.9 factory claim bit of wheel spin 4.9 seconds dead on good job little little lovely diesel it’s not a little diesel but it is a lovely diesel oh man i have such a soft spot for fast diesel engines for fast diesel cars i i just love them the daily usability the daily speed is just incredible

You know for a day of fun uh an m40i or even an x4m would be the best car ever would be better but for everyday use and for everyday costs this is so much better because you can do like 15 kilometers per liter with this car it can do up to a thousand over a thousand kilometers on a single tank of fuel that’s incredible that’s incredible with the performance you

Get and that’s why i absolutely love this x4 now what i also like about the x4 over the x3 i just mentioned is that roof line you feel like you’re sitting lower down um the suspension the platform is a bit more sporty even though they are quite similar you feel much more like you’re in a sporty bmw and with the x x3 you do really feel like you’re in a small suv

So thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed this little review of the x4 m40d and let’s hope that fast diesel engines fast diesel cars get a second chance and lose the shady image they have because i think it’s a bit of a misplaced image thank you guys and please do check out this pov review this pov reviews playlist and please like the video subscribe to the channel bye guys

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BMW X4 G02 M40d | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL