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BMW X4 M Competition Product Genius Review (Christmas Edition)

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It’s been a delight bringing you sheer driving pleasure for 2020 and we hope to bring you more of what makes BMW the premium choice, like the high-performance BMW X4 M Competition. Thank you and Merry Christmas from Ingress Auto.

Yourself hi guys my name is ezha product genius here at ingress auto diamond sarah and welcome to our christmas edition video and there’s no other car better for me to showcase to you other than the all-new bmw x4m competition so i’m going to walk you through some of the cool unique features that this car has to offer this particular unit is finished in the

Iconic toronto red metallic so let’s talk about design for a minute so if you see from the front you have the iconic double slated kidney grille which is available on all m models flanking the kidney grills you have the adaptive led headlights which gives you the utmost illumination especially in your night time driving so this particular unit is packed with

The 21 inch 765 m bi-color alloy wheels and if you look on the inside you have the blue m compound brakes as well so the x4 being a sports activity coupe you will notice along the side of the car you will have a sloping roofline which gives it a much sportier side profile on the rear you will have the x4m competition badging as well as the iconic bmw 3d

Tail light design which is new in the bmw design language if you look lower down you will see the m spot exhaust which i will get back to you later on in the video so the all-new bmw x4m competition is being powered by the s58 engine which is a 3 liter m twin power turbo 6 cylinder inline petrol engine which produces 510 horsepower and 600 newton meters of

Torque this gets this car from zero to 100 in just 4.1 seconds being a bmw m luxury is never compromised so you have leather merino seats all around the vehicle carbon fiber inserts all across the dashboards for the added sportiness you have 16 harman kardon speakers in the car a full panoramic sunroof as well as a wireless charging tray as well bmw x4m

Competition is equipped with the customizable m1 and m2 buttons as well which allows you to fully customize the way your car drives from your engine setup your suspension setup how quick you want your gears to shift as well as how you want the power distributed between the front and rear wheels as well so the bmw x4m competition is not just a large powerful suv

But a practical one as well in the boot you have 525 liters of boot space and you can easily fold down the rear seats and you can fit two bicycles easily so remember how i talked about the m sport exhaust early on in the video so now let’s give it a listen interesting exhaust note isn’t it so this x4m competition retails for 934 000 ringgit and due to the sst

Savings you can save up to 30 000 ringgit on this particular vehicle if you’d like to know more about this particular car or any other of our bmw offerings please feel free to leave a comment down below on behalf of ingress otto we’d like to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year uh

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BMW X4 M Competition Product Genius Review (Christmas Edition) By Ingress Auto