1.2 k likes we do i’m not getting paid to say that it’s the drag race of the century that’s a bit of oversteer yay let’s go what’s up guys and welcome to this review by out stop annelle my name is martin not max martinez just a silly dutch name it’s like martin but it’s not max is away for a weekend and this is the only day that it’s sort of dry so i’m taking over

And i’m going to review this bmw x4 m competition so it’s a 510 horsepower one and not the 480 horsepower x4 m that competition badge gives you 30 horsepower max already reviewed the x3m competition and he told you all about the technical stuff so if you want to check out that review click in the top right corner so what i drove up here i thought what am i going to

Do different with this review because yeah it’s a more sloping roofline it’s a bit more aggressive it’s wider it’s longer it’s lower than an x3 m but that’s about it so i kind of need your help so i asked you guys to send in your questions for which i use a community post if you’ve never checked out our community section i’ll give you a screen recording so you can

See what i mean out it’s open al community yeah here it is one hour ago i asked you guys 1.2 k likes woohoo 50 answers does it come with turn sniffles i really like that question let’s try that out later on the auto bomb is it capable to off-road we want to see 0 to 100 of the dirt where am i going to do that i’m not sure if you’re going to do that barak how much

Can you see from the rear window now that’s a classic car journalism question from outside to in it’s pretty good but yeah this isn’t this this is kind of a letterbox not that much really it’s kind of a lamborghini you got to crash it straight into a wall at 100 kph you get a cookie if you do great yeah i’m not going to do that would be great for the views though

Why choose the x for over them over an x 3 uh yeah that’s a good question will it drift can you give me this car please ask bmw um can we get some drift can i fit a small giraffe in it i mean i could have taken one of the little horses but they’re not here so let’s try it at a different time is it worth being called the m competition comfort compared to the ours

Four or five let’s see how’s the speed compared to the x3 which one would you choose can you sleep at the backseat yeah i think you can actually it’s quite spacious even though you have this sloping roofline it’s pretty spacious i’d say okay drifted fuel consumption okay yeah i think i can do something with this thank you guys is it better than nara six twenty

Twenty you know i don’t know even after driving both of them what’s better okay how does he do that max i he starts right here i think i guess and he talks about all the stuff that’s going on and then he takes you guys on the autobahn and that’s about it right okay let’s give it a try these are the competition wheels and we have a competition front grille which

Gives you that black kidney grille with an x 4m badge in it and that’s quite aggressive as i said it’s a bit lower wider than the x 3m and i’m curious if it’s going to be faster from 100 to 200 because you have a more aggressive roofline it’s lower so you have less drag should in theory make it a bit faster than the x 3m i’d say we have 21 inch wheels with the best

Tire out there the michelin pilot sport forests are great in cold and damp conditions and when it’s super hot they perform nearly as good as cup tires so yeah they are awesome and not getting paid to say that i do like the look of the x 4m it’s way more aggressive than the x3 and it’s more of an m look i’d say especially the back with those aggressive rear light

Units and that black x 4m competition badge this black spoiler that has such a nice contrast with that red body colour yeah i really really like that is it pretty no not really iii wouldn’t call it that but it’s it’s aggressive and i think being aggressive is more important than being pretty for them product and we do have those em sideview mirror caps with that

Little thingy pointing at the car which is a traditional em feature really like that it’s pretty cool and windy today yeah well now we have to check out the engine right man i never watch this videos not good i’m his biggest fan actually yeah this is the engine this is the s-58 engine 510 horsepower 600 newton meters if you don’t pay the extra for the competition

And you’ll go for the regular x4m you get 480 horsepower torque remains the same yay yeah it has this is the new m engine you’re right this is really this is hot stuff at the moment this is the new m3 m4 engine so this is very very important it has forged internals it has water to air it’s a cooler it’s it’s engineered to do a lot more than 510 horsepower i mean

Let me tell you this thing performs unlike anything else but as i said for all the technicalities you have to watch the review by max now i’m going to take you round the car again and i’m going to ask you to vote in the top right corner and rate the looks of this car oh man i feel like i feel like him and it’s awesome is it still running yes it is okay so um will

It drift yes it will should i show you today i mean it’s a bit damp but i you know my driving skills aren’t as mad as max’s mad max see what i did there so if you want to see max drifting the x3m again watch his video you know i’m more like you guys i think i can drive but i can’t okay what i am going to do is show you how ridiculously fast this car really is i’m

Going to use our draggy kinect wow what a fast connection i’m going to start it up i’m going to start up this gopro i’m going for m1 mode so i have sport plus for the engine i’m going for sport with the suspension and sport steering and i’m going to show you how fast this car really is and we’re going to use the sport displays which will show you the amount of

Horsepower we’re using and torque in newton meters so here we go we have four-wheel drive sports so this mx drive system is going to send most of the power to the back to make it more sporty and more alive i’d say what we don’t have to will drive like with the m5 which you can just put in maniac mode and go drifting with it you can drift this car you can i mean

Max showed you guys in the past but we get in trouble with youtube won’t when we drift cars please shut up let’s check out the tire temperatures yeah it’s quite low it’s 15 degrees so let’s heat up those tires and then use launch control to show you guys how fast this thing can launch some braking yeah and hit the throttle again to really warm up those tires we

Are going to the autobahn and check out how it performs over there and tell you all about oh that was a bit of oversteer so will a drift yes it will now let’s find that dirt road and do a launch control no i’m kidding i’m not going to do that bmw wouldn’t like me doing that just for practical reasons you can go 100 kph on abbey road in germany so we can do a zero

To 100 measurement legally not a problem so this thing should do 0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds but we have the competition so that makes it 4.1 seconds but let me show you that it can do it quicker than that i think and let’s make a bet you know some of you guys may think it’s not going to do less than that it’s too heavy it doesn’t have really like 700 horsepower it’s

Not going faster than 4.1 seconds but this thing this draggy 10 hertz gps with this great app it’s an awesome petrol head gadget and we sell it on our website but if mit scope to do less than 4.1 seconds i’m going to give you the biggest discount we’ve ever done 20 euros and free shipping and shipping is about 20 euros as well so that’s 40 euros discount with the

Code x4m but the only thing we need to do is go below 4.1 seconds let’s go build up the boost not too much wheel spin 3.9 seconds with wheelspin and a positive slope so i was going slightly uphill and it still managed to do with 3.9 – this thing is insane it really really is i mean i whoopsie i think someone should really dyno this car that’s a bit of oversteer

And a small drift so check for that question if you use the discount code you get 20 euros off the draggy and i’m going to send it to you anywhere in the world for free as a celebration of this mighty mighty bmw x4 ab competition i like it i mean you can do a lot of stuff with it i have a daughter 6 months old and i have two dogs and a girlfriend and you know

You need quite a bit of space to go anywhere and this car would really be a dream to me oh okay it doesn’t sound that good from the outside it doesn’t have any of the plurals or the the bangs that the s55 engine made especially with the m performance exhaust i mean and performs exhaust they are gone they don’t exist anymore but we can’t blame bmw we can its the

Eu you know they have a war on power or fuel consumption and on sound at the moment so yeah from the inside it sounds pretty mean i’d say like a classic bmw straight-6 sound i really like it so here we are at the autobahn let’s see if you guys have any more questions quarter-mile time yeah we’re going to record it in a minute does it come with turn signals we’re

Definitely going to test that one out suspension yeah we’re going to talk about that later on i think that’s about it so let’s go to the draggy app and let’s see what it does quarter-mile let’s go for m1 again and let’s see what it will do on the quarter-mile x3m does 10.14 seconds from 100 to 200 this on the quarter-mile 12 seconds 12.0 6 as you can see there

You have it it does 12 seconds on the quarter-mile 100 to 200 in 10 point 10 seconds so even though this has a more sloping roofline it’s not really quicker than the x3m this is a bmw i’m going over to the right right now wow what’s what’s that blinking like unit those are turning signals car journalism to the max right here well max isn’t bright here but you know

You know what i mean okay let’s check out the torque i’m in sixth gear right now 100 kph i’m going to floor it nothing happens now we have that 600 newton meters building up here we go is that golf going to overtake me it’s the drag race of the century i got him i got him in more gear there we go it’s now really picking up 210 oh my god this thing is a strong-ass

Engine jesus christ so how does it compare to the gl c63 s that was another question that needed answering this is way more dynamic and sporty that glc feels like a glc with a big v8 in it which it kind of is but it’s not as engaging and trek focused as this weapon in sport mode this suspension is really like a nap if you put it in comfort it’s not comfortable

I can imagine that you would say this car is too stiff to are just go for a gl c63 which is way softer or an x 4m 40i which is also way softer and has that b-58 engine which is also great the perfect daily car but this x 4m competition is just a focused track weapon even though you won’t drive it on the track but it’s it’s an m it’s a true true m car and i love it

Unfortunately that’s the border so fun is over as someone would say please subscribe to our channel by clicking the big button right here if you want to check out another pov review by max click up here if you want to check out the pov review playlist click here and if you want to buy a draggy with that discount click here bye guys

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