BMW X4M v AMG G63 v Cayenne Turbo v Bowler Bulldog V8 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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Hi everyone matt watson here from carlisle i’ve got another drag race for you and i’m setting a bmw x4 m competition so it’s got a three litre straight-six twin-turbo the engine that will go in the next m4 and m3 so it puts out 510 horsepower and it has 600 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels by an 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox with launch

Control this thing weighs two tons and it costs 80,000 pounds now just over there in the distance is my amg g63 daily driver so that has a four liter twin-turbo v8 with 585 horsepower and 850 newton meters of torque as a 9 speed automatic gearbox no launch control bit does have four-wheel drive of course and it weighs 2.5 tons and costs 150 thousand pounds beyond

That is a bowler bulldog so that’s basically a souped-up land rover defender there has been completely reworked in terms of suspension everything it’s been fitted with the 5 liter supercharged v8 from the range rover sport svr as a result as 550 horsepower and 700 newton meters of torque now that thing obviously it’s got four-wheel drive and it’s got the same zf

8-speed gearbox as in the range rover it weighs 1.8 tons so it’s the lighter car here so far and it costs one hundred thirty five thousand pounds so not cheap and it’s got no mod cons inside is it all now for our final car the white i think next to me i’m gonna hand you over to our guest driver alex kirsten from carceral so alex i’m in the porsche cayenne i’ve got

A four litre twin-turbo v8 550 horsepower 770 in newton-meters price one hundred and five thousand pounds you could buy a whole it weighs two point three tons though so i’m a little bit nervous but i think i’ve got this now if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on see alerted when

We make a new upload and also make sure you’re following car throttle as well click on the pop-up and up there to go and see their channel anyway let’s get on with the race here we go ladies and gentlemen you never knew you wanted to say where’s my water this has got really sexy really quickly oh this is off the line faster that porsche flies oh boy god that

Hurts so does the g is the bar where all other cuts go oh it’s coming into the cheek walk in the park bye-bye everybody nice knowing you all bmws not doing too badly about gaining on that portion no look at that it was close i think the jima i just add in so then what exactly happened while the porsche cayenne coupe a turbo did the standing quarter mile in

11.6 seconds the bmw x4 m took eleven point eight seconds the mercedes amg c63 and the bolar bulldog both cross a line in twelve point three seconds however a photo finish revealed the g63 was just a few centimeters ahead now we’re gonna have a rolling race from fifty miles an hour all the cars are in their comfort setting and normal automatic on the gearboxes

Although this guy is actually in efficient mode because it doesn’t have a comfort for the throttle come on kn you got this to go calm kick down come on go that’s a gauges come on porsche can you do it i’m gonna call this race off i’m increasing the lead i’m so happy about this i mean efficiency mode and i’m spanking the porsche you’re not gonna catch me no all right

That’s enough of that you are toast the hat bmw jesus that is rapid yeah you know totally totally thought that would happen the whole time now are we gonna have a brake test from 70 miles an hour right left foot brake the out of this when we reach the line full emergency stop see which car stops in the shortest distance there we go is there heavy car it’s done

All right bmw wins again well there you go clear victory for the bmw a bit of humiliation for that old bowl sorry connor there’s nose-diving on the brakes the porsche didn’t really do much better than the g-wagen in fact let’s find out i think we’re actually level pegging so the porsche didn’t actually break any better than postman pat’s pan yeah and i actually

Put my foot through the carpet so i couldn’t have actually braked any harder the g’s brake sir i mean they’re massive look at them it’s two one to the bmw one two challenges though to be fair the main challenger won them as moe’s in the drug trade and the poor kid with none please subscribe to this channel for more videos and if you click on the deals box to the

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BMW X4M v AMG G63 v Cayenne Turbo v Bowler Bulldog V8 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST By carwow