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BMW X5 Product Genius Review Ingress Auto

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A standout in design, driving dynamics and innovative technologies. The BMW X5 is just what you need for sheer driving pleasure. Get behind the wheels for an incredible experience at Ingress Auto.

Hi welcome to another episode of bmw product genius video by ingress otto my name is amar sharzi and today i’m here in ingress otto bandapuchipucho and i will bring you around the driving dynamics of the bmw x5 design is intelligence made visible and that can be seen on the all-new bmw x5 xdrive 45e so right here i have the bmw adaptive led headlight pad together

With the bmw led fog lights and of course the bmw active kidney grille is fully functional to enhance its aerodynamics the heart of the bmw x5 is powered by a 6 cylinder 3 litre petrol engine which is also packed with an electric motor to give you a combined output of 394 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque this bmw x5 is fitted with the 20-inch m-light

Alloy wheels and as you can see the blue calipers represent the m-spot brakes and to charge your hybrid vehicle we have the charging port right here this car is also fitted with the 2xl s suspension which i can remotely control using my bmw display key to lower the suspension height for easier passenger access so moving along the side of the car you can see

This line right here which adds to the sporty and dynamic look of the bmw x5 and onto the rear is the bmw 3d design led tail light which represents the new bmw language on the rear we also have the contactless tailgate opening which opens up to about 500 liters of boot space and with the seats down it goes all the way up to 1720 litres so this bmw is fitted

With the bmw live cockpit professional which gives you all the necessary information that you need at just one glance and right here i have the bmw m leather steering wheel which gives it a supportive feel while driving and on top we have the head-up display which actually gives all the necessary information that you need while driving without any distraction

This is the 12.3 inch touch sensitive center information display which runs on the bmw idrive 7. the idrive 7 is set up such that it is easy for you to use without distracting you while you are driving for season bmw users thread not because the bmw idrive controller is still here along with other shortcut buttons to help you easily navigate through the idrive

There is also a suspension level control which allows you to adjust the height of your vehicle for different types of terrain and alongside the idrive controller there is also the driving experience control buttons which allow you to select between the different driving modes sport hybrid electric and adaptive with just a touch of a button and for a plug-in

Hybrid vehicle we also have a battery control mode to enable your car to recharge its hybrid batteries on the go this car is also fitted with a surround view camera to allow the driver to easily navigate around narrow streets or during parking maneuvers the bmw x5 is fitted with gesture control to allow basic operations such as volume control together with

A set of different customizable gestures the bmw idrive system also allows you to customize the opening height of your tailgate for better comfort in the interior of the bmw x5 the clear design language with high quality materials results in an exclusive ambiance that offers an atmosphere of open space thanks to the panoramic glass room the generous sense

Of space in the bmw x5 also extends to the comfortable second row of seats the bmw x5 is not only comfortable but yet entertaining on your long distance journeys and this can be used to play videos via screen mirroring or other media sources make the year of a tiger an extra roaring one with a new bmw build the x5 online now to enjoy 1888 ringgit worth of bmw

Lifetime merchandise and other attractive rebates best of both worlds with the bmw x5x drive 45b you experience sustainable mobility and efficient driving dynamics explore more on a bmw hybrid vehicle by dropping by at ingress auto or by scheduling a virtual appointment with me via our ingress also website stay tuned for more exclusive updates on our products

And offerings via our social media pages my name is amar till the next one you

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BMW X5 Product Genius Review Ingress Auto By Ingress Auto