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YERRR , MONEYSPRUNG Gang Whats The Word⁉️ Back With Another Beem Jawn This Time We Got The White Thunder, The Ultimate Family Truck, AWD Track Monster See How This Truck Rips Up Brooklyn Streets . . . Not To Mention The Red Guts 😉🩸

And this is the ultimate family daily driver the seating on that bright red but my people they will try to put you in get to ocelot oh would you guys stop what you’re doing right now make sure y’all type in money sprung hit that subscribe button let’s get the subscribers count up man that notification bells put it to all so you can be notified every time i

Put up a new video all right money sprung man i know we was back we had a nice seven series with the red insides now we with the come on i just want y’all to guess before i i’m gonna give y’all 10 seconds just guess for me you feel me what you think this is just take a quick look around the v and you tell me what car you think this is just i’m not even going to

Tell y’all i want y’all to tell me 10 nah i can’t even win slow down there buckaroo big xbox man come on bro this is a dream truck right here like i don’t think i’ve ever seen a truck that i like as much as this one all right the x6m is calm don’t get me wrong i do like that but the x5 image has got that look to it that this is the ultimate family daily driver

And i could i could do launch control bro like where you know you could do launch control oh no we’re not even in sport yet this car right here carries 567 horsepower what bro in a truck come on and the truck don’t feel like it’s tipping over they i’m thinking i’m in a truck you’re gonna tip over you taking corn not in this bro you can drift in this right here

Have you ever heard of a truck you can drift in besides what a trackhawk and the track caucus that’s you know that cuz i got the hellcat engine we talking about bmw german oh god we didn’t even put it in sport yet now if i was to get a truck best believe this is the truck i’m gonna get with the same spec red guts inside quilted leather on the floor come on 200

On the dash bro the leather that they got the patent leather steering yo bro like this is just it’s just meaty enough it’s just medium hey yo what the it’s just meaty enough for me to just yo i feel like i could really be a racecar driver in this car oh now we got um what’s this styles so see just the benefits of having a truck we got all-wheel drive right now

We’re running over stones i was worried about it i don’t better worry bro i forgot this is a truck right here man let’s check out m drop two let’s see how he rocking with that all right so we got the mdm off all he wanted with that one ain’t got no traction whatsoever he’s starting off in gear to love that transmission enough oh god and they give you a warning when

You get it too close 640 horsepower that’s the kind of capability this car got like mines it go i think the gauge only goes up to 450 or 400 if i’m mistaken this right here go to 640 in a truck not in the truck bro you ain’t telling me bmw did it in the truck man let’s show you how to outside spec of it you can’t see the outside color so i want y’all to guess

Right now um z four q another q uh a third q and the batman symbol oh i’m gonna tell you five colors and i want y’all to pick from the five colors of what you think the exterior color is we got red red on red we got black black on red we got silver silver already we got white white on red and we got brown brown on red what you think it is man you tell me what

Color you think bmw is because my car is black on brown so you told me anything goes when it comes to bmw so which one you think it is let me throw it in sport real quick and show you how it was the vibes on it m1 twice man this right here is pov of an x5m oh my goodness oh my goodness y’all this car right here sheesh oh la i’m in full in love with it full on

Look at the seating on that bright red oh my god what’s that which i want to call that cherry red we could call that pom-pom red we could call that whatever you want let me show y’all the m1 confirm you feel me see he’s gonna ask me if i want to confirm it yes sir i want to confirm it man give me that see now switch to sport plus sport plus what plus everything

The starter stop comes off look how the view change man look how that changed my boy sheesh i’ve got to stop saying no don’t don’t move like that let me over bro i know you see wild big body big body big ducky truck what’s that vibes called tell us slow down there’s no way bro it’s impossible bro that this is a card it’s impossible that this is a vehicle bro

This is a vehicle right here no way no way while you’re making it prepare for anything but my people they will try to put you in get to ocelon and get to the mullah so mud blue fears them think i’m caesar rich rich rich both men are gone under the hood now i know y’all heard the thunderclap i know y’all heard the firecrackers i know i don’t know let me tell

Y’all where it’s coming from now we got a gts race chip in here he the owner of the car says add to to 100 horsepower now you know the car starts at 567 out of factory so you added 90 to 100 horsepower bro you’re going to see almost like hellcat levels bro then you got the arcade auto works intakes bro come on look at the masterpiece man you got 200 on the dash

As you already see come on now he blacked out he got the blackout emblem for the bmw i feel like it fits the car way more than that blue did i don’t know that’s just my personal opinion look at the mirror man objects in the mirror are losing bro i didn’t even peep that while i was driving bro get bored i’m driving this car bro and it’s three times as fun as my

Car and i know y’all remember how much i tell you that my car is this one i don’t got bucket seats man look at these shits bro hey stop that’s good it’s quick don’t get no better than that man carbon fiber tail pipes quad tips for moms and license plate look at the low profile i told y’all bro this is it right here you tell you think you’re going to tip over with

This bro my hand barely fits in there bbs is on the john cleeve um oh oh cheese oh why you scared mommy come over my phone my phone that’s my maze i’ll let you rock my food my old uh my fault you got it thank you you got it i know he scared your i’m wearing it while you’re making it prepare for anything but mine people they will try to put

You in get to while you’re making it prepare for anything but mine people they will try to put you in get to ocelon and get to the blue

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BMW X5M F85 Car Review *TUNED* | AWD TRACK MONSTER ?? By Moneysprung