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In the midst of the credit crunch, Jeremy Clarkson’s undertakes a modest and low budget ‘worldwide’ review of the BMW X6.

Our instructions to jeremy were very very specific keep it cheap and simple right one simple film coming up the x6 is bmws attempt to make a car which looks and goes like a coupe eh but as a tall driving position and a bit of off-road ability they call it a sports activity vehicle it’s available with a choice of two petrol engines both of which will attract the

New 950 pounds showroom tax and two diesel’s which won’t in the cabin there is space for fall but those in the back will be awfully cramped due to the sloping roofline inside it’s all typical bmw except for this some rock clever split opening glove box lid it works well here but what if you’re the wrong way up to find out i went to sydney which is in australia

Obviously everything here is upside down and yet it still works beautifully and that is impressive so how does the x6 drive in many ways it’s quite annoying you can’t see out of the back very well and it’s got the idrive system which can only be operated if you are 14 know what any of that means satellite navigation okay you’re coming up to a complicated junction

Trying to see which way it is and the evo it’s a bit chilly i’ll just ease the temperature up and the squeeze then there’s the gear lever it’s all back to front cause if you want to change down you push it away and if you want to change you pull it towards you and there’s no point resorting to the paddles on the steering wheel because unlike an ax normal car

Where one changes down a1 changes up in this they both do the same thing and what was the boss of bmw doing when all the clowns in the laptop department we’re coming up with his rubbish i can only assume she was in a motel with a swiss spy now that would be preposterous still for a big tall car it’s not bad in the bends unfortunately to make it not bad they have

Had to put quite a lot of beef and granite in the suspension in britain that makes it really quite uncomfortable but what about countries where the roads are smooth to find out i went to spain nope it’s uncomfortable here as well the fact is this it would be more comfortable if it weren’t so tall there’s a similar problem with the performance yes the twin-turbo

3 liter diesel that i’ve got in this particular model will get me from nought to 60 in 7 seconds and that’s not bad but how much faster and how much more economical would it have been if the body wasn’t so enormous you’d imagine though that the advantages of that big high riding body would become clearer in the countryside but there’s no low-range gearbox there’s

No ride height control and there’s no locking differentials it doesn’t take long for those emissions to have an effect now you see that really says a lot doesn’t it they’re the only way around this is to get out and complete your journey on foot it’s the handbrake on and in park maybe though it can handle snow a bit better to find out i went to the ski resort

In the hours no it can’t so it’s too focused on being a road car to be any good off-road and it’s too focused on being tall and heavy to be any good on the road ever and that i’m afraid is far from the end of the story you see the x6 was conceived at a time when we all thought the bank’s knew what they were doing but it went on sale moments after we discovered

They didn’t and i’m sorry but in a recession a car like this just looks ridiculous to explain what i’m on about i went in search for metaphor and inevitably that led me to hong kong see that skyscraper who on batman jumped off it’s not particularly beautiful it’s not particularly useful it was built by a world for a world that doesn’t really exist anymore

Remind you of anything to sum up then the range rover is a much better all rounder which is why we use them as camera tracking cars the x6 is too cramped too complicated and with prices starting at 42,000 pounds to expensive as well then you’re going to need at least 1,500 pounds a year to run it not including depreciation now i think i’d rather spend that sort

Of money on a caribbean holiday to find out i went to barbados i think a bit more research no this is definitely better definitely

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