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The team get their hands on the biggest BMW ever made, the new 5.15 metre long X7 aims to be a premium rival to the Range Rover, but it’s looks may divide opinion. To watch full episodes from our latest series –

Now it’s time for us to get a first look and first drive of a brand new model yes it’s the fit guillotine test today the team tested the bmw x7 the x7 is the biggest bmw ever made it’s 5.15 metres long it weighs 2.3 tons and it’s their latest model to rival large premium four-by-fours like the range rover and the mercedes gls prices start at 72,000 pounds but we’ve

Got the m50d which is priced at 85 grand x7 we don’t be like that well i think is it lush what do you like i mean like i love it i think he’s off he said i think it’s great look at this i’m not going around why not because i’ve seen i’ve seen pictures of it i don’t know if i can take it photoshop made real i wouldn’t want to be seen dead in it it’s bmws design

Department needing to be sacked it’s everything that i don’t like about the car industry wrapped up in one but jon you’ve got a family how practical is this it’s not protocol because look at the size of it johnny johnny’s got a taste has he jeez look tailgate tailgate flaps and i think it’s really it’s built well have you seen the gear shifter no do you remember

The crystal maze yeah i love that get it a cut glass gear knob well that doesn’t mean my rockets dazzling yeah your big scoop ahead of their gear knob you can cool or heat the cupholders look and you’ve even got leds to represent the temperature never seen that before and i’m lusting after one so do you think the car not just needs a big king well it seems to need

A big everything at home whoa that is the size of i used to have a motorola v50 can actually park the car start the car and you can drive the car out of a parking space even if it’s someone resist yeah i genuinely wasn’t bothered about driving it so jason went first is an interesting thing with the old f7 for turbos turnoff tongs man nought to sixty two five point

Four seconds no it really can’t be driving this is as luxurious as a range yeah without don’t i would be more comfortable in a range rover really yeah join a swap yeah it’s rapidly going downhill in my book do you know what it was lacking opulence it was starting to become two against one as vicki was questioning the luxury in the back you’d expect from an eighty

Grand car so she got behind the wheel at city speeds which is what we’re reenacting here nice and nimble steering’s lights got a good lock on it this is definitely the better place to be i think yeah jonny fancy ago now we whetted your appetite enough no i’m pretty drawn to be honest hello johnny okay taste it taste in the name of journalism and we’ll do it oh

Don’t close your mind as the x7 has four-wheel drive and bmw claims it has generous ground clearance i decided we should head to the off-road track so you’re enjoying it on you know i’d like to think that jonny slightly warmed towards it but you know he’s like denied suvs cars of this worth when are you ever gonna risk taking them off road cuz you know well if i

Smoke the front bumper that’s poor ground don’t when you fight to hashtagging up my car it’s been tested on and off-road so what are the scores for bmw super-sized four-wheel drive never gonna live this down with one mr. j smith but anyway i’m gonna give it a night i think the bmw x7 is a vulgar vehicle that doesn’t really need to exist and on that basis although

It’s well-made i’m going to give it that a – i don’t want to ever see one on the road the more i was in it the less i liked it so i’m going to give it an ok ish 7 so despite me not being the biggest fan the bmw x7 gets a pretty decent team test score of 18 out of 30 you

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