BMW X7 vs. Range Rover Vogue – Will the new Range Rover be even better? w/ Tiff Needell

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Meet the bmw x7 you can’t miss it can you two and a half tons seven seats and a pair of wrought iron gates on the front the biggest bmw ever and arguably the most in your face it’s here to take on the suv elite and there’s nothing more elite than a range rover a proper aristo car one for the upper crust both are the size of buildings but which is best the

Bavarian castle or buckingham palace to find out we’ve taken a trip to the seaside tier today we’re on the beach with two heavyweight suvs they’re both around two and a half tons and they’re both around a hundred thousand pounds the king of suvs the range rover against one of a long list of challengers the bmw x7 and we’re on no ordinary beach this is pendene

Sands it’s famous for land speed records which gives me an idea oh no you want to do a drag race you’re happy with that for once i tell you what actually because these off-roaders are famous for their low ratio gearbox let’s do a low ratio drag race i like that idea which car would you like me in well that’s been around quite some time as have you so i think you

Should go in that i’m going to go in this i’m happy i’m happy as well part of the insult as we lined up to race on this famous stretch of sand i was blissfully unaware of what paul had up his sleeve right it’s drag race time we’ve both got turbo deals i’ve got a four liter with 339 horsepower and we’ll pop it into low range we’re ready to grip and go and take the

Smile off his face this is gonna be the most one-sided drag race in the history of drag races he’s not going to be very happy mind you he’s never very happy ready wasted the bid oh yeah he’s losing so much i’ve got to 52 miles now it won’t go any faster low ratio low ratio what happened tiff well like you just left me off the line there because you’re in low

Gear ratio i forgot to tell you this doesn’t have a low gear ratio get in the passenger let’s go where these cars are going to spend most of their time on the road honestly such a cheat but whatever the bmw was always going to win that one that’s what four turbochargers and 400 horsepower will do for you but enough of all this let’s see what they’re like

In the real world shall we one of these is the fourth generation range rover now and it all began what back in 1970 and it’s been a new generation every seven years this one came in 2012 which means there’s a new one coming very soon so he must have criticized it too much i mean outdated but he doesn’t it doesn’t feel outdated i’m not a massive fan of all this

Haptic feedback touch stuff and i know you’re not either talking about a nice steering wheel like a thinner steering wheel it’s got quite nice little thumb pads here for menus which would look attractive but once you start trying to change the radio what i don’t like is you’ve got to find the butt same wheels and then not looking away from them they’re not going

To go favor it for once i agree with you i have to say i’ve got to change my station and i’ve been hit the wrong one and then i’m looking up the road i don’t like that touchscreen it hasn’t always been so high tech early range rovers actually had a plastic hose down interior but with every new model came another layer of luxury and an even bigger price tag this one

With its stealthy black pack privacy glass and big wheels cost just under 100 000 pounds so it could do posh but can it do calls it’s heavier we still got oh thumping through i mean this is me but it does pitch it’s too wallowy for me i would prefer it to be just that little bit flatter you’re a range rover sport man i can see you there with a big v8 supercharged

Pumping out i’m sure they can do that with the electronic suspension just to keep it that little bit flatter just a bit more enjoyable to drive and that’s i think for me the the only thing that lets us down it’s not an enjoyable car to drive it’s a beautiful car and a very prestigious car that’s quality you can’t get away from it it is a quality vehicle tip it’s a

Quality car but it’s not fun right let’s go back to the beach and see what the bmw is like okay i’m driving but before we get back on the road there’s something we need to talk about and it’s stuck to the front of the bmw of course the big talking point when this x7 was launched was the grill which everyone said was all huge and ugly but this is the biggest bmw

Bmw i’ve ever made and it’s i don’t think it looks bad at all people the problem is it’s evolution the x5 came out in 2001 tiny little grill this just has evolved into a very nice looking car meanwhile this range rover has got what is it the black pack exactly the grille so i’ve got a black grill and black round no sure i want that on a ranger even the gills are

Black i mean if i’ve got a range rover i want my gills to be silver you can have them silver if you want you can choose how you want it but then talking of black you’ve got these black wheels which do look fantastic but they’re 21 inch though i like the black wheels but they need to be twenty two or what likely to be in the between frames oh yeah don’t you wanna

Know what about the rear end the practicality of these cars ah boot space i always love a bit of a research open one touch open one touch open two touch so it’s not one touch it’s too touch why’d you say one time i had one a little seat i got a seat as well yeah do you want to step to get up on it i can actually lower mine if i want to can you lower that i don’t

Need to yeah see this is what it’s all about isn’t it hunting fishing going to the races with your picnic sat beside you very nice sadly we don’t have time to sit around on the beach all day so let’s get back to business in the bmw so tiff welcome to the future you have to say it is a very impressive interior isn’t it makes the range rover look as dated as sadly

It is but there’s going to be a new one coming soon so how much this car tiff ah it starts a lot less to the range 85 000 pounds but then you have to have apparently the two-tone merino leather which is five ground which takes a 90 000 pounds and then there is uh about 17 000 pounds worth of directions on this particular one visibility package 1 300 technological

Package seven two thousand seven hundred premium package two thousand seven hundred seven digital things like this this bling crystal which i don’t really like this this geared normal reflecting those are sheep in the way good breaks on this bmw good feel as well by the way and that’s 500 quid for a bit of bling crystal so it all ends up with 107 000 pounds so a

Lot more expensive than a range rover yeah and if we go any further i just want to go back to that drag race because hey you didn’t tell me you’ve got a low ratio and b of course i wasn’t thinking that this quad turbo three liter has got 400 horsepower and it’s a little bit lighter range rover you’ve got 330. this is nearly two seconds quicker to 62. 5.4 seconds

As opposed to 7.3 so it certainly outperforms so i avoided humiliating you even more by doing the lowering it was your idea anyway now i just thought off-road we should be in low range i was just going to say we got a nice little series of corners how do you push it through it’s so much flatter than the range rover so much flatter and it feels it feel it you

Know it it doesn’t look as big as a radio but it’s quite a big car to drive but it doesn’t feel like it around the corners it hides it very well ah that’s so much flatter so much stiffer than the range rover so the bmw is a better driver’s car but when the road runs out it’s a different story the range rover of course is one of the most capable off-roaders in the

World can the x7 get anywhere near it to find out i’ve arranged a short test because i know how much my colleague loves getting his ties dirty what are we doing where are we going oh absolutely nobody ever is going to do this in these cars i’m not going down there in this of course he’s wrong this is exactly where sir would take his range rover on a saturday

Morning with a boot full of labradors and shotguns i don’t like the look of this i can only see the sky paul i can only see the sky i’m never ever going to listen to one of your ideas ever again uh i’m a facebook water up my head i’m not sure how deep it is but um if the range rover can get through i presume soak at the bmw oh this is just ridiculous this is

Absolutely ridiculous oh he’s not joking the water oh my goodness it’s not deep at all go on son one more splash oh for goodness sake that’s enough of that i’m not doing it love rolling you love it oh i can’t stand it that was so ridiculously silly don’t ever ask me to do that again mr nadel but at least we’ve proved that whilst the bmw might not be able to

Follow the range over through the jungles of borneo it’s a good enough off-roader for you know occasional use nobody’s going to do that look i’ve got my trousers dirty i’ll show you why it doesn’t mind the cleaning fine on this car the door doesn’t cover the seal yet the range rover which shows it’s more suited for off-roading they think about these sort of things

So because the little things you think of well you you know you never know however although the ranger i’m sure is still king off-road we were both very impressed with that bmw on the road the infotainment system very absolutely roaring ahead but which one you’re going to pick which one you’re going to take home well impressive though the bmw is the fact remains

That captains of industry celebrities royalty drive range rovers and there’s a new one coming out very soon so i think i’ll have to wait till end like maybe final judgment the next generation of that could be quite impressive but that bmw is so impressive i’ll tell you one thing though don’t ever ask me to go off-roading with you oh i can’t stop it off-roading i

Can’t stand it especially most cars no it’s too slow to go faster you

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