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Richard Hammond takes on the scapel-sharp Porsche Boxster S with the mighty BMW Z4M around the Top Gear track.

The porsche boxter is here it is and doesn’t it look proud let’s just recap its outings on top gear to date on a track it monstered the merc slk 350 by 4 whole seconds so then we step things up a notch by pitting it against the slk55 amg in the industry-standard get away from the army snipers test and guess what the cheaper less powerful porsche still you only

Have to drive one of these things for five minutes to understand just quite so good think about it precise and accurate it’s a laser surgery kind of engineering it’s just up there and we were starting to wonder was there anything out there that could wipe that smug smile off its face well if anyone can it’s the bmw m division they are the sas of bm’s engineers

And this is their latest creation as m4 it’s a car dripping with menace there are nearly as many em badges as there are exhausts at the front the air intakes are big and fierce and under the new bulges on the bonnet you’ll find a 3.2 litre straight-six from the m3 csl 4m 338 brake horsepower which is 63 more than the boxster pulling away nor to 60 in five

Seconds mine i think now the zeb for costs 43,000 pounds which is four grand more than the boxster s but as we’ve demonstrated it does have more power and as we can see it’s also much better looking now to make a great car you can’t allow compromise and at bmw the end division do as they please so in this car they’ve thrown out the fancy electronic power steering

For a more old-fashioned system that they prefer they’ve also got rid of those ridiculous run-flat tires and they’ve not messed about with any fancy gearboxes either they’ve fitted it with a proper old-fashioned manual that is a set of confident decisions so naturally you’d be forgiven for approaching any corner with a similar amount of confidence i was not

Expecting that the z4 m is in fact a bit of a handful nothing like old smartypants here same corner same age has got a different wheel in we go suddenly i’m charged for driving gone at first i thought the m people and come up with a turkey but sometimes the fault isn’t with the car you see what i’ve been doing is driving it like the boxster like a precision tool

What you really need to do is grab it by the scruff of the neck and treat it it’s a monster keep the power on let the back slide trust it’ll come back we’re all right it’s a madman and whereas the boxster flatters your ego this thrills you in the most evil way and i got into this car expecting more of the same what the young people have done is server registers

Cut if i may take a moment this is a gordon ramsay recipe it is monkfish wrapped in grand reserve parma ham on a bed of savoy cabbage and vegetables in a cream reduction this is the porsche boxster the very best of ingredients and precision preparation coming together to create one harmonious whole then we come to the bmw this is the red naga chili but on the chilly

Richter scale it measures it just under 1 million heat units you can’t handle this with bare skin you have to wear gloves you don’t chop it up and put it in your food you just touch it against the ingredients and that’s enough this is your bmw z4 m the z4 m really is the hot chili the boxster will never sound as good nor thrill half as much absolutely steals your

Heart which is why it’s the one i drive home if i could see

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