BMWs ALL NEW BMW i7 SHUTS DOWN The Entire Luxury EV Industry This Is INSANE

BMW’s ALL NEW BMW i7 SHUTS SOWN The Entire Luxury EV Industry! This Is INSANE!

Electrify sizable portions of their fleets.   perhaps there won’t even be a long wait for  customers. because if all goes as planned,   even the carmaker, bmw, announced that it  and by november this year, the company  is set to start the sale of the bmw i7,   that’s why in this video, we are  i7 and some of the reasons why

People  call it the “most luxurious” ev. hey guys! welcome back! before we start,   there’s a good reason why people refer to bmws  as “the best car money can buy.” there is also   but the brand-new i7 goes even further.  engineering and design that  stands out from the crowd. now, this layout was made with eco-conscious 

Their need for a high end vehicle without  the i7 is a masterpiece because bmw  used decades of experience to make it. in the company’s facilities  in dingolfing, germany. to customers will begin sometime this fall.   recently, prototypes that were not disguised  in any way were recorded racing around the   nurburgring. in addition,

The finishing touches  and now, let’s dive a little  deeper into the i7’s specifics   that people are looking forward to. number one.  bmws are the epitome of sophistication and  the exterior has been completely revamped and  is the most substantial 7 series model to date.   the i7’s breadth provides its front fascia 

Combined with the slimmer, higher-up-on-the-hood  in addition, the sedan’s sleek aerodynamic profile   number two. the bmw i7 has the potential to go  you will have a range of 310 miles at  the battery is located underneath the vehicle  and has a capacity of an enormous 101.7 kwh.   journeys or conduct errands around  town in

Your electric vehicle. you can obtain up to 80 miles of range  because charging options like these  not worry as much. number three. the bmw i7  all four wheels can turn thanks to the  electric motors positioned in the hubs.   bmw claims that the electric motor works  “according to the principle of an electrically   excited

Synchronous motor,” which they believe is  rather than using fixed permanent magnets,   the i7’s two motors provide 544  horsepower and 549 pound-feet of torque,   an even beefier m70 version is now in  development and will be introduced very   bmw i7 is among the best on the market. bmws,   in general, are known for

Having cutting-edge  the bmw i7 comes standard with  innovative safety technologies   it also has safe escape, which is a function that   in addition, there is parking assistance  that, from a distance of up to 20 feet,   number five. the cabin of the bmw  the cabin of the bmw i7 features enormous amounts  of space

And an extremely beautiful design.   it also comes with a few intriguing new features  the front dash is covered in a configurable  ambient light bar that stretches from side to   side. and here, you will discover the controls  now, the soft merino leather upholstery makes you   another unique feature is the sky lounge 

Roof, which can be adjusted to your liking   now, why is the bmw i7 related to the  oscar-winning composer of “dune?” well, he   was the one who composed the tuneful soundtracks  zimmer was responsible for composing seven  sounds, particularly for this bmw i7 sedan.   not bad for mr. zimmer who  now has an oscar and a bmw.

The bmw i7’s cabin is jam-packed  with cutting-edge technology   in addition, there is navigation based  on the cloud and an intelligent personal   but the experience is significantly improved. now,   let me tell you about something that will blow  this add-on package is completely discretionary  and will cost you an additional

$4,750.   be flipped down and is situated  within a surround sound system. the i7 bmw is a pleasure to ride as a passenger,  thanks to its amazon fire integration and 5g   though many electric vehicles  the bmw i7 takes it a step further  with its adaptive regeneration. now, this braking system is fantastic, as it will  cater

To your individual needs and driving habits.   the newest edrive, version 5, is the most  advanced yet. the latest edrive generation   is fantastic since it consolidates everything  the electric motor, control electronics,  the compact and lightweight design feature a  single unit per axle that supplies the vehicle’s  

Standard with the highest quality electrical   this charger is compatible with ac  and it will automatically modify the charging  so there’s no need to stress whether  your car will make it home without power.   so, what feature do you love  the most in this new electric   and that’s it for this video! thanks for 

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BMW's ALL NEW BMW i7 SHUTS DOWN The Entire Luxury EV Industry! This Is INSANE! By Tech Revolution