Boatman and DeAngelis – Track Review of 2020 Lotus Evora GT

You know once you feel competent in the car know the limits then go to race mode and yeah and have fun are you an attorney or something that’s kind of sounded like no i don’t like attorneys at all oh okay it’s because i’ve done millions and millions of labs so john how how exciting is this this is awesome is awesome we’re driving the 2020 lotus avora gt this

Car is um really a practical um exotic from uh lotus of naples has granted us this privilege this car has 416 horsepower 317 pound-feet of torque six-speed manual transmission which is absolutely glorious this manual is just fantastic one of my favorite things about this car though is when you look in the rearview mirror you see the engine and you can watch the

Supercharger wastegate open as you apply throttle it is really fun to watch the brakes in this car really good the suspension is fantastic and the pedal placement is just perfect for heel toeing so really this car is from a value proposition standpoint starts under a hundred thousand dollars and the bang for the buck is pretty significant it’s a car that is

Really a practical exotic you can drive this car to work it’s a two plus two so if you needed to put some kids in the back or something you could all right john so uh what’s the bottom line takeaway bottom line takeaway is uh this 2020 lotus avora gt is uh really a uh force to be reckoned with on the track the gearbox is brilliant isn’t it yeah a short shift um

Really tight gear ratio the clutch and and uh pedal positioning is really well done um this is a hand built car in england i mean it’s it’s uh you know it’s a it’s a custom you know uh exotic car so it’s a toyota engine which is bulletproof um you and i know that because of our uh exige ownership over the years and uh the car is easy to maintain it’s inexpensive

To maintain this car comes with a three-year you know full warranty anyways but but it’s comfortable it’s a really comfortable lots of carbon fiber but still really comfortable to drive so so who buys this car i mean you know you and i we know plenty of people that have plenty of cars and and i think you know i was at lunch with some of the other day you know the

Guys got a couple ferraris and you talk to him about going to the track and he he’s not going to take the ferrari to the track but isn’t this the kind of car that that a guy purchased that maybe already has a supercar or something and this is what you have in the stable to just go to sebring put it on the track be able to enjoy it and then not spend 10 grand on

Brakes and totally agree totally agree carbon fiber ceramic brakes on the you know on the 488 or 25 000 you know i mean this is this car is um it’s a it’s a great everyday driver um you know really a kind of a everyday exotic and you can take it to the track and beat on it for the day have a wonderful time driving home and and you don’t have to you know have to

Worry about putting miles on it it’s a thing i mean a lot of the ferrari guys have you know 2500 miles on their car and that’s the most they’ll ever have you know they drive it until then and then they don’t want to and they’ll never dream of putting on the track like you said it’s just too much at risk but you know this is a very exotic looking just a really

Unique automobile and very very track worthy really really track worthiness if you don’t want to be unique and and original and have something that’s that’s actually pretty rare then don’t buy a lotus i mean that’s that’s you’re gonna be uh you’re gonna kind of stand out in the crowd especially with this canary yellow uh which is really brilliant on this car

Really interesting but 416 horsepower 317 pound feet of torque 188 mile per hour top speed is no slouch i mean that’s like you know 911 uh you know gt3 speed so um on that back straight at sebring did you pay attention yeah i did about 1 30 was where we were which is was very respectable yeah and uh and we weren’t pushing it no we certainly weren’t riding with

You uh on that on that lap was really the pleasure of my day it was you your line was fantastic your everything was just it was just so well done yeah aren’t you saying that no i’m not just saying that so you

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Boatman and DeAngelis – Track Review of 2020 Lotus Evora GT By James Boatman