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First look at our new TITAN CANOPY for the JEEP GLADIATOR!

So hello and welcome back to another bodyline automotive freestyling video and today we’ve got something very special for you what you’re looking at here is a beautiful brand new 22 jeep gladiator that’s right this gladiator is ready to rock and roll and is now fitted with a body line black alloy stainless steel canopy that’s what you’re looking at right

Here perfect match designed specifically for the gladiator 300 kg carrying capacity stainless steel frame alloy sides for light reduction and led light in the back for the brake light laminated glass tinted as you can see very dark still lets a little bit of light in and just a beautiful design let’s get a bit closer to this beautiful brand new jeep gladiator

In white as you can see no plates yet straight from the dealership to bodyline as a lot of dealers choose to use us because they know they can rely on our service our warranty and our product this is a beautiful beautiful 2022 gladiator as you can see brand new still with the plastic on it it’s a beautiful truck and if you’ve got a gladiator you know how good

These are there you go now so if you’re looking for a canopy that can go bush can go off-road can go camping and carry all your loads safely and won’t have any issues with the weight then this is the one you want with an integrated rail system on both sides you can carry tents crossbars racks and whatnot so very very high load capacity and very very nice

Let’s open it up and see what it’s like you got a latch here another latch here whoa these shockers are nice and strong as you can see it opens up now it does have the security honeycomb right there so no one’s going to break in even if i can look i’ll break the glass they’re still going to be stopped by that security mesh so inside very very nice design

Now remember this is on our stainless steel with alloy designs you got alloy on the side panels there for the windows or the panels and you got a stainless steel frame construction which is this part here that’s the reason our canopy can carry 300 kg because of that stainless steel construction now as you can see reinforced roof along the rails and along the

Cross bar of the canopy so very very nice you got struts heavy duty locks and it’s all really nicely finished off very heavy duty this is a modular canopy so yes it is a perfect do-it-yourself project at home c-clamp fitment as you can see all very easy all very heavy-duty and very very nice so you can fit it yourself or you can get us to fit it very very

Nice beautiful finish all through here as you can see just very very nice unlike some other brands on the market well there’s none for the gladiator as far as i’m aware but there’s a lot of other canopies similar to this this canopy is the highest quality as you can see the hinges are on the inside the cheaper ones the ones you’ve got to watch out for not

Stainless steel i’ve got the hinges on the outside cheaper design easier to make and not as nice so let’s have a quick look at the side press that button press that button and this one simply lifts up as you can see now this is a heavy duty door and it does have the reinforcement through here as you can see there beautifully finished off as you can see very

Very very nice and inside let’s have a look you’ve got the laminator glass on the inside it all fits perfectly on the gladiator as on the other models that we sell these for and very heavy duty so let’s close it up just lock it lock it it all clicks in as you can see let’s lock the rear door like that like that and there we go beautiful so there you go

Brand new jeep gladiator titan canopy as we’re going to be calling these titan canopy super heavy duty stainless steel alloy construction tinted glass brake light and a perfect fit for your vehicle in this case the gladiator the 2022 gladiator just delivered looks stunning i can’t wait to see this one out on the road camping adventuring with a tent on top or

Whatever else you might carry thank you for watching

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BODYLINE Jeep GLADIATOR TITAN Canopy! By Bodyline Automotive Restyling