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Brand New 2018 Jaguar E-PACE P250 AWD Start Up and In-Depth Review/Cool Features

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Hey guys what’s going on you’ve tuned in to bus master 99 and today i proudly present a 2018 jaguar eep ace s model it’s got keyless access and the mirrors fold out when you unlock the car push the button once to turn the ignition on then to start put your foot on the brake and then press the button again fires right up smooth leather wrapped steering wheel power

Steering system it’s the infotainment media phone driving dynamics navigation can check for nearby gas stations valet mode vehicle cameras eco data contacts in control apps seats web browser so you can put the heated seats on in this menu bluetooth dynamic eye so in dynamic mode you can configure it to your liking we’ll come back to that later you can customize the

First screen for different drive modes up top you have rain ice and snow which is good for slippery surfaces eco comfort and dynamic and in dynamic mode the back light turns red i think that looks really cool head back into normal mode traction off you have to push and hold to turn it completely off or turned on just push again auto start/stop on and off that’s

The a spc system coming to the transmission it is an 8-speed zf automatic transmission you put your foot on the brake press the unlock button at the end pull back for drive this also releases the automatic parking brake push left while and drive for sport click up or down for manual push forward for a downshift and pull back for an upshift neutral is one click up

From drive it reverses all the way up with the unlock button neutral from reverse is one click back and push p that puts the car in park and sets the parking brake here’s the manual control for for that so to work the emergency brake you have to push and hold this say your brakes fail and they’ll bring your car to a complete stop as long as you hold it so you have

To hold it until you come to a complete stop and then manual override release ok so now i’m going to check out the exterior but before i do that i’d like to demonstrate how the headlight switch works so it’ll always return to the center dot but that’s parking lights that’s off and that’s headlights on so lights on rear fog lights and hazards i’m also going to pop

The hood this model does have led headlights say four-cylinder turbo engine whoa it’s a good satisfying sound led side turn signal mirrors fuel door it’s the p250 model it’s also got permanent four-wheel drive let’s pop the tailgate hmm won’t let me do it ought to do it from inside that was the problem not all the doors were unlocked it’s got a decent amount

Of trunk space and led interior illumination for that push this to close the rear fog lights are located located right by the tailpipes there’s the tailgate release from inside the car lane-keeping assist okay all four windows are fully automatic as you would expect so so does have blind spot monitoring child lock controls on the steering wheel i’m gonna have to

Turn that off don’t want to get copyrighted horn heated steering wheel can’t really see it but the button lights up when it’s on speed limiter it’s for the adaptive cruise control and then here the here’s where you adjust the distance between cars then to set the cruise control press on the plus key in most cars it’s the minus key but in this one it’s the plus key

And then pressing the center button to resume automatic rain sensing wipers this is your sensitivity adjustment rear wipers and then push this to clean and you pull back to clean the front windshield wiper let’s see the steering wheel i believe it’s manual tilt and telescoping of course you have to cut costs somewhere voice control bluetooth different zones max ac

Ac on and off recycle sync automatic climate rear defrost front defrost max front defrost and a cool feature is press in on this and turn right and that turns on your heated seats as you can see you can opt for ventilated seats and to turn those on you turn to the left you can push this to turn the climate system off just push auto to turn it back on glovebox get

A good amount of storage there on the passenger side there’s only a lock button so only the driver can unlock all the doors in this model so that’s pretty interesting i just figured this out you have to press the menu’ okay button to go between menus has a heads-up display so you can see how fast you’re going can also choose what you see on the heads-up display

So now it’s showing that we’re in park drive sport first gear neutral and reverse and back to park can also see phone status traffic sign recognition navigation and driver assistance the whole enchilada can also adjust it to your liking can also change how bright it is car settings change the speed at which the car will automatically lock itself turn the auto

Headlamp delay on and off global open and global clothes maintenance information as well as vin number and that’s just about all i have to show you stay tuned for more peace out and i look forward to seeing you on the next upload

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Brand New 2018 Jaguar E-PACE P250 AWD Start Up and In-Depth Review/Cool Features By BusMaster99