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Ru takes us around Audi’s answer to the rapidly growing electric car market… The Audi E-Tron GT

Start off this video then with a question when you think of an electric car what comes to mind first well i’ll go first but do let me know your thoughts down in the comments below you see when i was a kid it would of course be a toyota prius now i know they’re hybrid and not fully electric but blah blah blah you get the point it’s just something a bit dull

And boring and nowadays of course with elon musk taking over the world with his electric robots teslas are absolutely everywhere so you see the point i’m getting at is electric cars always seem to be a bit boring until now this then is audi’s answer to the electric car market the brand new 2022 audi e-tron gt with this car in particular the quattro wall spring

Edition finished in the lovely kimura gray this car comes with absolutely fantastic specification that qualifying delivery miles with a contrasting red brake calipers there’s carbon inlays absolutely everywhere red seat belts fine napper leather with the black and red honeycomb stitching in the seats the 18-weight adjustable seats with the alcantara steering wheel

The 21 inch aluminum alloys on the outside of it all it’s absolutely spec to the max in here you have the heated and cooled front seats with the massage function as well the virtual cockpit a heads-up display you get the point this car is absolutely kitted to the max they say never judge a book by its cover but it seems to be human nature they say that it takes

About five to ten seconds for us to decide whether or not we like a car or not and i must say looking at this car on the looks department audi have done an absolutely stunning job just from the front here you see obviously this car being fully electric the arrow is absolutely insane you have these vents down here that channel the air along the side of the car of

Course there’s no engine in the front to cool so that’s all covered up but again they’ve got these front sort of fins and slats down here as well of course this being the war sprung quattro edition finished in the contrasting black against this paintwork as well moving along the side of the vehicle you can see just stand back a bit taking the beauty of the car of

Course you have the contrasting carbon mirrors on the side as well these wheels finished with the black in the sort of silver finish of course everything on this car is designed to the absolute millimeter it was hundreds if not thousands of hours spent in a wind tunnel somewhere in the middle of germany and these wheels are designed to push arrow along the car so

You’re as range efficient as possible of course with it being fully electric of course then as we move to the rear of the car you can see we have the rear spoiler up on this particular model there’s a button on the inside of the car which we’ll show you in a bit which you can press and the rear wing goes up as well but just look at that for a start is absolutely

Incredible of course you have the e-tron gt badge and the rs badge finished in the black guys this is the war spring edition with the carbon rear diffuser just to spit up the car and make it look a bit more aggressive as well now here on the inside it’s just as lovely as on the outside of course the first thing that grabs your attention when you’re in here is of

Course the alcantara everywhere the red stitching but of course these lovely carbon inlays that we have absolutely scattered around the whole car this car being all about performance and weight saving and all that as well being efficient as possible these look absolutely stunning of course then we have the audi virtual cockpit with this model having the heads up

Display as well very very driver focused i feel like when i first got in this car i won’t feel i won’t lie it was a bit sort of snug but then as i started to drive it i realized that that’s done by purpose and you really do feel one with the car especially when you’re going around corners and one of course you have the audi infotainment touch screen here in the

Middle everything’s laid out beautifully exactly where you need it with the shortcuts on the right obviously your dynamic buttons are there on the bottom as well you can pick what you want you can get your 360 camera then up there as well then of course this car being fully electric actually has some certain sounds in the car see if i just put my foot on the brake

And put it into drive begin to hear that sort of rumble of an electric car so there we have it then the lovely brand new 2022 audi e-tron gt quattro carbon wall sprung edition finishing this lovely color available at nk prestige today for one four nine nine nine five now this car along with many other 2022 plate cars could be yours if you just give us a call give

Us a dm or give us an email we have plenty of brand new cars in stock available on site ready to go vat qualifying delivery mileage brand new available for you today on site if you are in the market give us a call like i said we have plenty of cars available as always thank you for watching and we’ll catch you on the next one

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