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BREAKING NEWS: The 2023 Chrysler 300C 6.4L HEMI Is BACK With a New Name and a Good Price

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) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! In this video we take a look at the new 2023 Chrysler 300C!

Hey everybody welcome to beautiful detroit michigan and welcome to something pretty special that looks like a standard chrysler 300 right it’s not that is a new 300c so chrysler has brought back a high performance version of the 300 but rather than calling it an srt what they’ve done is go back to a nameplate of the 1950s and the 1960s so this is a 6.4 liter

Hemi-powered 300 sedan 485 horsepower 475 foot-pound of torque and in this video i’m going to tell you all about it now if you want one they’re only building 2 200 of them for north america 2 000 of them sold in the us 200 in canada now it still is rear-wheel drive so eight-speed automatic in the back here a 309 axle ratio and that is said to propel this car from

0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds a quarter mile in 12.4 seconds you can see check that out it’s got brembo brakes now you’re probably thinking to yourself i thought i’d seen a 6.4 liter hemi in a chrysler b4 and you’d be right you have the 300 srt and that died in 2014. so they discontinued that in 2014 but for the 2023 model year they’re bringing back the essence of that

Car in the 300c now let’s go ahead dive into the scary media scrum and talk a little bit more about the interior and what you need to know so the 300c right car that debuted in essence back in 1955 that one is way in the crowd of people we can try to make our way over there eventually but that card 300 horsepower when it launched it quickly rose to 345 and then

That continues from like 55 through 65. um and then of course in 2005 they reintroduced the chrysler 300 as an all-new vehicle and then they redid it in 2011 and then in 2014 they killed off the famed srt with that big 6.4 although weirdly in australia they kept building it just not here in the u.s um so it’s been eight years since we’ve seen a big hemi in a 300

Let’s check out the interior and see what they have done so lots and lots and lots of standard chrysler 300 in here so check out those giant uh gauges right so you got analog gauges you got the digital screen there in the middle uh 8.4 inch uconnect screen as standard it’s got heated seats it’s got ventilated front seats it’s all pretty much standard chrysler fair

Except for the carbon see that you got a lot of carbon trim there there’s a rotary dial for the eight-speed automatic found right there in the middle got little paddle shifters on the sides of the wheel and my favorite feature in the middle heated and cooled cup holders pretty fun little tidbit now we do have 300c badging there located on the backrest and then silver

Stitching along the bolstering of the seats which is quite nice but overall a similar interior to probably what you’ve come to expect out of chrysler 300s for the last number of years it’s looking a little dated but that makes sense because this 300c is marking the very end of the chrysler 300 here in the us it’s going away guys now this vehicle is built in brampton

Canada along the challenger and the charger and we know the future for those vehicles are going electric what’s the future of the 300 we don’t know yet they haven’t told us now let’s see if we can be a little cheeky and check out that engine not super sure we’re allowed to do this but maybe we can give it a try oh yes look at that 6.4 liter hemi 485 horsepower

475 foot-pounds of torque i think i may have just made it onto the news there but that’s what it takes to bring you guys the coolest videos now out back we do have a little bit of a deck spoiler looks quite nice to finish off the rear end and then dual tips so you can see uh one tip there on the left one on the right a little bit of a plastic fascia this car is

Only going to be available in three colors so we started with the red one just checked out the black one now let’s head over and take a peek at the white model this is the one that i think looks the best especially the white contrasted against the black 20-inch wheels just looks fantastic and you can see the red brake calipers poking through at the bottom there

Those big brembo brakes now open the door in this one and we’re gonna see the same thing because there is only one configuration of this car if you want one of the 2200 coming to north america you go on a you place a deposit you choose your color and you choose your color that’s that’s all you can do so it’s colors and then dealer and then if you’re

Early enough you can have the opportunity to buy one of these now pricing 55 000 before destination but still i think that’s pretty reasonable i mean we’re in an age where like mustangs are often fifty thousand dollars plus so they get a full-size luxury sedan powered by 485 horsepower through 55 grand is pretty good now of course you’ve got the massive chrysler

Trunk back there which is built for holding your groceries of course nothing more facetious than groceries and kind of over there you can see the lineup of the older models so right here of course is the hemi c from 2005. this car really was popular they sold over a million of these in this first generation 5.7 liter hemi in this model with 340 horsepower and then

This is the car that started it all the 1955 chrysler c300 and 56 they went to the name 300c now this would have been powered by i think it was called the fire dome hemi v8 and you can see there’s a 300 but the idea with these old 50s prices right it was the banker sports car so you’d have a huge luxurious car with a big squishy interior and a massive hemi under the

Hood to do all your cool burnouts that you’d want behind all those folks is the 57 model we can try to get a shot of the fins because these are cool now these cars have more horsepower this would have been somewhere around like 370 380 all the way up to 390. my favorite part though the massive fins and this is what i want to show you see that those that tri-color

300 emblem that is of course the same style emblem they’re using on the new one so uh it’s reminiscent from like the old 50s cars but we’ll kind of finish this back up next to the 300c now i love it i think it’s a great piece of design i love that they’re doing it it’s a fantastic thing to see a return to the giant hemis from 2014. i also think it’s a little weird

They’re not calling him srt anymore i know um srt brand has had some talk about being on the way out but um you know it doesn’t matter because it still is a massive hemi-powered chrysler with a big squishy loungers and you just know it’s going to be great on the road for long distance cruising so i can’t wait to get my hands on this in the real world see what it’s

Like we’ll finish outside here at the spirit of detroit park in beautiful detroit michigan with the red one this is the one i would get it’s this beautiful deep velvet red it just looks fantastic uh with the black wheels it’s really nice and once again guys if you want to be one of the 2200 to have the opportunity to own this car check out we’ll have

A full review hopefully soon let us know what you think in the comments below and as always we’ll see you on the next video all right zach thanks for shooting this

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BREAKING NEWS: The 2023 Chrysler 300C 6.4L HEMI Is BACK With a New Name and a Good Price! By The Fast Lane Car