Brief comparison between the Mazda Atenza and the Honda Accord Hybrid

Yeah so now um i’m here dtm and i’m thinking if you really if you asked me to choose between the gti uh yeah the gti or the subaru live and the cooper but they both of them are on sale so if you ask me to choose between the gti or the liborg i would pick the gti even in even when i’m sleeping but if you told me to pick the cards between the mazda attenza

And the honda accord hybrid this is a battle this is a battle let me show you around by the way let me show you around so if you told me to choose in between these two cars that’s the athensa that’s the hybrid the honda accord hybrid i really would really have a hard time choosing so what we do let’s get inside take very few minutes in the cars so that we can

See yeah all right yeah so uh kwanzanagani was another mazda no this is the mazda oh okay these are tens huh ah their tenza is leather the interior is leather all leather you can see the seats the seats is a letter you can see down here you have the passenger vents this event uh the dashboard is quite you know it’s just there the dashboard is just normal

Now i thought the attends i would have the heads-up display that is usually here but we do not have that you can see the interior i’ll let you judge okay that’s their tenza let’s start it after transition nice now that’s the attenza now this attenza is a 2.2 liter diesel all right so that’s the 2.2 liter diesel turbo i just switch off here see yeah this is the

2.2 liter diesel table so there you have it it’s your turbo design now uh on the steering it has quite a lot this is the this is when in layman’s language is the distance between you and the car that is in front you can set this one you can set while you’re driving will come to do the full review but it’s just a brief so you can set that you can set your cruise

Control on the right on the on the left of your steering wheel you have your infotainment and all that enough some few things i need to show you traction control start stop that is when you are in traffic unazima kaneka brexin najisima lynn assist efs is the one for the afs off when you’re cornering the corner lights yeah so you have your efs which is your

Adaptive front lighting system so when you’re cornering when you switch on the car the lights adjust themselves and all that i love rear view monitor so when the car is getting caribbean sana starts making some kerala kelley over there so yeah briefly briefly that’s what we have over there allah for you can see when the roof it’s clean let’s see the boot space

The boot space again you’re going to to do a full review of these vehicles so this just to give you a brief intro now let me show you let me show you how do you open this yeah there we go yeah quite some room in here so it’s a very roomy car if i can see all right and the passengers here we have them you have your cup holders for passengers so you’re

Comfortable you have your ac vents all right even from the look of it i can tell that i’m fitting so now this is the two points to diesel mazda attenza uh what one of these are inaccurate how’s the consumption now the consumption you’ll be so shocked it’s 11 kilometers per liter in the city and highway it will give you 16.1 16.1 kilometers to the liter power

Output it will give you 173 173 horsepowers so from the diesel so there you have it now let’s go to the honda accord honda accord here it is first of all let me show you the ships for the ships i think i would go with the i’ll go with the attender the tensor really looks looks nice like a front grille the car i mean the chrome finish looks really nice and

You can see it comes with 19-inch wheels you can see there 19-inch wheels uh honda accord here we have it it’s also a look-up by the way you can’t but they say beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder sorry it’s in the eyes of the beholder now to kohapa migu comes with 17-inch wheels yes actually by the way if you look at it and don’t judge me if i look at the

Hybrid the honda accord hybrid it looks like uh like a bmw like an f10 that really didn’t want to show off you know it’s like the engineers wanted to make an f10 then in the middle because look at this these are f10 things these are bmw bmw things looks like a bmw like the engineers wanted to back up bmw then in the middle of it they’re just okay so ah let me

Show you let me show you inside uh now that’s the inside the inside is it looks i mean i like okay there look at the seats that’s suede sweat baba that’s the suede for you uh still again your passenger is events charging port yeah i love to look at this cup finisher look at that nice huh all the way no the touch is really i love the finish about it rather

Than having chrome all over that’s nice that’s awesome wow this is the honda hybrid honda accord hybrid now let’s start it huh um it’s on actually yeah there you have it now funny enough i realized the the mazda the mazda has more takitaki things than the than the harder than the honda hybrid so anyway you have your traction control this one the traction

Control lining small is the same on your right you can set your cruise control you can you can set your voice commands on the left it’s always infotainment so basically i mean that’s that uh what you’re looking at is a two liter these are two liter hybrid hybrid it’s a two liter hybrid engine so that tells you kunasti mastima malia now the most important question

That kenyans ask is kanakunyangapi am i nakunu aji now to the city to the city this will give you now this is where it gets shocking because to the city it will give you 21.3 kilometers to the litre and on the highway it will give you 19.3 maybe that it’s because of the hybrid system that that comes in uh when you’re not demanding power from the engine let’s see

The cargo space this is the cargo space all right it’s not roomy or is not as big as we had it in the attenza but there you have it so let me ask you if you are to choose huh again yeah so let me ask you guys this is the honda accord it goes for 2 million that’s the hybrid that is giving you quite a good number of horsepower gives you 200 cards it gives you

196 horsepower that’s the honda accord that’s their tenza gives you 173. now this is the 2.2 diesel and that is a two liter hybrid if you are me which one do you choose uh we’ve agreed that on the outward shape beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but for me i think oh god i think i would go with the mazda when it comes to the outward ship though even

The honda accord looks really well looks really fine uh in terms of service the diesel one is you’ll service it quite often than the petrol one uh all right all right so now this is 1.7 million you see it it’s 2 million so this has more power than this now this requires more service openly than this which is where for me i think i would go with the i don’t

Know i’ll go with the attenza but this is a bullet one two performance in the bullet baba but anyway all these reviews will be coming up uh on our youtube channel so my reviews this is just a brief brief brief recap of the two cars so single jenny upper youtube to dress us up in a detailed little detail yeah anyway see you guys

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Brief comparison between the Mazda Atenza and the Honda Accord Hybrid By ShiftGang Africa