Bronco Graveyard October 2022 New Products

New Products for October 2022:

Hi i’m jeff from just bronco graveyard like the most tour october new products video our first new product are these dust shields these are for the 78 to 97 ford these actually fit the early straight axle dana 60. then they fit the ifs ford from 1980 to 97 dana 50 and they fit the later from 84 to 97 straight axle dana 60. and that f350s brand new we’ve had them

Reproduced heavy duty steel construction made exactly like the original scanning to tell the difference you saw him as drivers and passengers together for 99 brand new for the ford f-series pickup dana 60 dana 50 dust shields and our next new product of these nears these are really cool looking got them in the other day these are from united civic products satin

Black mirrors these fit the 66 to 77 ford bronco we have drivers and passenger these also fit the 73 to 79 ford f-series pickup settlement drivers and passenger side come with a gasket beautiful heavy duty steel construction nice satin black finish once again fits the 66 to 77 ford bronco and the 73 to 79 ford pickup and our next product is this third brake light

We’ve had this reproduce this fits the 94 to 97 ford f-series pickup it’s brand new just like original these faded and cracked in the sun we’ve made it just like the original brand new the backing with it you just plug your harness into it screw it on the back of your cabin way to go brand new third brake light but the cargo lights with a 94 to 97 f series

Pickup and our next new products from iag sees hood prop rods you have a 2021 plus bronco this is the way to go and the factory ford duplicated the gen 1 where they put the two hinges in the back of the hood and you had to open the hood and you put the hood proper rod on if you don’t like doing that this is the way to go simple construction got stainless steel

Ones and black ones gives you all the hardware bracketry it all bolts on brand new for the 2021 plus bronco are these stainless steel or black hood rods you put these on so when you release the hood inside and you hit the safety glass the hood will automatically open heavy duty construction again we have stainless steel finish and we also have one in the black

Finish and for our october web truck of the month we have mike gardner’s beautiful 72 bronco did a full restoration on it we caught them in wisconsin dells at the supercell there really nice truck you’ll enjoy the video thank you for your support i hope to see you again next month it’s a 72 it was pulled out of a field at my buddy’s house i got on a labor trade

So i did a bunch of my body and fender guy for for work and uh i did a bunch of work on a 78 bronco form and he gave me this this truck that was sitting in his yard basically was a shell of its former life didn’t have an engine trans um you know sitting in the weeds no floors nothing nothing left to it so i i brought it home and and took it apart just thinking

I was going to try to patch up whatever it needed and you know trying to get it on the road and right kind of like a father-son project well we got into it and we ended up replacing everything so uh what’s left on it is the original firewall and the right rear tail light pocket is original to the truck as well as the hard top everything else has been pieced

From different trucks and you know some of the aftermarket vendors it’s a 98 mountaineer motor that i pulled out resealed it’s a it’s a you know 302 gt40p heads and and gt40 intake for our 70w trans i built all the harness and everything so uh um the whole harness for the truck and everything has been redone um part of it using the mountaineer harness part of

It just wiring all the other stuff i needed to as far as the lights and everything uh gary vance flashed the computer for me um put a 205 case behind it twin sticked it um dana 44 front with a track lock 456 gears rear nine inch it’s got a spartan locker 56 35s a while ago i had a one that i used on the street and it got rolled over when we were wheeling it

One time so i ended up cutting it all up and turning into a crawler and i missed driving them on the street so we built this one for both so it’ll it’s capable we can we can cruise around the trails and and stuff like that i don’t want to beat it up like my other trail rig but uh we’ll use it but yeah we’ve been in the last uh two weeks we put over 700 miles on

It so we’re driving it cool yeah we drove it up here and we drove it up to the nascar race last weekend in elkhart lake and we’re using it the kids love it the wife loves it

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