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Buying My First Ever Car Tesla Model Y Performance – 00,000

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In today’s video, I will be picking up my brand new Tesla Model Y performance and also surprising my friends with the cart to get their reaction! Thank you to every single one of you yes YOU who liked commented shared or subscribed to the channel. It means the world to me.

Foreign all right so i didn’t sleep last night i couldn’t sleep i was just waiting for today i got myself some starbucks not very typical of me but i was trying out the pumpkin spice latte thing so if you guys don’t know by now i’m picking up my tesla model y performance today and it’s still mind-blowing to me that i’m picking up a tesla it just doesn’t

Make sense like young chevon that was i literally said a couple years ago that um listen what i said a couple years ago is this a country on my website tesla i don’t have a tesla’s yet but i have this app so whenever i buy my test so i could just easily enter my username and password you know not a big deal so yeah i really manifested this day today i didn’t

Tell anyone i was picking up the tesla i did post it on tick tock so if anybody knows it’s probably from tick tock picking up the model y performance yes cars gas cars don’t work gas lol i don’t know what no i’m actually not like that guys like i have nothing against cars i just think it’s kind of funny who is rj uh tech youtuber 25k stops sorry sorry oh

They’re recording okay no recording so we’ll see you guys when we pick up the car thirsty you don’t want one yeah so this is actually pretty nice i never seen a waiting room like this before yeah we got our own tv nah so yo rj you hyped for the pool yo it’s gonna be crazy man my first time oh my god we’re standing up i test i test drove the performance are you

Yes i already know what it feels like well rng hasn’t haven’t been in the performance so apparently it’s in the belly yeah oh okay so to buy key fobs you go to tesla shop no to say mama why you have to do it all right in your account and then it’ll recommend ordering this probably sooner or rather than later because i know we’re discontinuing including these

In any vehicles going forward so i appreciate it all right guys hello yes sir what did you do horrified this is it right here guys i’m just kidding psych we’re always here about the tesla like call to control rj as i tesla before yeah so how we looking it looks pretty good actually we’ll see any paddle gaps bro even if something was wrong with it don’t fix it

For you yeah it looks good the only thing is like it’s literally 3m tape on this you can see it moving this side is thinner that side lean into the car yeah this is actually what people talk about for real that’s a huge gap right there it’s huge but yeah we’ll see it’s charging clean where’s the ac what do you mean oh all right it was way too low but it’s so

Hot what’s up yeah everything looks clean we have a seated heat some serious turbo oh through he is too why does it have that you know that’s good though that’s good wireless charging it’s turning to ultra check well australian works you got all the compartments here i’m gonna do like a tesla accessory video or like best accessories for tesla because you could

Get like compartments for in here and stuff like that i don’t know what this is got a little mirror keep that under keep the keep the value keep the value sunroof bro i just can’t believe like i mean i’m all the way bro i’m gonna test them all the way bro performance performance and it has the um the autopilot stuff you see oh it’s oh you have it i don’t know

It’s just working though oh my god bro music video holy traffic and light stop sign so the tesla is parked over there i’m gonna see if we could actually come pick us up look at my baby okay that’s actually crazy no one in the car nobody in that car oh shoot good i need to name the car guys everybody let me know down below in the comments what should i name the

Car able to well i have the keys though oh that opened quick i don’t know what this is do you like the way i love the way i’m still gonna wrap it so let me know what should i wrap this car what color should i wrap this car oh my god yeah guess what you get your age yeah look at my look at my baby though change the color hi to youtube hi youtube um let

Me show you jasmine all right i’m gonna get some food and think all right yeah have to eat pick up tina wake up tina hi all right yeah mommy don’t she doesn’t give a is it talking to your sister talk to your aunt yeah she doesn’t every time i call my mom she wants to show people who i am like that’s my son all right y’all i’m just sitting here taking it

All in um it’s crazy like i would never expect myself i keep saying i never it still feels unreal that i have a test on my way hundred thousand dollar car it’s insane and i don’t hardly like talk to you guys on this channel in terms of like you know telling you how i feel for the past couple weeks i’ve been uploading a lot it’s because i’ve been in a kind of a

Creative route i fell in love with just posting short firm content thinking about where i’m at right now and i really have to take a step back and just appreciate you guys um the people around me who like you know supported me through everything i do the friends that helped me to get this far i just want to say thank you you know at the end of the day it’s just

A car right but it’s a it’s a testament to show how hard i’ve worked to get here looking at the statistics i’m not supposed to be sat here in a 2022 tesla model y performance you know i mean so i’m just saying this for you guys to know that yo literally anything you want to achieve you can do it it’s just crazy how your life could turn around when you dedicate

Your time and put everything into your craft and your passion and you believe you can achieve it you will i just want to say thank you guys i know i don’t show my appreciation enough you don’t get to see the side of me enough but i think this is like the perfect time to let you guys know that literally anything you want you can achieve it if you put your time to

It and i love and appreciate you guys for always supporting so yeah it’s unreal it’s flipping unreal also i know a lot of you guys might comment how much did you pay for the car um how do you afford a car it’s all through youtube it’s through youtube i’ve saved up over the years invested my money smart and everything and it’s this is my first car and i wanted

To treat myself and i’m happy like life is sure you never know what could happen i actually paid for this car in cash i paid for the car and cash i tried my best to do financing on everything because the situation that i’m in right now i have like a pr i don’t have my pr i try to do financing with tesla but they’re saying you need to get a co-signer blah blah i

Tried different credit unions they’re giving me crazy you know interest rates and i’m saying i bit the bullet i did the deed you know what i’m saying but i’m happy at the end of the day as long as you know you’re not going in depth don’t follow me it don’t go in depth to get a car or any depreciate an asset i’m not a financial advisor but i’m just saying when you

Work when you work hard for something and you know you’re not going in depth to achieve it why not if it makes you happy you know you need it you deserve it go ahead and do it you know what i’m saying it’s just one life you have to live all that money you’re not bringing to the grave with you if you die so hit those achievements this is my this is my biggest

Purchases so far and i i’m just happy to be even sat here i’ve been working from 2016 with my youtube career filmmaking on the side taking pictures with people working full-time jobs i used to work at the factory for gap i did a bunch of jobs we used to work at amazon warehouse so it’s not easy none of this comes easy listen i was born in jamaica had literally

Had nothing just my mama alone single family household and the fact that i’m just here right now shows that anything i’m living proof to show that anything in this world is possible it’s achievable just set yourself up for success it doesn’t have to be a youtuber you don’t have to be a youtuber it could be a doctor lawyer um any anything a plumber just put your

All in it you know anything that you have talent in try to find a way to monetize it you know i’m saying that’s the best way to go but yeah unreal also mommy if you’re watching this thank you for always believing me everything i did you’re just always there to support me no matter what the other family member said you’re always there to support me and i love

You for that i know i don’t tell you that enough and i don’t know if i said this before but everybody out there that supports me buy wallpaper packs buy my icon show a love in the comments share my videos all that things i appreciate you it sounds so cliche i didn’t even want to say it but if it wasn’t for you guys i wouldn’t have been here so my heart goes up

To you guys and let me know i feel like i might just vlog more on this channel a little bit i’m still gonna incorporate the tech of course but it’s gonna be more vloggy and let me know what you guys think about that you know so yeah also as i said before my friends don’t even know i bought this car so i’m just gonna pull up on them surprise them with the car and

Show them the speed of the model y performance and the first victim is rj he’s out there right now so let’s go for a drive all right bro you ready for the draft you ready all right let’s do this first time oh my god first time model weapon hello you’re here yeah all right all right come outside pull up downstairs could you come grab the um the ball downstairs

Real quick how is it yours yeah shut up oh my god i was like i was like wait why is it white i gotta give it to you bro that’s clean no sir oh your audience like i learned some dirty jamaican bad word written on bro yeah if i had the choice i would have put 50 down and then put the other 50 in stocks yeah yeah so i can make more money but i had no choice

Bro anywhere i took it i would have still be out 100k but instead of like put it 100k down i’ll put 50k stocks on hope for the best you know i’m saying but bro that’s worth it it’s bro i have to dab your brother yeah sure honestly i think that’s gonna be it for this video shout out to rj for helping me film today but yeah guys i just want to say thanks again

Let’s get this video to 5 000 likes and i’ll give away a tesla right i understand but you get this video to 5 000 likes guys hope you enjoyed the vlog it was just like more of a personal vlog i never really talked to you guys like this before but i’m really happy i’m grateful thanks to god you know just really blessed to be here to be in the scars this unreal

I said before still not wrapped in maybe in a couple days i’ll be like all right it’s just a card but for now and i was always love peace and tweaks i always believe guys yes sir

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Buying My First Ever Car Tesla Model Y Performance – $100,000!! By Shevon Salmon