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Cadillac CT4 ( Test Drive & Review )

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The Cadillac CT4 goes up against some of the best brands in the world, but does the smallest Cadillac on the market have what it takes to compete? The CT4 is built well and comes with two main engine options…2.0 litre and 2.7 litre turbo charged engines are available ( Plus the Blackwing Edition which is a high performance variant but it’s almost an entirely different story ).

And now a review of the cadillac ct4 500 t with the ct4 500t cadillac is taking on the world’s best there are basically two engines available in the ct-4 a turbocharged 2-liter 4 that produces 237 horsepower and a turbocharged 2.7 liter four-cylinder engine that’s what our test car is equipped with it’s the 500 t the premium luxury version of the ct4 the engine

Produces 310 horsepower the only model offering more is the ct-4 v which has the same motor but produces 325 horsepower this 2.7 liter turbocharged engine is also used in general motors trucks but it’s well suited to this vehicle it has a ton of torque and it’s smooth it’s connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission and i prefer this transmission over the

Eight speed offered with the smaller engine option the is one of the best in this class of automobile this is cadillac’s smallest luxury performance sedan but there are really no sacrifices to be made here inside it still feels spacious and the premium luxury trim makes good use of quality materials throughout the cockpit the tech is pretty good in this car

You get android auto and apple carplay the chassis is stiff take this out on a winding road open it up and you’ll find what this car is truly capable of it’s actually fun to drive so if you’re expecting a soft sort of boat like ride you’re not gonna get it here this cadillac has a firm suspension it is athletic it’s sporty and i personally prefer that in a

Car especially a touring car like this i want some road feel it’s soft enough it soaks up the bumps and the potholes but it it’s sporty and it makes me feel like i’m in control and it gives me some feedback from the road i like that in anything that i drive so i prefer a setup like this for me this just about hits the sweet spot it’s a great touring car even

At highway speed it’s quiet inside check out the front end and you’ll see that performance mesh grille the design is distinctly cadillac on the outside it’s an attractive car nice clean lines the design is distinctly cadillac on the back end there’s a tasteful rear spoiler and from the rear the styling is distinct look at those tail lights that is a cadillac the

Design language here is just simple it’s clean and from that you get elegance leg and headroom in the rear is adequate in the trunk you get 10.7 cubic feet of cargo space the ct-4 has one of the smallest trunks in this class but it still gets the job done cadillac has really covered a broad range of driving needs and tastes with the ct4 from the base model all the

Way up to the ct4v blackwing which offers up about 175 more horsepower and even more handling enhancements expect to get around to 20 miles per gallon in the city and about 32 miles per gallon on the highway competing cars in this class are front-wheel drive based and some come with all-wheel drive as an option the ct-4 is a rear-wheel drive based platform with

All-wheel drive as an option our 500t test vehicle came with all-wheel drive standard safety features include forward collision alert automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and there’s an available driver awareness plus package which includes blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist so what’s the bottom line on the ct4 500t it produces tons of

Power it’s efficient it’s gorgeous to look at and unlike its competitors it’s rear-wheel drive it’s also one of the lowest priced cars in this field and for the money it’s pretty tough to beat cadillac has taken on the world’s best with the ct-4 and with its rear-wheel drive architecture and powerful drivetrain they’ve produced a car that is one of the best in its

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