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Cadillac Is Falling Behind Its Competitors With the Lyriq

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Is Cadillac falling behind its competitors?

American car manufacturer cadillac has long   been known for producing high-end vehicles and  has cemented itself as a luxury car maker amongst   other well-known companies such as mercedes-benz,  audi, and tesla. with an inevitably electric   heavily into electric vehicle production   and now offer at least one, if not more,

Fully  electric offerings. however, cadillac’s first   fully electric car, the lyriq, still lacks a clear  release date amongst other reported shortcomings.  on with the cadillac lyriq, from both its   reportedly, to get initial buyers for the car and   flagship electric vehicle, cadillac offered a   group of customers

With one major catch,   non-disclosure agreement, meaning that any and   all feedback that they had could only be given  to cadillac and not anyone else. this unusual   requirement caught the attention of the national  highway traffic and safety administration who   voiced concerns that the non-disclosure agreement 

Might discourage or even prevent early access   however, cadillac defends their early access   program. with the lyriq being their first fully  electric offering, they want the launch of the   lyriq to be perfect. after watching rival vehicle  manufacturer ford issue a staggeringly large   recall to roughly 50,000 of their

Recent electric  cars, it’s understandable that cadillac would be   similar situation, with cadillac noting that   its much better to fix the first 100 cars off of  the line rather than recall thousands already in   the hands of consumers, as doing so often draws  significant attention from the public and can hurt  

The reputation of the company. not to mention,  early pre-order statistics suggest that nearly   80% of future lyriq customers have never owned  a cadillac before, meaning that the impression   they get from the lyriq will strongly shape the  way that they feel about the company as a whole.  the actual delivery dates of the lyriq

Continue  to remain a mystery, with fall 2022 given as an   estimated date for deliveries to start. however, a  firm date has yet to be set.the number of current   secrecy. while the cadillac lyriq pre-orders   sold out only 4 hours after opening, there are  questions about how many cars were actually up   how many

Cars were available for presale,   it was likely about 1500 units. reportedly   about 25,000 lyriqs , but actual sales and   despite the excitement for the car, reviews from   those with early access to it have been mixed,  although mostly positive. early users have noted   that the hands-free driving feature, dubbed

“Super  cruise” isn’t yet operational, and the feature   lacked a clear date for completion, only receiving  an estimate of “later this year”. most of the   additional disappointments have been of similar  nature, namely regarding unfinished or unpolished   of positive feedback. one of the most  looks. unlike

Many of the lyriq’s competitors  which feature rounded and smooth designs,   modern design with sharp, defining lines,   cadillac also took full advantage of the  fact that the vehicle is electric and not   that simply are not possible on traditional   engine, cadillac has been able to replace the   traditional

Grill on the front of the car used  for ventilation with a black crystal illuminated   shield. to complement the ultra-modern grill,  cadillac has paired it with slim vertical led   headlights whose design mirrors the choices made  in the defining sharp lines of the car’s body.  for unparallelled views from the interior of 

The car. additionally, in a bid to set the car   parent company general motors, the lyriq   shares less parts in common with other gm cars  than many of the cadillacs that came before it.  the lyriq also has performance standards on the  same level of cars that compete directly against   miles, compared to a tesla model x’s

333 miles   a solid range with these competitors. however,   cadillac lyriq only boasts a horsepower of   340 while the audi e-tron comes in at 402, both  of which fall well behind the tesla model x,   which has an astonishing 670 peak horsepower.  while 340 horsepower does sound quite impressive   regardless,

It’s also important to keep in mind  that the car itself weighs almost three tons,   horsepower regardless to move that much weight.  another important metric for electric cars is  their recharge speed, which is often one of   the leading reasons that buyers are hesitant to  make the switch from gas to electric vehicles.  

Takes about an hour to fully charge the car,   and approximately 75 miles of range can be added  with only about 10 minutes of charging. while it’s   not able to recharge as fast as a tesla hooked  up to a supercharger, with this charging speed   you likely won’t ever feel held back by the car’s  ability to recharge. (whole

Section) unfortunately   though, if you only have a 120-volt alternating  current outlet, like most american households,   you may be waiting up to three whole days for  a full charge. but, if you do have a 240 volt   outlet, you can expect a full charge in about 12  hours. additionally, cadillac is including either  

Two years of unlimited charging at evgo stations  or $1500 towards the installation of an upgraded   the name of the lyriq also has some significant   the lyriq name is meant to reference the car’s  high audio quality. the car features 19-speakers,   even including some mounted in the headrests of  the car. not only does

It feature 19 speakers,   system designed to keep the inside of the car   quiet, and the perfect place to listen to your  music without the interruptions of road noise.  large touch screen display, clocking in at a   one of the most common sentiments about the car  is how well that it drives. the lyriq rides very  

Smoothly, leveraging a five-link suspension system  to make this possible. additionally, the steering   is noted as being “dead-center”, a trait enjoyed  by many customers. as with most electric vehicles,   it also features single pedal driving, allowing  for regenerative braking, a process in which the   energy absorbed

By the brakes when slowing the car  is fed back to the battery to slightly recharge   it, rather than that energy being lost to heat  via friction as in a standard vehicle. however,   that single pedal regenerative braking feels   the interior of the lyriq is also quite  comfortable, as there are heated seats in   the

Seats in the front feature four-way   like many similarly priced cars, the lyriq   tour, snow/ice, and customizable mode. the most   noticeable changes that switching between modes  provides is a difference in both the suspension   and the acceleration, giving the car a completely  there are two tire options available on

The  cadillac lyriq, standard 20” wheels as well   as upgraded 22” wheels that are only available on  the upgraded rear wheel drive version of the car.   the lyriq is offered in four different colors,  “satin steel metallic”, “stellar black metallic”,   tricoat”. noticeably absent from this lineup is  

The option for a matte color, something that has  become increasingly popular recently, suggesting   the cadillac sees the future of design with shine  and reflections and not with a soft matte finish.  of the cars in its category and is a solid   option for a high-end electric suv. although the  vehicle has faced some controversy

And hasn’t had   perfect reviews from everyone, it’s clear that  drivers who have been able to get their hands   on the vehicle have been easily satisfied if not  impressed with cadillac’s first electric vehicle.  when will you be ordering yours?

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