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Cadillac Reveals New 2024 CELESTIQ Show Car

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The show car previews some of the materials, innovative technologies and hand-crafted attention to detail harnessed to express Cadillac’s vision for the future. Highlights include five high-definition, advanced LED interactive displays, including a 55-inch-diagonal advanced LED display, along with expected industry firsts such as a variable-transmission Smart Glass Roof and Ultra Cruise1, General Motors’ next evolution of available hands-free driver assistance technology which Cadillac plans to offer on CELESTIQ.

Today cadillac unveiled the celestic show car a vision of innovation and purpose that previews the brand’s future handcrafted and all-electric flagship sedan conceived to lead cadillac’s electric future and inspired by the brand’s 120-year heritage it serves as a touchstone for the cadillac design and engineering teams who continue to develop celestic as it moves

Closer to production the celestic show car is the purest expression of cadillac said magalie dibilis manager cadillac advanced design it brings to life the most integrated expressions of design and innovation in the brand’s history coalescing in a defining statement of a true cadillac flagship in developing the show car the design and engineering teams immersed

Themselves in the artisanship and customization that defined early cadillac sedans such as the bespoke v16 powered coaches of the pre-war era and the hand-built 1957 el dorado brewer the celestic is the culmination of that heritage brought to life with innovative production methods and new technologies those vehicles represented the pinnacle of luxury in their

Respective eras and help make cadillac the standard of the world said tony roma chief engineer the celestic show car also a sedan because the configuration offers the very best luxury experience builds on that pedigree and captures the spurt of arrival they expressed designers drew further inspiration from classic architecture such as the mid-century masterpieces

Of architectural sauron along with other iconic american designs which made air defining statements when introduced and endured with distinctive timelessness realizing and infusing those influences within an altium based eevee architecture resulted in a clean sheet expression for the celestic show car that considers the entirety of travel as a curated experience

One intended to evoke an emotional response the result is a vehicle that makes a magnetic first impression and cultivates a permanent personal connection we’ve combined the beauty and function with the beauty of form said latisha lopez creative designer cadillac color and trim we had to reconsider all aspects to immerse the customer all of their senses and create

A connection with the vehicle through the finest genuine materials exceptional detailing and advanced technology the show car previews some of the materials innovative technologies and handcrafted attention to detail harness to express cadillac’s vision for the future highlights include five high definition advanced led interactive displays including a 55 inch

Diagonal advanced led display along with expected industry firsts such as a variable transmission smart glass roof and ultra cruise one general motor’s next evolution of available hands-free driver assistance technology which cadillac plans to offer on celestic the smart glass roof features suspended particle device spd technology that allows for four zones of

Variable lighting enabling passengers to fine-tune their cabin experience for completely personalized comfort and visibility additionally the 55-inch diagonal advanced led display introduces a passenger display with electronic digital blinds and active privacy technology which is designed to allow passengers to enjoy video content while blocking it from the view

Of the driver while they are previewed on the show car these technologies and more will make celestic the most advanced vehicle ever from cadillac availability for the production version of celestic will be announced at a later date gm is investing 81 million dollars to support its assembly at gm’s global technical center the landmark campus originally designed

By aerosarnan and the heart of the company’s engineering and design efforts the celestic will be the first production vehicle built to there since the center’s inauguration in may 1956. additional details on the celestic production model will be announced later this year visit for more information

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Cadillac Reveals New 2024 CELESTIQ Show Car By SieuXeSaiGon