Camper Van C.R. Laurence Window Install on a Ford Transit 350 HD Panel Van

Today we installed a C.R. Lawrence window on a Ford Transit 350 HD Panel Van, it was a straight forward easy install! Follow along and SUBSCRIBE to see what we do next!

Hey welcome back we’ve been doing a bunch of stuff to our personal transit van and um one of our friends matt he asked us to help him with his and he’s got a really cool setup this is a ford transit but it’s got that quigly 4×4 conversion in it kind of wish we had that in ours but it definitely makes the van a lot taller to get into um so what he asked us to help

Him with on this van is window installs he’s got both passenger and driver side we did this one last night but we’ll give you guys a tutorial on the driver’s side what’s cool about these so our van is the passenger band and there is no possible way to open the windows our glass is all fixed so if you are camping in it it’s not as nice because there’s no airflow

Where these windows are going to be super cool because they can both them can open and get some cross air in there so these are the cr lawrence windows and if you come up in here with us this is the spot we’re putting the window in and it the van had the piano board because this is not the passenger version just has this board all over it and it’s just held in

With the push darts and so we removed the 15 or so push darts and this is what you see behind that and this is where we’re going to stick the window in what’s really nice is they’re already pretty much they give you this line because there’s going to be double thickness of metal around the edge of the window so we don’t have to cut this part we have to cut

This out on the back side so it’s super easy this is the line we’re going to follow all the way around now you get to the top this long brace is just here because there’s no window to keep the panel from flopping so all this is gonna get cut out and you can see up here it’s straight and then we put tape up here to give us a nice straight edge to get to the next

Straight section again and there’s three sections of tape there and it goes all around the back and then along the bottom as well we’ve got the tape to give us a nice line and this is the window that we literally just pulled it out of the box and it’s sitting here it had the foam on all four corners of it so once we cut the window out it’s really simple we

Just have this ring we’re going to set the window in from the outside and then this ring is going to pinch it and create a nice tight seal and now let water in so first thing we’ll do is we’ll go to the outside of the van and we’re going to tape along where we’re going to make the cut that way we don’t hurt or chip any of the paint on the outside here’s the

Two rows of blue tape along the top the side and the bottom and we’ll get the the last section of tape put on here but that’ll just keep as we’re cutting this out it’ll keep the paint from getting chipped or if we’re running the tool on the outside it won’t it won’t scratch the rest of the paint so that’s what we’ll do next so we just got our straight lines cut

From the inside top bottom left right and now we’re going to lay the this is what goes on the inside and pinches the window but this is going to give us our outline for the corners because we’re going to do the corners on the outside of the van here with a different tool so we’re going to lay this on here and then we’ll marker the corners on their blue tape on

The outside all right look at that look at that big old hole there it is all right now the next thing we got to do is roll on the grinder we’re gonna grind all the edges get everything cleaned up and then we’ll test fit it and once a test fit once it’s good we’ll paint the edges that way the metal doesn’t rust and then we’ll get the window sealed up and get it

Squished in there okay all right check that out so first cut it looks really good all the way around and we have you know we can we want to make sure the window is perfectly in line with like the seams on the outside of the van and there’s there’s a little bit of room for us to do that we can make it fit exactly the way we want so now that it fits we need to

We’ll take it back out and we’ll paint the edges of the metal and we’ll get her in there so we’re just going to take this paint and take it all the way around the edge here we want to protect it so we’ll get this painted and then we’ll peel our tape on the outside it’s nice to leave the tape on there while we’re doing this so if there’s any runs it stops on the

Paint once that’s painted we let it dry for a minute i’ll take some flex seal and i’m going to run around this this gasket all the way around and put a nice thick layer on there we’ll seal that up and we’ll get our internal ring ready to go and then this is the channel that the screws run right into and it’s awesome as as he tightens it as he did the other one

It really tightens that glass up nice and it makes a nice flush line with the outside of the van here so we’ll get the flex seal ready because once he’s done and that’s dry we can get that done on this so what we’re using is um flex seal so we’ve used on our van works great and so now we’re going to take our paint brush then we’re going to paint it all along the

Top they’re actually all the way around the whole seal we’ll get it painted and then we’ll get it ready to stick in there all right we got it all sealed up so now i’ll grab this window i’m going to set it in from the outside smoosh it in okay so we got it shoved in on the inside this trim ring sets on screws the screws when they go and go right into this little

Groove and they’ll suck right in we’ll just start them not good out there little by little and work our way around eventually these will suck all the way in but we’ll keep working our way around so as he keeps adding screws on the inside we can suck it in farther and farther as he goes we kind of start like one two three four five six seven eight just to get it

So it holds it and then as he goes around now as he’s getting more and more in we can slide just turned out so nice it’s nice and flush up there and then if you look at our line down here it’s hard to tell by taking this perfect line all the way down the outside here so the window’s nice and centered like we want it to be it’s a black van the black window looks

Pretty cool i don’t even really know it’s there so yes i’m turned out good all right our friend matt had brought us his uh 4×4 van he had the quigley conversion put on it’s pretty cool this is a transit and we installed two windows so we did uh one on each side and then we did the power running boards too so as i opened that they came out that was really cool that

Was a super easy kit to install it delays and goes back up in it doesn’t matter what door you grab they’re going to open there which is super cool and then on the inside of the van it’s a super sturdy step too we really like it um it was made by amp amp research is the brain of the step that we installed directions were super clear bolted right on and then we

Installed the coin fan for him he’s gonna have to wire it himself but we cut the hole put the fan on the top we did the left hand window as well and we also did two swivel seat kits and i’ll show you this here there’s just a lever this little red lever down here in the front now and the seat kind of has to be in the right position for it to work if it’s too far

Back on the channel it won’t work so you just spin the seat all the way around and it’s nice in the back here we do the same thing to the driver side um we found that if you open the door it has more room to swing here as well so like if this was shut you really got a monkey with the seats to make it work so when it’s fully open it’s nice then you can rotate it

Back straight and it’s locked in so the seat conversion kits were nice it does add probably three quarters of an inch to height which isn’t a huge deal but it’s it’s a really cool idea that way if you have people in the back you can spin these both around so yeah we do the coin fan install some windows the power step and some swivel seats so it’s pretty sweet project

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Camper Van C.R. Laurence Window Install on a Ford Transit 350 HD Panel Van By 3SeasRecreation