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CAN AUDI S3 8V FWD BURNOUT? Lets find out

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We’re not blowing any tyres! In this one we just try a technic to FWD burnout our AWD Audi S3 as it can be useful to warm the tyres up when running on the dragstrip!

Okay so the principle behind it are basically from another channel vancity audi who runs an rs3 and i’ve been wanted to try the same system basically the concept is you won’t move or in this case you have a switch you pull the all-wheel drive fuse out and turn the car into a front wheel drive car then you set yourself into manual you hold your electronic bike

Up and basically you launch yeah but you launch after launching you obviously control the total you don’t want to go too far so that’s where the trick is going to be so you know so we are going to uh yeah give that a go basically uh but you know we take no credit for it this literally go check out vancity audi uh we watch him and we get some kunafu from him

So all right let’s give it a go so we put it on start the car you would want to put it in dynamic which my car is already in dynamic you can even put it in sports straight away go back to parking normally now you should be able to hold on i’ll move all stabilization off now you should be able to take the fuse out so you can see ecs off all the way okay so

It’s just in the back here behind the glove box and it’s this uh 15 and one in the corner here yep we’ll just pull that number 44 on the diagram they got that’s out you can see stability country you see default startup system fault build all the assistant available all of that to be expected yeah tire pressure fault and all that good stuff all that jazz yeah

So basically now he’s going to be putting manual all this little guy up on the yes what see what he does when we go for it would you want this in the meantime just chuck it in your pocket or okay yeah all right then let’s have a look oh oh there you go guys pretty much just uh one side yeah yeah one side scale yeah no lsd you know obviously it’s

Definitely something we want in there because obviously you want to do the first yeah try to rotate my wheel a bit because sometimes that can make the other one kick in okay yeah you know yeah it was my first hand taped and it was actually successful yeah yeah it definitely works but i i would have had not thought that you could hold an e-brake up yeah it

Would just work like a holding up a normal handbag yeah no i wouldn’t have thought either yeah stay tuned yeah and after when they went man i put my foot down a bit you could straight away notice it was four-wheel drive with 400 yeah back to the beach a bit of a skid on the way there there was cool yeah let’s show you the tire so we’ve got normal side yeah i

Just thought it didn’t spin so you know it kind of stayed blocked we you know we changed location because the lightning wasn’t quite anymore after all that smoke yeah it was obviously a private location so you know no problem there but on the other side yeah you can see how much that’s too popular you can see even legs a little bit where bits of rocks and

Stuff burn it in i still i think i can still smell burning know on mother way here i could still smell it yeah that’s a mini need a bloody lhd yeah and then need like a proper quiet spot and what i need is to get some steelies to put my old tires on yes yeah and then we can go somewhere switch my front for like some stillies with my old player and just

Whip it yeah and just properly rip it yeah that’d be awesome yeah be really cool so you know we we should do that at some point a couple of steely is kind of yeah easy to pick up and you’ve already got four tires yeah yeah so if you just need two in it yeah just need two then you’ve got a set of tires to burn and then another tire yeah but what would be

Interesting is you know um actually sort of attempt to do that and i need to get better as a left right to actually make the other wheel kick in yeah yeah because it could be useful for a center pod yeah definitely but again for center point what might be good is actually getting wheels on tires purely for center but so proper slick yeah that’d be awesome

Well again hopefully i’ll have a van as well in the fairly near future and again we can use that as a support van yeah so take the extra wheels in there i’ll chuck the bike in the back a little bit by little bit we will go to center pod in a more competitive manner yeah definitely you know eventually have a support vehicle we have been talking about having

Vehicles that are dedicated to launching as well so yeah yeah yeah but anyway this was just a quick one this one guys to just uh try something out and it works so yeah so that’s good so we have to wire in a button to do it without putting the fuse yeah all we have to do here now is we will bring you on that mode on how to get it done because one city it’s

Actually a left-hand drive so it’s slightly different of where your fuse box is on stuff yeah so we will do an episode on hour to actually get that mod done and yeah expect more burnout see you next time um hmm

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CAN AUDI S3 8V FWD BURNOUT? Let's find out! By Beardchanics Garage