This is probably one of the nicest electric vehicles you can buy on the market right now technically so yes this is the 2023 cadillac lyricier it is a rear wheel drive option this one but you are able to get the 2024 cadillac lyric in all-wheel drive so a couple numbers to know on this vehicle you’ve got 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque now the range

On this one is about 500 kilometers range and i’ll put the miles down below it now charging takes about nine hours with a level two charger so the one that you put in your house a level three charger so an electrify you know you the united states or electrify canada you’ve got about every 10 minutes 122 kilometers and i’ll put the mileage also down below but that

Those are the specs right now on the car the all-wheel drive variant will carry about 500 horsepower to what the internet is saying but nothing has been confirmed yet now the combination on this one here is a satin steel metallic you’ve got the 22 inch rim upgrades and it’s got the cool sky gray interior which i will get into but we’ll start here at the front we’ve

Got beautiful led lights there’s a ton of lights at the front here this grille lights up so as you can see here in the middle i’ll probably go over here in the darkness so you can see you’ve got but the light that lights up here you’ve got the light crest also that lights up well the cadillac crest then you’ve got some beautiful lights here i’ll show you the light

Show in just a second but you’ve got a 360 camera standard you’ve got parking sensors at the front it’s a beautiful front end it looks like a just a normal suv but it is in fact electric i did also mention i was going to show you where the charge port is so it’s right here right behind the front driver wheel so what you do is you click the cadillac symbol and the

Charge port just comes down just like that you’ve got the level one two and three charger three you just pull this out now to close it you don’t push the cadillac symbol again there’s this little button here once you click it it’s like it just kind of comes up just like that ever so gently but that’s how you open up the charge board that’s pretty much it for the

Front here let’s kind of go around the vehicle and go into detail around the sides and also the back all right everyone so here is the light show as promised so once you approach the vehicle or hit the unlock button you’ll see the cadillac crest start and then it makes its way down here and goes all the way around the vehicle pretty cool isn’t it so the side of the

Vehicle this does have the 22 inch rim upgrades which i do recommend to get um they’re setting a 275 40 r22s a really nice rim and the michelin tire is also pretty good we’ve got the cadillac crest here at the side on the other side you do have the charge port which i will show you but we’ve got some chrome that comes down at the bottom and then we’ve got this black

Metallic carrying through at the bottom and also around the liners you’ve also got some black here on the mirror caps and then that chrome carries throughout near the window now it does have a sloped shape so it’s kind of like a curve here and it looks smaller in pictures but in person it is in fact actually bigger than the xt5 like i said we’ve got the chrome at

The bottom we’ve got this push handle so you push the handle and then you grab this little actually another handle here and the door opens just like that but you just push this fake handle and then you grab the top handle to open up the door now the back doesn’t have that handle what you do is you push the door handle like that and then there is a plastic piece

That you grab right here to open up the back door there’s another look at the back 22 inch rims and we’ve got some more parking sensors which i will get into when we get to the back there you can see a little bit of the sloped kind of roof there no rear wiper which like i said i’ll get into that and when we get to the back but when you do the light show as well

The light show also carries the road here but that is pretty much it for the side here let’s look at the back so a couple things to note when you come into the back here we’ve got you know some led lights at the back on the side as well we’ve got 450 symbolizing basically the newton meters of torque on the vehicle we’ve got the lyric badge on the side and then the

Cadillac crest here in silver you’ve got the rear camera mirror camera here and then you’ve got your rear camera actually down below the third brake light however is actually up here which is quite interesting when it lights up but like i was mentioning before it does not have that rear wiper it looks better honestly without the rear wiper i do have to admit we’ve

Got also some parking sensors down below and then once we open up the trunk you just push the cadillac crest down and it opens up just like that we have a ton of room back here so unfortunately there is no room in the front but it kind of makes up for in the back you’ve got some underneath storage as well this is also your sun shade as you can see there which you

Can store it down below this here is to put the rear seats down so what you can do is you click it and the rear seats just go down just like that really easy and it makes for a ton of more room now a couple other ways to open up actually the tailgate is a cadillac crest will also go down below and you can kick it to activate the tailgate or you can press the cadillac

Button or you can just use your key fob now to close the tailgate so you can either kick it down below or you can push the button at the top there and that will close the tailgate just like that now that’s it for this back let’s take a look at the back seats so here’s a view of the back and what it looks like so it comes down here kind of like a snake and makes its

Way all the way way around it’s not as cool as the front but it is kind of cool when you see it in the back as well so opening up the back door here push the button grab the handle and you are good to go we’ve got some beautiful kind of soft touch material here we’ve got that cool gray interior as well which feels really good we’ve got that beautiful wood trim

As well and then we’ve got this brushed aluminum type of feel for the speakers and everything feels really really nice when you touch the door panel i do have to admit now as we come inside we’ve got the beautiful interior as well that carries throughout perforated it is actually a vegan leather so it’s actually not real leather but it’s a vegan leather and i’m

Telling you right now everyone tells me how well these seats actually feel when you sit inside i do have to admit they are very comfortable now we’ve got some vences as well back here and then we’ve got the 110 and two usbs now one thing as you can see down below here let me just kind of angle down you can see cadillac is imprinted on this kind of brushed aluminum

Trim this does come with a full panoramic moonroof it does not open it just kind of close with that shade but you’ve got an ampable amount of sunlight you can get inside but that is pretty much it for the back here ton of room as well which i do have to admit but let’s take a look at the front seats okay so coming into the front here open up the door here we’ve

Got that beautiful soft touch material as well like i was mentioning at the back the cool sky gray leather as well the beautiful wood trim you’ve got heated and cooled seats memory seating seat controls are up here with massaging seats as well standard we’ve got the window controls here akg sound system which sounds amazing the illuminated cadillac symbol down

Below and then here as we can see we’ve got that beautiful cool gray leather interior with speakers in the headrest which do sound amazing but that is pretty much it before we hop in let’s take a look at the inside of the lyric alrighty so hopping inside the lyric we’ve got this beautiful display screen here 33 inches covers a lot of the interior here which is

Awesome this up top here is the super cruise which is standard on the lyric they’ve also included it with the onstar package so it’s free for three years we’ve got some controls here on the steering wheel we’ve got you know the super cruise activation heated seats ford collision alert we’ve got here the uh infotainment settings here so we’ve got your toggles to

Move your tuna your well we’ve got your toggles here to move your radio your music your bluetooth settings your voice command control here and then this controls your volume and your toggles we’ve got your regen paddle here on the driver’s side of the steering wheel if that makes sense over on this side here we’ve got the wiper switch and your high beams and then

This here is actually to put the car in drive or reverse now this in front of you is the screen here i’ve got it right now this is a pre-production model so things may change but over here on the side ai we’ve got that gauge we’ve got energy we’ve got map and then we’ve also got clean so clean just kind of makes it just a little bit more clean in the front and

Then over on the side you’ve got your tripometers which you can customize accordingly but i just usually like it engage this here will showcase your music when you have it on and that is pretty much it over on this side we’ve got your electronic parking brake your lane keeping assist auto hold and then your dimmers for your interior lights this here is your fan

Control actually to close it and open it i do like the clicking sound it kind of reminds me of old cars and that type of feel it looks really good now as we come over to the top here we’ve got kind of a soft touch material at the top speaker as well at the top now this here is a thing that we’re doing with the cadillac tour once you put your acceler when you once

You put the accelerator down a little display here will kind of go on for about a minute but that’s why it’s not foggy or anything it’s just there’s something covered here and that’s why you see it that way now let’s carry over on the passenger side we’ve got here the same type of material all nice soft touch you can control the vents there and then the passenger

Also has heated cooled massaging and the controls on the door now as we come into the center here we’ve got the beautiful kind of display that carries your infotainment so we’ve got here we’ve got your audio maps it’s google maps which i do like a lot we’ve got your audio uh what else do we have we’ve got your navigation kind of hotkeys down below and then we’ve

Got your charging you can kind of configure you know your schedule for charging and that kind of thing but the screen works very well um you’ve got your camera camera controls there this here controls basically a lot of the cars it’s it’s kind of making up for buttons all over the car they put it in control so you can actually have the car park itself you can

Turn on your dome lights one pedal driving you can have it all the time open up the glove box you click this button and the glove box opens just like that camera power window lockout so you can kind of lock the the power windows but there’s a ton of things in here which are pretty useful but that is pretty much it for here down below we’ve got the climate controls

Push button starter is also here this particular model does not have have a pull out kind of section here it’s down below is just kind of open to you know storage but i’ve seen some models because this is vid number seven it doesn’t have anything there you go to usb also down below now as we come over here into the center this also acts as a dial to control the

Infotainment so once you you move the dial you can see here on the screen that things are moving and then you can control it via the dial or your fingers and you’ve got some hotkeys down below so what you can do is you can hit music and you go to music you can hit the navigation let’s see your navigation go to navigation then you can hit home obviously it goes

Home and this is your volume control little knob there you’ve got two cup holders here this is the cadillac key once you get it looks good this actually takes a little bit of elbow grease to lift up and then you’ve got a little bit of storage down below and then a wireless phone charging usbc and then you’ve got the 12 volt and then another usbc also in the corner

But that’s pretty much it for the tour everyone let me know if you have any questions in the comments down below and i will try to get to them as quick as i can i’ll be in this car pretty much for the next couple months so if you have any questions let me know so that’s pretty much it for the interior let’s go out and talk a little bit more about the car all right

Everyone so that concludes my review of the 2023 cadillac lyric let me know what you think about in the comments i truly do think that it’s probably one of the best electric suvs you can buy on the market this one is priced at about 71 800 canadian so in suv electric territory for this size i think it’s a decent price um a lot of people have been saying that as

Well but let me know what you think about it in the comments and we will see you in my next video cheers

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