Can the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV Save Cadillac?

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is Cadillac’s first fully electric vehicle that is now sold out and deliveries will begin this Summer. I go over the price, performance, and overall specs of the Lyriq to determine if I think it can succeed in the current market for luxury EVs and SUVs. I think the most important competitor for the Lyriq right now is the Tesla Model Y. I also go into what I think GM should do regarding the future of the Cadillac brand.

Hey i’m creech this is creature and cars and today i just wanted to make a quick uh less scripted video with my thoughts on the upcoming cadillac lyric so if you don’t know by now the lyric is an all new model from cadillac for the 2023 model year it’s an all-electric suv designed to compete with the audi e-tron jaguar i-pace and most importantly the tesla model y

Interestingly enough the cadillac starts at 62 990 which is the exact same price as the model y i think that’s a bad move but look at that later the lyric has a 312 mile range on the base model which is six less than the model y base model on the model wise base model it has all-wheel drive with two motors so just one in the front line the rear as standard but that

Will cause you 2 000 extra on the lyric the base model lyric only comes with one motor that drives one axle the lyric also has a little less horsepower and pound feet of torque with that single motor but the dual motor option yields higher numbers than the model y performance that’s a big deal and one of the few really good things about this car because that model

Y performance is more expensive is is more than that 2000 extra that you would pay on the lyrics to get that dual motor setup both cars have similar dimensions i do think the lyric was really designed with the model y in mind i also suspect the lyric will have a more comfortable composed ride compared to the model y i’ve heard that that can be a very stiff car more

Of a sporty feel cadillac also promises a 52 mile an hour charging rate with the single motor and 37 miles per hour with the dual motors that’s for a level two charger both the model y and lyric can tow 3 500 pounds and overall i think the lyric is a decent offering from cadillac i think the names kind of stupid but i don’t think it’s a bad car but the question

Is is the lyric going to be so good that it can revive the cadillac brand can it do what the escalade did for cadillac at the the turn of the century and into the 2000s or can it do something even better than that like give cadillac an edge over tesla i think that it’s a definite no for the latter but i think the lyric will give a short-term boost to cadillac but

Long-term this is a dying brand and this is what i think gm should do and this is really what this video is about so brace yourself because this might be kind of controversial especially if you’re a fan of cadillac rather than go out like chuck liddell i think cadillac should use the lyric as a farewell to one of the most iconic luxury brands ever and shut it down

With dignity after that comes a much more important step i do think that gm needs to have a luxury brand these are only going to grow especially with entry level models and people just spending more on cars in general i think it’s really compact cheaper cars that are going to suffer in the long term so before i really get into this keep two things in mind number one

American ev startups like lucid rivian mullen etc and even what tesla was 10 15 years ago and number two hyundai and genesis so i think that gm should start a new company to sell high-end luxury evs i have no idea what the new company should be called or what the branding should look like but i think jim could nearly copy lucid or rivien without having to deal with

Developing infrastructure sales network and most importantly without having to worry about funding the company just to get it off the ground if gm could create a lucid or rivien that is fully funded already has the technology and resources to produce multiple models and that could actually fulfill the orders only poor execution could stop it however i wouldn’t put

More execution past gm if you doubt that this could work you could look at tesla which in the last decade has gone from unknown to unstoppable but i think a better company to look at is hyundai hyundai hasn’t been in america for that long in the grand scheme of things and has been experimenting with luxury cars for a little while but overall it hasn’t been that much

Time since the genesis and equus really started to gain traction and showed that honey could make a good luxury car in 2016 hyundai started selling the genesis g80 and g90 respectively based off of the genesis and equus and these were completely separate from the hyundai brand we all know what has become of genesis since then the hyundai genesis model applies to

Gm especially because we all know that gm is the overlord of rebadging and this was a common criticism of cadillacs i read a very good article called uh death by a thousand cost cuts that explain the downfall of cadillac and they do have on top of the reputation for being a luxury car for the elderly population as being much cheaper and lower quality than german

And japanese alternatives but honey has managed to have success with cars that are re-badged hyundais and i think the genesis shows that if the luxury version of a particular platform is actually good then no one cares that it is a rebadged version of a cheaper car long story short i think that the boost in to american automakers that electric vehicles have created

Is a perfect opportunity for gm to start over with a new luxury brand i think that genesis shows that it’s possible to rebadge non-luxury cars sell them as luxury cars and be successful doing so and i think if gm doesn’t do this and just keeps cadillac around sales will continue to dip until the brand eventually becomes no longer financially viable and it will

Just suck money out of gm for years without producing anything i think this is a much better move financially for gm because like i said i think would continue to drain money and producing something new they could build into a bigger brand in the long term i think the lyric is a decent suv i do think it will give a short-term boost to gm to cadillac long-term gm

Has to do something different with luxury cars and i think that now is the time to do this especially with people being more willing to accept new cars that are these electric luxury startups like lucifer people are paying a lot of money for the lucid air which is it’s kind of just based on this cool hype factor but not much is known about how this will actually

Turn out and this the same goes for ribbian same went for tesla even six or seven years ago so with that multi-decade perspective in mind jim is looking at a relatively quick return on creating a new brand today let me know in the comments what you think of that do you think that’s a really stupid idea or do you agree with me thanks for watching i’ll see you in the next video you

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