car camping to see BTS in vegas | insulating my subaru crosstrek, skating on the vegas strip

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been a while — I didn’t get my meds refilled in a timely manner which is ironic because if I had done it on time, I wouldn’t have taken so long to get them refilled. Lol anyways!!

Oh hello there welcome to my video i’m going to the bts concert in las vegas and i have a little over a week before i go but one of the nights i will not be staying in a hotel or in an airbnb because i’m cheap so i’m in a car camp i have like my insulation for my windows and i’ve got an air mattress and pillows and everything it’s very comfortable i’ve got

String lights but i made this really hastily when i was in joshua tree we’re gonna try again and we’re gonna make it neater we’re gonna make it so that it actually stays on the windows really nicely come along and then i’ll show you guys bts okay this is what i used last time that’s how much each of them are i also want to have an extra layer between

The reflectors and the cloth oh here it is oh wow it’s kind of expensive each sheet is almost ten dollars i’ll just freeze am i too cheap to get an airbnb i’m not gonna spend that much where do i go to vacuum a car the first thing i did was prep my car for camping in general i had just gone to joshua tree a couple weeks ago and honestly didn’t clean out my car

Afterwards so there was a lot of dirt and dust hanging around it was pretty easy to clean though since vacuums nowadays are so affordable once i finished vacuuming i got started on the insulation part itself like i said earlier when i was in joshua tree with a friend i tried out car camping then but didn’t really make a great effort to make the insulation very neat

This time around i tried harder to make all of my insulation sheets neater and fit better into the windows so that i can reuse it in the future like last time i used insulation and duct tape and this time i actually introduced black fabric and suction cups which i’ll explain later i also wanted to add another layer to the insulation to increase what’s called the

R value of each sheet but didn’t end up doing it because it was so expensive i linked a home depot simple explanation of the significance of the r value below basically what it means is that if there are more layers resisting the heat flow that means that the inside has better climate control capabilities a good tip is to measure the insulation sheets to be just

A little bit bigger than the windows themselves so that you can slide them into the slots between the windows and the car frame but for the windshield and the rear window it’s good to have suction cups because otherwise they just fall down last shape oh no i have a windshield and the windshield was such a pain in the ass to do because there were so many pieces

Sticking off the window like sensors my mirror and the foil itself wasn’t big enough to just cut the right shape out of a single piece so i basically used a bunch of small pieces and taped them up into a frankenstein piece of insulation and once i measured out half of it i just took it out of the car and folded it in half and traced out the other side it makes

It a lot easier to do it that way once you’re out of the car yeah i also realized how damn clumsy i am because i cut my hand twice pretty badly while i was doing this oh my god what the f anyways that’s the last of the blood but now we’re inside here’s all the suction cups i actually didn’t get enough for the rear window so i ended up taping that up when i was

Camping um and then this is the fabric that i got on amazon got about three yards of this black fabric and immediately realized that this was not enough for all of my insulation but the reason why i got black fabric was because when i was camping in joshua tree i noticed that a lot of the car campers actually covered one side of their installation with a black

Fabric so that it gives this illusion that it’s just a tinted window it doesn’t look like a space tin can stuck against your windows so it’s just kind of a nicer look from the outside and it also makes it less obvious that someone’s camping on the inside and then i started putting the suction cups in using this stupid stabbing method don’t do it how i did it just

Cut it just cut it be patient because otherwise you will cut your fingers like i did anyways the cut was pretty deep so this is the last of my clips but this is how i prepped for vegas and finally it was time to go do okay i’m in vegas now i’m heading into the city i’m exhausted and i’m kind of glad that i’m exhausted because i’m scared of sleeping tonight

To be honest um and i think that just being exhausted will help me fall asleep better so good luck to me every time i listen to so what by bts and aaron’s verse comes on and he goes i don’t want to die right now i don’t wanna i don’t wanna fight right now i always get so shocked because i think he’s saying i want to die right now i wanna i wanna right now and

The first time i listened to the song it was just such a freaking shock that i had to google it and check that they are not literally saying i want to die right now i want to right now but that was such a shock yeah so that’s how studying for the pts concert is going so down oh i found free parking in vegas so obviously we’re gonna go skating you

Know vegas is like a one out of ten for skating there’s sidewalks but the five bombs are so deep where the hell am i so here we go people the music to this backdrop is so strange today and now that we are you better watch out for that but there is so okay so these ones i ran out of the suction cup thing so i just duct taped it down

This is what i look like right now this is the reality of car camping when you don’t own a big white van i can’t sit up i’m actually pretty warm in here like i think i’m gonna take off this sweater the insulation seems very effective also it’s only like it’s probably like 50 degrees outside it’s not cold at all so that’s probably why i’m not cold see you guys

At the concert actually no i’ll probably film some more tomorrow because it’ll probably be a very nice sunrise if i wake up in time for it because i am exhausted i’ve been awake since like 5 a.m i kind of wish i was kept i was i was car camping like all the nights but my aunt is coming tomorrow on a flight and that’s why i am here earlier see you tomorrow good

Morning thank god for insulation because i just touched the window to see just like look outside and it’s so hot the window is so hot uh so oh i’m not saying bye to my as a solo camper being right next to the bathroom was kind of nice because going to the bathroom is scary

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car camping to see BTS in vegas!! | insulating my subaru crosstrek, skating on the vegas strip By clara 화준