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Today I am sharing with you a review of our family car! We recently got a Ford Expedition Max and it is so great for our growing family. The girls are in convertible car seats and then we have a baby coming in just a few short weeks!

Hey guys it’s kendra today i am here to talk all about my car and why i love that i get so many questions asking about our car situation because for those of you guys who are new to my channel i have twin girls her two and a half so they are still in their convertible car seats facing forward which are pretty big but actually they’re not as wide like deep as an

Infant car seat and i’m pregnant right now i’m 37 weeks when i post this i might be 38 weeks but i am pregnant with a little boy so we had to upgrade our car and i just want to run through everything that i possibly can give you guys some insight onto why we got a new car why we got the car we got and a little bit about our car seat so i hope you guys find this

Helpful so to start off i first had when i was pregnant with the girls we got an explorer a ford explorer and i loved it so we had their car seats on either side it was three rows so we had a bench in the middle and then was it a bench in the back yeah i believe it’s a bench in the back and both seats like automatically fold it down in the back i was just super

Nice we really really liked it most of the time we had the third row folded all the way down or just half folded down for their stroller but when i got pregnant again i knew that we needed a bigger car for a few reasons one the another car seat wouldn’t fit right there and their car seats were too big to put in the back row like it would be way too cramped and

Then we wouldn’t be able to fit a stroller and i didn’t want to get a minivan i was like no i’m not getting in a minivan we’re gonna figure out another car to get i know a lot of people don’t get oh i should probably say what car i have right now i have an expedition at max so it’s the expedition but the extended cab is that we call i don’t know it’s like long

The longest one you can get so it’s pretty big so i know that is a reason why people get minivans over like a big suv because they don’t want to drive a huge car personally though i love it i learned how to drive on my dad’s x but i’m just like used to bigger cars and i thought it would take me a while to get used to but it really didn’t like i just felt i feel

So safe in it you feel so tall and like you can see so much andrew has a fusion and a lot of you asked if we trade it in the explorer of the fusion he kept his car and we traded in the explorer so he loves his car the gas mileage on his car is insane so it’s like we have one you know eco-friendly car and then to mine it’s just like a complete gas guzzler but it

Does have an eco function to it so um i actually get better gas mileage in my expedition then i did the explorer which is crazy the actual gas tank is so humongous like once you fill up you don’t need any gas it’s a really long time but i just feel really safe in it and i feel safe just myself and with the kids whenever i do drive andrews car i feel so low to the

Ground and almost like i i can’t just can’t see as much so i honestly feel like i can see a lot more in the expedition versi explorer which you wouldn’t think that but i just like it has so much visibility and like all the features so the explorer we had was like the platinum the high-end version which we technically did not need to get this one is like the model

Down so it doesn’t have like massage seats which i never use that anyways but it does have heat and cool seats and it has like the rear view cam and all that stuff and it has a double sunroof which i’ll show and we got black leather interior and then it’s white exterior and we got see you have the option of getting the bucket seats or the row and i wanted to get

The row because the bench because i didn’t want the girls in the back back i know some people do that but to me it just felt like they were really far back because the car is so huge and it felt like it was just really far plus then i didn’t have the option of folding those seats down if we needed to because most of the time we have the third row folded down all

The time which i just like because it gives us extra storage and if somebody else if we’re driving somebody else we can just put one seat up and they can just like hop in um the other really nice feature of the car is you can have all the car seats in the middle row and you still can slide the seats forward and all three seats move individually so you can move the

Middle row or the middle seat on its own forward and like if somebody’s in the back row you can slide the car seat up and they can climb out without having to tape the car seat out of the car which is just very convenient so we have the girl sitting next to each other side by side and then we have the baby’s car seat on the behind the passenger seat and i did that

Because when you have a newborn you’re tate you just like lug them around in their car seat everywhere so you’re taking the whole car seat out so i didn’t want to have him in the middle because then it just seemed like impossible to get him out of the car like pulling over it just that just doesn’t seem like possible to me so he’s by the window so i can just take

Him out when i need to lock them back in you know just like it just pops back into the little base so i have it situated like that right now because i want to just get used to it ever since i got our new car it’s so easy to load them in the car they just walk right in they hop up into their seats on their own and then i’ll buckle them and then take it out i just

Buckle them they get out and we all just kind of like assemble out of the car and the only thing that’s been hard is with my stomach right now it’s a little tricky to buckle whoever’s in the middle seat because i can like barely fit but it hasn’t been honestly hasn’t been that bad so if you guys are looking for a new car i highly highly recommend this one i just love

It so much like i even andrew he like always wants to drive my car it’s just so smooth and it’s i think it’s so pretty it’s so functional which is what we care about and i feel like we’re gonna have this car for a really really long time we got it used but it was a was it a rental car because when we got it it a 2008 teen we got it like right at the end of 2018

Like the last week of the year so we got a really good deal in it because they were wanting to get those ones out of you know they want to get the new models in so it’s used but not super used which is ideal and then the car seats that we have are all from maxi cosi we have the two infant car seats from them and then we kept one of them for our next baby which has

Been great to just have it ready and then the convertible car seats are again from maxi cosi i will link the exact model down below their particular like the color is called nomad sand and i originally got that color because we had the the interior of her explorer was kind of that color so just like matched perfectly and it looks really really good but now i have

A black interior so i mean either way it doesn’t only matter i still really like it even though it is a lighter fabric you can wash it you just take off the cover and wash it we’ve washed them a ton of times and then the infant car seats are black so i don’t know i don’t really have a preference of what color like lighter or darker the fact that you can just wash

It makes it very convenient they’re very durable you can just like really wipe it down so i have nothing but good things to say about them whenever friends ask me i always highly recommend them if i didn’t answer anything that you guys were curious about just let me know in the comments and i will respond to you guys i want to leave the car on quick just so i can

Show you guys like the – while it’s on and then i will turn the car off so this is like the sink whatever you call it but i really like how it works it works really really well it’s very similar to the explorer so you got your audio climate and you can also plug your phone in and it has the apple play it’s so convenient so that’s what it looks like while it’s on

I’m gonna turn the car off now so here’s what it looks like it’s pretty big and here is like the extended cab so it’s just longer than the regular one i just want to target so i have some stuff in here but i usually keep the back like the third row down just so i have extra storage we don’t need it up but if we do have anybody come in obviously you can put it up

And it is all automatic so it’s all right here it’s a third row second row so let’s do third row left and i’ll show you you just push that and then that just comes right up and it’s very much like our explorer like they did the same type of thing so it’s just really really convenient so you could do like one or the other down and have your stroller on either side

But our stroller just fits here anyways with the full third robe then you also get a bunch of storage up top for whoever is sitting back there there are little charging outlets for their phone or whatnot so that’s what it looks like from the back it also has the feature where you can open it when you’re holding your keys you can just put your finger on it and it

Opens it to explore how the same thing okay so here is inside guys just like the overview what it looks like steering wheel and everything the front and i love that you get just a really big center console here my only negative is that it doesn’t fit my hydrofloss andrew thought maybe we can get something to put like to change that out that has a bigger insert if

You guys know of that let me know because that’s the one thing that’s kind of knowing cuz i bring my hydrofloss everywhere so in the center i keep just hand sanitizer this thing moves back and forth down here i have wipes and like little what they called the colgate things like pressure teeth cleaning more cleaning wipes sunglasses you can release it down there

I’m dumb what not and then i also love this little area you can you know charge your phone because actually if you lay your phone down there it charges it but i have a case on it so doesn’t do it but it is kinda nice so my camera thing but there’s a little thing right there you got your cup holders so that’s pretty much the front i also love that when you have

In the car that comes down so the girls can hop right up just very convenient alright so here are the car seat so here’s the newborn car see that we have and then here are the girls is car seats right next to each other so go on the front and show you so you can see them a little bit further away and i just put this on today for him a little mirror and then down

Below here i just have this little bin that i got from target and then this is some extra diapers and wipes and then i put like shoes or spare toys whatever the girls are playing with just down there it’s like a catch-all but when there’s also two cupholders right there so here’s what it looks like from the front so we got the girls convertible seats it’s a little

Taller on that side which is why that chrissy looks higher but it’d just raise their head things because they’re so so tall right now so here’s kind of what it looks like with all three and luckily they all fit perfectly it’s really really nice so when the girls are with me i open the door they climb on up climb up here and they hop into their seats and you can

See there’s tons of space so there is plenty of room for them to walk around and climb up and i also appreciate that there is plenty of room for the newborn car seat because in the explorer that passenger seat had to be moved up a lot with this car you don’t move it up at all so there’s plenty of space and then there is this little area down here to like charge

And then you can control like temperature and all of that right there then up top is the double sunroof moonroof and then let me show you from this perspective here’s the back row with that seat down still so you can see there’s still space like actually a lot of space if people are in the back which is great but if you guys are on the hunt for a large family car

Highly recommend it we absolutely love it and it just is so functional for us so thank you guys for watching and who any questions and just let me on the comments or on my instagram send me a message and i will get back to you

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