Carbon Edition Comparison | Mazda CX-5 vs CX-9 Which is Best For You?

The Carbon Edition is new for 2021. This video compares the Mazda CX 5 Carbon Edition and the Mazda CX 9 Carbon Edition. The Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 are similar in appearance, but different in included equipment. This video breaks down the differences to help you choose which Carbon Edition is best for you. Comment your favorite features below.

Hey i’m jonathan soul sales and mitchell mazda on the boulevard enterprise and i’m standing with two beautiful rides behind me carbon editions the cx-9 and the cx-5 and we’re going to take a quick look outside inside cover the differences and cover why you should purchase one let’s go the beautiful poly metal gray standard and only color on the outside of

These beautiful carbon editions and we’re going to start with this lovely cx-5 now uh just talking about the high points here of course we have the poly metal gray outside the black mirror caps the 19 inch black gloss black wheels we go around the side you’ve got a little bit of chrome trim around it also you have a power rear lift gate and this is available

In the 2.5 liter naturally aspirated such as this vehicle or a skyactiv-g turbo and also front wheel or all-wheel drive and you can see that we’ve tinted the windows on this and you also have the moon roof which is standard and for the most part these both of these fall between the touring and the grand touring so this is basically a touring upgrade here so

As we jump inside although these are mono spec trims so no additional packages you do have the option on the cx-5 of the red or the black and this of course is the beautiful black interior with red stitching that we just had come in last week and so as we talk about inside you’ve got the 10.25 7th generation infotainment which on this model includes bose center

Point system 10 speakers however no satellite radio and also of course this is a 5 passenger so again adding to the touring you have the fold down arm rest in the rear with usbs in that console you also have two usbs in this console and of course apple carplay android auto is included you have heated front seats as well as uh dual automatic climate control push

Button start of course and this is the same layout as a touring with your full lcd right over here that shows all of the information as far as fuel economy mileage also all your safety notifications which you have the full i active sense suite here’s your power liftgate also have an eight-way power driver seat with memory and six-way power passenger seat so

Let’s take a peek back here rear ac vents carried over from the touring and uh this is pretty interesting back here don’t really know if this was intentional and i didn’t notice it until the other day but you have the red stitching right here and the standard brown stitching so uh go ahead and comment below if you have a black interior carbon edition and see

If your stitching is the same here so other than that uh black is that option red is the kind of standard uh carbon edition uh look with the poly metal gray and the red as i mentioned power rear liftgate so this is touring back here you have your 40 20 40 with your handles right here to fold these down and of course with the bows you have the subwoofer the

10th speaker in the spare that is the carbon edition cx-5 let’s uh jump next door to this bad boy i didn’t talk about up front here but you can see both of these have a unique grille for their respective lines the one thing that will distinguish the cx-5 is this black chrome wing up front here and this is probably a closest to a more traditional look but it’s

The long uh kind of bold looking grill and as we go next door you immediately see a lot of chrome chrome wing and this is a gloss black still plastic grill design but it’s more of a horizontal look also this grille in a kind of chrome effect is uh on the signature so both of these are unique grills for the carbon edition models here now already up front we

See a few differences so you have a front sonar there as well as uh with these chrome effects you have the same led design uh headlights from the grand touring and above model so these are adaptive headlights and you can see that big ring there for the uh the daytime running lights so really unique whereas the cx-5 gets the auto leveling with the touring

But not the same lights as the gt and above so these fall between again the touring and the grand touring but as we’ll see this is more grand touring and as we continue down outside you have 20 inch wheels which are gloss black a little bit dusty from the rain and wind we’ve had um but they’re 20 inch gloss black also you have more chrome accents on this one

All the way around the windows kind of ties into the front still have the black mirror caps with the led turn signals active or excuse me advanced keyless entry on both as we go around back here you’ve got more chrome trim chrome trim and the sonar back here as well the backup of the parking assist but you also have the foot activated lift gate and this one

Is standard with the one interior color so you have the red interior with the red stitching while we’re back here let’s go ahead and show you a little storage area here but also underneath there is your bose subwoofer mounted in the same place in the spare and of course this is standard with a six passenger as you have the katniss chairs and we’ll take a peek

At those in just a minute a little bit more in depth so a 50 50 split back here for these two passengers you also on the cx-9 have the roof rail standard this is the first model with roof rail standard whereas they’re optional on the cx-5 and we had a video on that where this you know all this chrome kind of ties in together and the chrome on the chrome roof

Rails on the cx-5 kind of uh finish it off a little bit too power moon roof up top and of course all your i active sense safety features are standard as well taking a look inside a little bit more chrome on the interior as you see around here also around the speaker covers this bose system you also have the same kind of door panel design black with the red

Stitching and then you have this black accent up here for the carbon edition eight-way power six-way power on the on the passenger side memory seating here also leather wrap stitched same as the cx-5 you do get the the big center lcd on this one and also have some black accents all the way around to match that carbon theme this vehicle has uh the standard cx-9

Console design but black stitching so you have those two usb you also have the dual automatic climate control this one upgrades to heated and ventilated front seats with a heated steering wheel so again more grand touring than touring and wireless charger pad right there so you have that as well same 10.25 7th generation infotainment with apple carplay all

The goodies of course you can also watch video on that and um neither models cx9 or cx-5 are standard with the nav card oh and this one with the bose it’s 12 speakers and has satellite radio for a three month trial as we jump back here more of a family as far as a larger family design so you have your rear sun shades back here as well and then as i mentioned

It’s standard a six passenger so you have the captain’s chairs back here which are also heated so you have rear heated seats here as well as the controls right up there cup holders and more usbs as we take a look back here in the back third row you also have usbs for these passengers so a total of six for the cx-9 carbon and this is the same equipment as

The touring captain’s chair option so just carried over again but this falls between the touring and grand touring but a little bit more grand touring a couple of more features on the outside that i neglected you also have the windshield wiper de-icer on this one so helps you guys out in the snow areas to melt that ice away to that interferes with your wiper

Or accumulates on the wiper also they’re down here somewhere there’s your fog lights which are standard on this cx-9 grand touring optional through accessory on the cx-5 so not standard on the cx-5 but the question between these two aside from the amenity difference comes down mostly to size so do you need the six passenger which again for uh or for counting

Here that’s a five passenger that’s a six passenger yes those six passengers have more space and are more comfortable but we’re only adding officially one more person so do you need the six passenger are you comfortable with the five passenger the power train on the cx-9 is all turbo baby so the 2.5 t you can still get the 2.5 t on this one in a front wheel or

All-wheel drive and of course front wheeler all-wheel drive on this one so is the amenities worth the difference or is just the appearance and the nimbleness of a smaller crossover more preferred for you now i will tell you that coming up in later videos i’m going to discuss the price increases that we’re seeing across the board but specifically on the carbon

Editions so we’ll go over that as well so you know just mid-year price adjustments from what i understand but the carbon editions have been very popular and uh so they’re uh seeing a little price hike as well so does that mean that we will not see them in 2022 i don’t think so actually i think it’s more favorable that we will see them in 2022 if they’re uh

Still having the high sales and the demand that they have thus far so carbon edition cx-5 carbon edition cx9 which one is right for you comment down below your favorite is it more amenities more grand touring like or more touring like with the appearance that appeals to you most i’m jonathan sulcells at mitchell mazda on the boulevard in enterprise alabama and

I really don’t think you can go wrong with either of these vehicles they’re both beautiful of course you have the optional black or red on the cx-5 and the reds still beautiful on this one i love both of these grills i’m working on a t-shirt of this one actually so i hope to have that soon and this is the cx-9 grill which is uh unique on this one as well so

Both beautiful vehicles a little bit more chrome a little bit more amenities a little bit more upscale of course a little bit more price as well uh roughly um ten thousand dollars difference i’ll put those prices on top so either one of these you can’t go wrong with and of course they’re both both beautiful let’s go to this grill mazdas

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Carbon Edition Comparison | Mazda CX-5 vs CX-9 Which is Best For You? By Jonathan Sewell