CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED 2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 2-Wheel Drive SLT

Hey everybody welcome to george marshall chevrolet today we’re going to walk around this beautiful 2019 gmc sierra this is the slt model you can see it has a quick silver metallic exterior color here you have the chromed out and the gmc grow white up front you do have the nice fog lights down below here as well this truck does have a 5.3 liter v8 engine in it it’s

Also certified so you do have the certified warranty at all for your bumper bumper and the powertrain warranty you have the beautiful aluminum rims right here you have a nice black and chrome sidestep already pre-installed with chrome mirror cap covers and chrome door handles you also have keyless entry on the door handle so you just push the button to lock or

Unlock the doors of the vehicle i also have a remote start on the key fobs your startups you’re walking up to it and you also you can also drop the tailgate with the key fob you do have a blind spot mirror right here so on the driver’s side so you can see your blind spot there you have a soft roll up tonneau cover already pre-installed in this truck you do have

The rear sliding window so i’ll show you that inside you have the trailer and plug-ins right here full size spare tire underneath and then your hitch hook up right here of course you have a backup camera i’ll show that inside you do have the multi-flex tailgate in this truck if you push this button it’s going to drop down you got to pull it when the soft cover is

Kind of resting on it so you can fall down you have a position right here so you can put excess load in there you can also push a button on top and it’s going to fold down the second part here and then you can also fold that down there so you do have a side step right there and then there’s a handle right here that you can fold up uh if the tonneau cover wasn’t

The way and you can hold on to that you step right up into the bed of the truck here now it’s a bunch of different configurations down the inside we have a jet black leather interior you have a power driver and passenger seals have lumbar controls here you have power windows and mirror controls here you do have remote power forwarding mirrors right there at the

Push of a button they have memory seating for the driver’s seat here for one and two this truck is two wheel drive you get remote selector right here in your trailering mode here you have your headlight controls here all automatic as well parking brakes right here have audio controls on the back of the steering wheel if cruise control settings right here with the

Heated steering wheel button here if your phone is bluetooth or using apple carplay android all you can hang up a phone call with this button or you can use your voice assistant right here and then this touchpad over here is going to change the screen of your driver information center right up front so if you have app carplay android auto wi-fi hotspot through

Onstar services you can bluetooth your phone there your regular am fm radio and then different apps that you can download here and then for the camera you can put it in reverse or tap camera it’s going to pop up right there you can see that line is going to help guide you into a parking spot or if you’re lining up for hits you can use that line as well you have

Dual climate control settings right here you also have heated and cooling seats up front you have automatic stop and start you can turn it on and off right here this button is going to drop the tailgate you have your traction control settings here and then this button is going to turn on the outlet here and then there also is an outlet in the bed of the truck that’s

Going to turn on you have a integrated trailer braking controller right here so you can use that whenever you plug in your trailer in your center console you have plenty of storage in here you do have another usbc another usb 2.0 and then your aux plugin right there you can also have an sd card slot right there you have cup holders back here you have more plug-ins

You have vents for the back passengers these seats do fold up just like that plenty of room and storage underneath the seat you can open up the little pockets behind the seat so you have even more storage foldable armrest and then you do have that rear sliding window back there as well you have your garage door openers right here and you also have onstars connected

Services right up here so if you’re looking for a beautiful certified truck like this coming down to george moore chevrolet or look at it 1097 on atlanta boulevard come aside not for cody make sure you this gmc

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THE CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED 2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 [Crew Cab Short Box 2-Wheel Drive SLT] By George Moore Chevrolet